Holding On

Nov. 1st, 2011 05:28 am
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Title: Holding On
Part: Two
Autor: [livejournal.com profile] eriiar
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!, Romance, angst
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Some typos and grammar errors~~ ^^’
Summary: When Hyukjae finally found the reason to live in a lost kid; Kyuhyun.
Hyukjae sighed as he entered the room; he smiled brightly as everybody waved at him; he literally hopped and greeted everyone; he was happy because that night he didn’t found anyone; he didn’t found some lost soul; and he was happy because that could only mean everybody was safe in home; at least just for one more night.
“How have you been Hyukkie?” A middle aged woman asked smiling; she had a strange blood disease; but she still offered herself to cook for everyone.
“I’m fine!” Hyukjae answered happily as he poked the just made beans.
“Yah Hyukkie!” The woman exclaimed placing her hands in her waist and tapping her foot.
“Fine…” Hyukjae hissed pouting. “I’ll wait until everything is done.” He said turning around and running towards the playing boys in the corner who greeted him with wide smiles.
The woman just sighed and kept on working; smiling brightly while humming a song.
Days passed and Hyukjae was still humble and caring towards everybody. He enjoyed his own world when no one was discriminated and hated. The food wasn’t that good; but it was food; and he enjoyed eating with everybody even if it was simple.
He was walking now; it was winter and it was snowing lightly; a huge jacket in his body and a thick scarf around his neck. It wasn’t dark; but yet he decided to walk around; he didn’t know why; but that day in special; he wanted to walk around and forget about everything; even when he couldn’t because he was so worried about the kids that just got inside.
Hyukjae breathed in and out when he realized he was almost at the ends of town; in the zone where he found most of his family.
There was definitely something; Hyukjae decided; there was something different that day; he smiled weakly at himself while his eyes wandered around. His look locked in an old house; it had no roof anymore; no windows and no door; just the mere walls; all painted with incoherent doodles and words; different colors all around; the weed almost at his knee; some of it already dead and some of it growing again.
He stepped in; not minding everything about private property; because he knew there was no such in his world.
Hyukjae smiled brightly when he found a boy sitting there; in one of the rooms of the roofless house; it wasn’t any good; it was cold and the boy had nothing but a small jacket.
“Hey.” Hyukjae greeted smiling widely; something telling him that he needed to keep that boy near him. “What’s your name?” He asked after a few seconds.
He looked at the guy; he had brown and massy hair; his lips were dried, his skin pale and scratched all over his face; his eyes showed intense dark circles; a super thin body and a lost gaze.
Hyukjae gulped; because the boy had such a painful look; as if he were suffering silently. He said no more and just sat down by the side of the boy; who was sitting with his legs wide open and lying flatly in the floor as his back rested lazily in one of the walls; his eyes looking at the nothing.
Hyukjae wondered; he had never seen such a lost gaze; usually people looked at him at least once; even when they tried to ignored him; but this boy was different; and Hyukjae knew it. “Are you cold?” Hyukjae asked but the boy didn’t even flinch. “I guess you are.” Hyukjae concluded taking off his scarf. “Here.” He said with a happy smile while rounding the boy’s neck with the warm material. “It would be pretty bad if you become sick.” Hyukjae said sitting just inches away from the boy; his body too, resting in the wall.
It didn’t have any sense; because Hyukjae stood there for hours; the night came and the boy didn’t even move a muscle; still; Hyukjae didn’t feel alone; he would smile ever time he looked at the boy besides him; there was something about him; something that told Hyukjae to not let go; to protect and take care; and he was going to obey to what that something told him; because Hyukjae felt for once in his life; like he was doing something good.
When it was already night; Hyukjae started trembling, wondering when the boy would stand up and go home; if by any chance he had one. “Will you stay here all night?” Hyukjae asked even when he knew he wouldn’t have any answer; what he wanted to do the most; was to take away that lost look in the boy; he wanted to that big and brown eyes to become sparkly and full of life; that was what he wanted.
Hyukjae stood up slowly; allowing his tore muscles to get warm again as his body moved; he stepped in front of the boy and grabbed his hand; gasping when everything he could feel was cold fingers; only skin and bones; nothing left to take. He pulled that hand and placed it behind his shoulders; obligating the boy to stand up; more like to be dragged away by Hyukjae.
The boy didn’t even talk; his eyes still lost and his body still senseless. “Say ahhh…” Hyukjae ordered when they came to the house; everybody around them as to see who was the new. “Let us alone please.” Hyukjae pleaded and everybody obeyed quickly. Hyukjae sighed, the boy hasn’t even looked at him; he was completely lost; and Hyukjae had already called the doctor.
He waited; he just sat down by the boy’s side; his wished for him to be strong never faded away as he saw those cold fingers moving lightly; because he knew the boy by his side was alone and desperate; just like him.
“Everything is fine.” The doctor said to Hyukjae when he finished checking on the boy. “He just needs to eat well and rest.” The doctor smiled and Hyukjae smiled back.
“Thanks doctor.” He said with a bright smile as his eyes found the boy’s body again.
“Maybe you should change him to one of the individual rooms.” The doctor said and Hyukjae just nodded; bowing lightly when the doctor went out.
The boy didn’t flinch; he wouldn’t cooperate; but he wasn’t fighting back either; Hyukjae didn’t know what to do. And there they were; in that individual and small room; Hyukjae would reserve them for people who really needed them; but eventually everybody wanted to stay in the huge room; where there were beds one after another; they didn’t feel lonely that way.
“Say aahhh…” Hyukjae repeated but sighed when the boy was respond less. “You will make it do it in the hard way don’t you?” Hyukjae pouted and positioned himself in front of the boy; who was sitting spreading his legs in the bed and with his back in the wall.
Hyukjae opened the boy’s mouth slowly; the boy didn’t even fought back; and then Hyukjae pushed the spoon inside and closed the boy’s mouth. “Gulp.” He ordered; but he could see the boy was doing nothing. “Gulp.” Hyukjae repeated serious and frowning lightly; he smiled brightly when the boy actually gulped and he repeated the same procedure.
It has been almost two weeks and Hyukjae would do the same every time; he stayed in that house for so much already; he needed to go and visit the others too; so he started going in the mean time while the boy just stayed lost in the room; Hyukjae was getting worried. He had to hurry so he could get to lunch when it was time for the boy to eat; because Hyukjae knew the latter wouldn’t do it himself. He would sleep always in that house though; because that was the bigger one; his room was just as small as the others, right next to the boy’s room; and that when he stayed there; because he liked going to cuddle on the old people in their beds; the boy in the other side of the wall knew it.
Color started going up to the boy’s skin; Hyukjae would brush his hair and he smiled widely when he saw how good the other boy looked. “Seriously.” Hyukjae said to the respond less boy; a habit he got; talk to him even when he still hasn’t even heard his voice. “You’re so handsome, you should be a model or something.” Hyukjae said now putting on the clean pajamas on the young man. “You should really tell me your name.” Hyukjae sighed when he was done. “Because I don’t want to keep on calling you ‘stranger’.” He said smiling weakly.
And that was the first time the boy ever looked at him; Hyukjae’s heart sank, the desperate feeling he got from the other’s gaze was enough for him as to make him cry; Hyukjae held the stare; because he didn’t want to miss a single detail of those warmer eyes; that’s when Hyukjae actually thought he could do something else for the boy in there; so he decided he was going to stay there for six months; only paying chaste visits to the others houses.
The look the boy threw at him wasn’t that long; but Hyukjae was happy; happy because the boy finally noticed something else in the world that simply the infinite.
Nobody questioned Hyukjae; because they all knew it had happened before; they were happy Hyukjae was still the same that in those years.
It was three weeks after he took the boy with him; he found the boy’s wallet. “I hope you don’t mind.” Hyukjae said softly as he opened it; he smiled brightly when he found out a card with the boy’s picture and his name. “You really have a beautiful name.” Hyukjae said sitting down at the edge of the bed where the boy had his gaze lost.
Then Hyukjae looked at the card again. “You’re two years younger than me.” He noticed smiling brightly and placing the card once again inside the wallet; placing the object where it was supposed to be.
“I’ll call you by your name from now on okay?” Hyukjae said happily standing up and reaching the bowl in the small table; taking the spoon in his hands. “Now say ahhh….” He ordered but the boy kept on being stubborn. Hyukjae sighed and for the first time in three weeks; he gave up on feeding the young man in front of him. “If you don’t eat…” He started. “You won’t be strong enough…” Hyukjae continued and felt scared when the boy looked at him.
Hyukjae gasped, he could feel how really strong emotions ran towards him from the boy’s stare. From those big and brown eyes that looked at him; Hyukjae couldn’t even interpret what kind of stare was that; because it was a mixture of pain and desperation; and it hurt him. “So eat something…” Hyukjae still begged; locking his gaze in the boy’s eyes. The boy kept on looking at him; it was the first time their eye contact lasted so much and Hyukjae couldn’t help but smile.
“You have really beautiful eyes…” He said almost in a whisper; smiling softly as those eyes looking at him got warmer; “Don’t ever let that warm in your eyes to die Kyuhyun…” Hyukjae murmured still smiling and finally giving up to the boy; reaching the spoon once again and disposing himself to feed him.

Date: 2011-11-03 10:59 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile] shutoffthelid.livejournal.com
ohohohoho... the lost little boy starts to take interest~ lalalala~

Date: 2011-11-03 03:59 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] littleariel13.livejournal.com
He was responding :D :D :D :D :D :D :D
And Hyukjae just couldn't help rejecting Kyuhyun :D :D :D :D :D :D :D :D


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