Holding On

Nov. 1st, 2011 08:01 pm
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Title: Holding On
Part: Three
Autor: [livejournal.com profile] eriiar
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!, Romance, angst
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Some typos and grammar errors~~ ^^’
Summary: When Hyukjae finally found the reason to live in a lost kid; Kyuhyun.
There was that whisper of hope every time Kyuhyun looked at Hyukjae; because that smile could only be assuring; Kyuhyun felt safe when Hyukjae was with him.
It has been three months since he arrived; or rather was brought by Hyukjae. He could remember how soft his blond hair was when he touched it the first time they met; because Hyukjae practically dragged him away he didn’t notice Kyuhyun was actually stunned for the boy.
It has become a habit; every time Hyukjae came in to be with him; it was sometimes just to talk, feed him or just being there; sitting each by the side of the other; Kyuhyun would only look at Hyukjae; he didn’t tear his gaze apart afraid he would lose that angel; because that was exactly what Hyukjae was.
And Hyukjae was happy; because Kyuhyun would always look at him; that piercing glare he would always have towards him; but Hyukjae was happy; because that meant Kyuhyun recognized his existence.
“Now say ahhh…” Hyukjae continued of insisting; but Kyuhyun had already comply with that since time ago; he opened his mouth slowly and Hyukjae smiled widely again. Kyuhyun didn’t know why; why was that person so happy to feed him every time; or just to chat with him even when he didn’t answer all the questions that were thrown at him.
But Kyuhyun would see; he would mark every small detail in his mind; Hyukjae’s gummy smile; his white teeth, his pale and soft skin Kyuhyun wanted to touch so much; his blond and soft hair Kyuhyun couldn’t be more fascinated with. Hyukjae was even thinner than him; he knew it; and he still couldn’t bring himself to imagine a way Hyukjae was being stronger than him; because Kyuhyun was weak and he knew it.
Kyuhyun closed his moth lazily when the spoon was inside; never looking away from Hyukjae; that was the only thing he enjoyed the most; watching Hyukjae’s smile.
The necessity of protect Hyukjae surged a month later; four months after he got in; when he couldn’t stand the fact that Hyukjae was always smiling with him; but he could hear the sobbing and cries in the night; he would fight back all his desires to just run and hugged the other; because he knew that wouldn’t help at all; because he was useless and he was being just an obstacle in Hyukjae’s life.
But he didn’t want to leave; he didn’t want to make the other sad or worried because of him; so he would try to smile every time he looked at Hyukjae; because that was what made him happy; but all his attempts failed as he forgot how to.
Hyukjae would always try to make Kyuhyun comfortable; he knew it because he could read the other’s eyes perfectly; he learnt to do it; he learnt Kyuhyun thanked him when they sparkled; even when Kyuhyun always had a blank and poker face; Hyukjae knew better.
That night Kyuhyun couldn’t stand it anymore; and for the first time in all the time he was there; he stood up from the bed; his legs were sore and his body yelled him to calm down; but Hyukjae’s sobs pierced his heart; he wanted to cry because Hyukjae wouldn’t stop doing so; it were almost inaudible; because Hyukjae was discreet; but Kyuhyun could hear them; and he would feel the worst because he would always think it was for him Hyukjae was crying.
Kyuhyun walked slowly towards his door and opened it; being greeted by lots of beds with people sleeping in there; some of them snoring; some of them talking in their sleeps; Kyuhyun didn’t pay attention to that when he first arrived; and the only thing that could be heard in Kyuhyun’s heart was Hyukjae’s sobs; his feet dragged him towards the door next to his, he placed his hand in the door and turned it slowly; he opened it and the sobs went higher; he wanted to run but he couldn’t, he stopped when he realized he didn’t know what he was doing.
But he opened the door widely anyways; only to be welcomed by Hyukjae on his bed; curling up as his knees were in his chest; crying softly while he swing himself; Kyuhyun took a step forward and closed the door behind him; making Hyukjae jump lightly.
“Kyuhyun?” Hyukjae called quickly standing up in surprise; taking his tears away desperately and placing a huge smile in his face.
Kyuhyun frowned lightly, but he knew Hyukjae couldn’t see him; he just stood there; looking intently at Hyukjae who was smiling brightly.
“What are you doing here?!” Hyukjae asked excited placing himself in front of the younger. “I’m so happy you finally went out of the room!” He exclaimed; but Kyuhyun could hear the sadness in his voice; Kyuhyun could feel Hyukjae was sad; and he hated it.
Kyuhyun looked at Hyukjae intently; making the latter nervous; because Kyuhyun’s stare was making him naked; was throwing away all the layers of smiles he had on; Kyuhyun could see through all of them; reaching deeply Hyukjae’s soul.
“W-What’s wrong Kyuhyun?” Hyukjae asked nervously; Kyuhyun would stare at him like he always did; but Hyukjae felt bad because for the first time; he had to fake his smile in front of Kyuhyun.
A pair of strong arms surrounded Hyukjae’s shoulders; the latter was in shock; he opened his eyes widely as his heart stopped; Kyuhyun was hugging him. He didn’t say a thing; he was just hugging Hyukjae tightly.
Slowly; Hyukjae closed his eyes; enjoying the feeling that Kyuhyun brought to him; it wasn’t as the first time they met; because Kyuhyun was warm now; instead of the cold fingers Hyukjae remembered; they were replaced by a warm pair of arms and a wide chest that brought Hyukjae calmness.
Kyuhyun didn’t seem to let him go sooner; so Hyukjae gave himself the luxury of cry his heart out; taking away and letting go those who have died in his hands that day; he broke down with Kyuhyun’s arms not letting him fall.
Kyuhyun’s heart flinched; it hurt him to see Hyukjae like that; he didn’t know what to do but to keep on hugging the male; he was so fragile; so small Kyuhyun wanted to protect him all the time. Kyuhyun closed his eyes, focusing on Hyukjae’s scent; He became addicted to it the first time he smelled it; when he was lonely in the old house and Hyukjae suddenly arrived.
He saw an angel right then; an angel that came sent by the Gods to help him and not let him down; Kyuhyun was sure of it. When Hyukjae sat by his side with no worries; just being there with him; they didn’t talk for hours but Kyuhyun enjoyed every second of it.
Kyuhyun squeezed Hyukjae’s body when the later hid his face in his shoulders; as if searching for a safe place to stay; he found that place in Kyuhyun’s embrace.
Minutes passed; almost an hour until Hyukjae was just sobbing lightly; his eyes dried as he shed so many tears. Still; Kyuhyun never let his hold weakened; he hugged Hyukjae tightly and convincing himself that was the best he could do.
Hyukjae pushed away after a whole hour; smiling shyly when he noticed Kyuhyun’s shirt was wet with his tears. Kyuhyun felt incomplete; Hyukjae not being in his arms felt just wrong; he frowned lightly.
“I better get you change those clothes.” Hyukjae said smiling shyly and pushing away completely; Kyuhyun just froze because damn; he suddenly turned so depressed.
Hyukjae stepped back and turned around; he was going to get another shirt for Kyuhyun; but he stopped completely when Kyuhyun grabbed his wrist and made him turn around; the last thing he saw before being once again in Kyuhyun’s embrace were Kyuhyun’s honest and sparkling eyes; only looking at him.
The hug was different; because now it seemed like Hyukjae was protecting Kyuhyun. The younger had his arms wrapped in Hyukjae’s waist as for him to not let go; his face hidden in Hyukjae’s neck crock; closing his eyes as Hyukjae’s sweet scent reached his soul.
Hyukjae smiled softly and closed his eyes as well; he placed his arms in Kyuhyun’s shoulders; hugging back at the latter.
Kyuhyun could feel how his body was better; it was actually perfect; he wouldn’t feel cold anymore; the warm embrace of Hyukjae taking him fully and making him happy enough as to have a reason to live.
They both stayed in silence; just enjoying the moment; they could hear the other’s heartbeat and that would make them just happy; because that would take their loneliness away.
That night Hyukjae and Kyuhyun slept in the same bed; Kyuhyun never letting Hyukjae go; hugging him possessively by the waist as his face was hidden in Hyukjae’s chest; liking the way Hyukjae’s heartbeat sounds were a beautiful lullaby for him to fall asleep.
Hyukjae didn’t sleep right away; he stayed awake; just stroking Kyuhyun’s hair as he hugged back the younger male in the bed; he could see Kyuhyun’s peaceful face; he never ever once saw it; because Kyuhyun always seemed to be thinking deeply; but at that time; the younger seemed relaxed and Hyukjae enjoyed that.
Hyukjae smiled when Kyuhyun cuddled himself more into Hyukjae’s embrace and he tightened his hold too; pulling Hyukjae closer to his body unconsciously. The older chuckled and just hid his face in Kyuhyun’s soft hair; wondering what happened in that kid’s mind.
Hyukjae woke up first; he was used to wake up early and sleeping late; but since he didn’t really wasted a lot of energy; he didn’t needed more; a huge and warm smiled appeared in his face as he saw the sleeping boy still hugging him tightly; he just continued stroking the boy’s hair until the latter woke up; almost an hour after him.
“Hey…” Hyukjae greeted while Kyuhyun yawned cutely and opened his eyes slowly. “Had a good night?” Hyukaje asked still stroking Kyuhyun’s hair.
Kyuhyun turned up and looked directly at Hyukjae’s eyes before turning down once again and cuddling himself in Hyukjae’s chest again.
“You can’t sleep anymore!” Hyukjae exclaimed when he read the other’s intentions. “It’s late already.” He said softly; giving up when he realized he couldn’t get mad at the boy.
Kyuhyun didn’t do anything; he just kept on hugging Hyukjae and closed his eyes; not even making a noise. “I won’t feed you if you don’t wake up now Kyuhyun.” Hyukjae threatened serious; but with a small smile in his face.
Kyuhyun froze and opened his eyes widely; slowly losing up his hold in Hyukjae’s waist and looking up to meet Hyukjae’s gaze; if Hyukjae didn’t feed him; then that meant he wouldn’t see Hyukjae as much as he did and he really didn’t want that; Kyuhyun felt a little scared by Hyukjae’s threat.
Hyukjae chuckled and stood up slowly; Kyuhyun sat down on the bed and rubbed his eyes when the light of the day hit him smoothly. The older sat down at the edge of the bed and did the same as Kyuhyun. He gasped when he felt Kyuhyun’s arms around his shoulders again; he could feel Kyuhyun’s respiration in his neck and he couldn’t help but smile.
“I didn’t know you were this clingy Kyuhyun…” Hyukjae said softly; reaching Kyuhyun’s hair with his hand and messing it lightly.
And Kyuhyun wasn’t; he wasn’t a warm person at all; but he couldn’t help to feel the urge of just hug Hyukjae and not let him go away never; to protect him and make all his tears go away.
Hyukjae opened his eyes widely when his hand reached Kyuhyun’s cheek. “Kyuhyun…” He called almost in a whisper; worries reaching up in his body as he felt how hot the latter was. “You have a fever.” Hyukjae announced standing up and surprising Kyuhyun; cupping his face with his hands. “I’ll call a doctor.” Hyukjae said. “Stay here and rest a while; I’ll be back in a minute.”
Hyukjae couldn’t go because Kyuhyun grabbed his hand; those pleading eyes in his face as Hyukjae bit his lower lip. “You’re sick…” Hyukjae tried to make Kyuhyun understand. “I promise I won’t last long.” He said and Kyuhyun finally let him go; telling him with his eyes to come back quickly.
“Maybe because he hasn’t walk in such a long time.” The doctor said after checking on Kyuhyun. “He over worked his body; he just needs to rest.” He smiled softly and Hyukjae sighed in relief.
“Thanks doctor.” He bowed as the doctor went out. “See?” Hyukjae crossed his arms in his chest and pouted at Kyuhyun resting in his bed. “Let’s take it easy and practice walking slowly okay?” He asked and Kyuhyun just looked at him; with that poker face and those eyes that told Hyukjae he would do it.
Hyukjae smiled and sat down by Kyuhyun’s side. “Thanks.” He whispered sighing, remembering how caring Kyuhyun was last night; wishing Kyuhyun would answer him.
But Hyukjae wished for so much; because the only thing that Kyuhyun did was look at him and close his eyes; disposing himself to sleep again in Hyukjae’s room.

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kyu just wants sex hyukkie. come on. give him what he wants. lolololol

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i don't know why but kyu looks like a little kid here..


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