Holding On

Nov. 1st, 2011 08:12 pm
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Title: Holding On
Part: Four
Autor: [livejournal.com profile] eriiar
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!, Romance, angst
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Some typos and grammar errors~~ ^^’
Summary: When Hyukjae finally found the reason to live in a lost kid; Kyuhyun.
Kyuhyun’s room was no longer his; and neither was Hyukjae’s; because now they used to sleep together every night; even when Kyuhyun still didn’t say a word about anything; Hyukjae was happy Kyuhyun was actually showing affection towards him.
Hyukjae learnt Kyuhyun was possessive; because he wouldn’t let him go out from his hold even for a while; not like Hyukjae was complaining; but he had to take care of some other houses too and definitely Kyuhyun wasn’t cooperating. “You should learn to feed yourself.” Hyukjae once told him sighing and blowing on the hot soap in the spoon.
Kyuhyun just looked at him; not doing anything else than that; because he knew he didn’t need to speak or move for Hyukjae to understand. “Fine…” Hyukjae hissed pouting. “Now say ahh...” He ordered and Kyuhyun quickly complied; never letting his eyes go away from Hyukjae’s figure; he loved looking at Hyukjae; because he knew the latter was perfect and he didn’t want to lose any second that he spent with him. “Why are you always looking at me?” Hyukjae pouted at Kyuhyun while blowing once again the spoonful of soup.
Kyuhyun didn’t say anything; just as expected; he just kept on looking at Hyukjae’s eyes.
Hyukjae and Kyuhyun got used to their routine; it has been already the six months Hyukjae asked and he was pretty much satisfied with the results; even when Kyuhyun could still walk just a little; his improvement was getting higher every day Still; Kyuhyun would show how strong he was when it came to comfort Hyukjae; who still cried every day; but this time was different; because Kyuhyun was there with him and he didn’t have to fear anything. They both would fall asleep; Kyuhyun using Hyukjae’s heartbeat and respiration as his favorite lullaby and Hyukjae finding himself always smiling softly at the sleeping figure.
Kyuhyun felt cold; strangely cold. He opened his eyes abruptly and he didn’t want to turn around because he didn’t want to actually see his thoughts were right.
Hyukjae wasn’t there with him.
Kyuhyun sat up abruptly; Hyukjae never left him alone when he woke up; he would always wait for him and would just smile warmly; but this time it wasn’t like that; because when Kyuhyun turned around slowly; he couldn’t see Hyukjae lying beside him; he couldn’t see the perfection of an angel that used to be with him all the time.
Frustration and desperation filled his body as he turned around looking for that special person in the room; but it was useless because there was no one and he felt his heart flinch.
The door of the room opened and Kyuhyun sighed relief; he stood up quickly and sat at the edge of the bed; waiting for Hyukjae to come in and feed him breakfast.
“Hey.” Kyuhyun frowned when the person that greeted him wasn’t Hyukjae but a lady. “I brought you breakfast.” She said placing the bowl in the small table and smiling softly at Kyuhyun. “Hyukkie went to-”
She didn’t have the chance to finish as Kyuhyun stormed out of the room; running and looking at every corner of the huge house; everyone looked at him confused; no one really knowing what he was looking for; they knew who he was; and they knew everything about him; but they didn’t know why he was so desperate.
Kyuhyun’s eyes started getting teary as he didn’t find his angel; he was scared; he was scared of being left alone again; just when he found a special person to live for; he was so damn scared of what could happen to him without his angel; but he was even more worried something might happen to Hyukjae and he couldn’t even do anything about it.
Frustration tears fell down his eyes as he kept on searching; throwing the things away as he made his way towards every corner; mentally calling Hyukjae in his mind.
Kyuhyun was shaking; his heart was erratic as he couldn’t find him. Everyone just backed off; not scared but worried; Kyuhyun became mad; throwing things in the air and running from side to side; over working his body as he thought his efforts weren’t enough to bring Hyukjae back.
Kyuhyun pulled his hair in desperation; he sat down in one of the darkest corners in the room and swung himself while pulling his hair tightly; flinching at everyone who wanted to touch him and help him; he would just hide himself in between his arms and keep on swinging his shaky body. Tears flowing down like rivers as he didn’t find a way to calm down. Kyuhyun felt alone.
Everybody could see it clearly; the boy was scared; more than scared; terrified and they knew why. One of the ladies went quickly and called the other house; telling them she needed to talk to Hyukjae as soon as possible.
When Hyukjae heard the news; he went out without a word; he ran towards the street to find a taxi that he paid and didn’t even wait to get the change; his heart was beating fast as he was so worried about Kyuhyun; he realized his huge mistake as he left the other sleeping; but Hyukjae didn’t have the heart to wake him up and he really needed to take care of the other houses as well.
He panicked when he heard Kyuhyun became mad; his heart flinched when they told him Kyuhyun was crying. Because he had never seen Kyuhyun crying; because he would always have that poker face to everyone; the fact that he was crying just made Hyukjae damn worried; scared of what was happening.
When Hyukjae got out of the taxi; he quickly ran towards the house; looking around and running towards the mass of people that were watching Kyuhyun. Everybody opened a path for Hyukjae to go towards the boy.
Hyukjae’s heart hurt to see Kyuhyun like that; he seemed so vulnerable; so weak at Hyukjae’s eyes; so tired and lonely. “Kyuhyun!” He called approaching the other with long steps.
Kyuhyun turned around and looked at Hyukjae; blinking several times so his sight wasn’t blurry anymore because of the tears he shed. He looked at Hyukjae; analyzing him to make sure it was his angel and not a hallucination.
Hyukjae saw Kyuhyun’s eyes; he knew he was scared; Hyukjae felt so guilty; because Kyuhyun’s swollen eyes only revealed fear. “I’m here…” Hyukjae said leaning down and signaling everybody to go out; and so they did; silently going out and trying to be as fast as possible.
Kyuhyun didn’t notice the changes in the room; his eyes were locked with Hyukjae’s. “Are you okay Kyu?” Hyukjae asked softly; rubbing Kyuhyun’s hair smoothly and smiling weakly.
Kyuhyun just looked at Hyukjae; his mind trying to believe Hyukjae was indeed there with him. Kyuhyun reached Hyukjae’s cheek with his hand and rubbed it softly; making sure it was his angel the one he had on front of him.
Hyukjae blushed lightly when Kyuhyun didn’t take his eyes off of him and apart from that; he rubbed his cheek lovingly; seconds later; Kyuhyun threw himself to Hyukjae; making the latter fall down even when he was just sitting; Kyuhyun above him; hugging him tightly and breaking down as relief tears fell down on his handsome face.
Hyukjae sighed and closed his eyes; he hugged Kyuhyun back and rubbed his back. “I’m sorry I left without a word.” He whispered and Kyuhyun just tightened his hold; still crying in Hyukjae’s embrace.
Hyukjae smiled softly and just let himself do whatever his body wanted to; which happened to be the same as his heart. He comforted Kyuhyun there; rubbing his hair and whispering everything was fine; that until Kyuhyun stopped crying and just sobbed; not letting Hyukjae go and hiding his face in Hyukjae’s neck. The latter could do nothing more than enjoying Kyuhyun’s warm.
Minutes later; Kyuhyun pulled himself away lightly; looking at Hyukjae’s eyes directly; not actually realizing he was on top of the older and how Hyukjae was pinned against the floor.
Hyukjae gulped; not because of their positions; but because Kyuhyun’s eyes told him something he couldn’t really interpret; it was a mix of emotions that he couldn’t really get. Both of Kyuhyun’s arms were by each side of Hyukjae’s head; making Kyuhyun have a great view of his angel under him.
Kyuhyun opened his mouth; but nothing came out so he closed it again disappointed; it has been half a year since he last talked and he couldn’t remember how to do it correctly.
“Don’t worry.” Hyukjae said reaching Kyuhyun’s cheek and rubbing in lightly. “You will be able to talk when after some practice.” He said as if reading Kyuhyun’s mind.
Kyuhyun curled his lips in an attempt to smile; but he forgot how to do it too; a mere weak smile came out and Hyukjae’s heart stopped.
Even when Kyuhyun just offered him a weak and almost unnoticeable smile; he could feel the sincerity in it; it was the first time Kyuhyun ever made something else than stare; and a warm tear fell down; because a smile was the only thing he needed to feel he was doing things right. Kyuhyun’s smile was the only thing he would need to keep on going and never give up.
Kyuhyun frowned lightly when he saw Hyukjae’s tear. He couldn’t help it; his urges were strong and he didn’t dare to fight back. Kyuhyun leaned down and kissed the tear away; leaving a stunned Hyukjae under him; eyes wide open and mouth partly open too. Their hearts were beating fast as Kyuhyun pulled himself back; only to look at Hyukjae’s eyes again.
Kyuhyun’s eyes locked again with Hyukjae’s; Kyuhyun’s favorite thing to do. Kyuhyun leaned closer again until their lips were just inches apart; their eyes still locked with each other. Kyuhyun was asking for permission and Hyukjae didn’t think it twice before closing his eyes softly.
Kyuhyun closed his eyes as he leaned down and their lips touched; the kiss wasn’t deep; it might not be soft; but it was just a mere touch; nothing more.
But they didn’t need more; because that simple kiss said everything they wanted to make the other know.
When Kyuhyun pulled away, Hyukjae blushed lightly; but he still smiled softly; reaching Kyuhyun’s cheeks and rubbing them as their talkative eyes met again.
Kyuhyun opened his mouth again. “I-I…” He merely whispered; Hyukjae’s heart sank; Kyuhyun’s voice was just so beautiful. “I…” Kyuhyun repeated with a more firm voice; gaining confidence about remembering how to formulate words in his mouth. “I love you.” He finally said after so much shrugging with himself; the voice was shaky and husky; the words came out rather clumsily; but the meaning was deep; and Hyukjae smiled widely.
Tears of happiness came out from Hyukjae’s eyes as he heard Kyuhyun; finally hearing him say something; loving his voice and swearing to protect him forever.
Kyuhyun smiled weakly again; proud of his efforts; he leaned down closing his eyes to peck on Hyukjae’s lips before kissing all his tears away.
“I…” Hyukjae started with a knot in his throat. “I love you too…” He admitted and sobbed loudly; because he was so happy; so many things happened and he just couldn’t be happier. Kyuhyun hugged him again; tightly and firm; making sure he wouldn’t go away from him; making sure his angel would stay by his side.
Hyukjae cried that day too; but it wasn’t because of sadness; it was because he was so happy and content he couldn’t help it; Kyuhyun squeezed him and kissed his cheek; telling Hyukjae everything was okay with his eyes.
Hyukjae’s worries came up again as he felt how Kyuhyun’s hug weakened; the body slowly losing strength and his eyes closing slowly. Hyukjae shook Kyuhyun’s body that was still on top of him; but there was no response; He shook it again and panicked when it was still respodnless.
Hyukjae reached Kyuhyun’s forehead with his hand and panicked when he felt how Kyuhyun’s temperature was extremely high; almost boiling.
“Help!” Hyukjae yelled for someone to come. “Help me here please!” He yelled desperately as he tried hard to make Kyuhyun come back to conscious.

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