Holding On

Nov. 1st, 2011 10:19 pm
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Title: Holding On
Part: Five
Autor: [livejournal.com profile] eriiar
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!, Romance, angst
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Some typos and grammar errors~~ ^^’
Summary: When Hyukjae finally found the reason to live in a lost kid; Kyuhyun.
Kyuhyun woke up slowly; he turned around and smiled weakly when he saw Hyukjae cuddling himself in Kyuhyun’s embrace. The latter smiled softly and rubbed Hyukjae’s cheeks lovingly; enjoying how soft his skin was.
It was the first time Kyuhyun woke up before Hyukjae; and he didn’t know why he was so happy about that; because it was the first time he actually got the opportunity to look at Hyukjae’s sleeping face.
Kyuhyun couldn’t help it; he leaned down and kissed Hyukjae’s lips softly; just a peck and then pulled himself away; smiling weakly as his eyes were locked in the beautiful person in his arms.
He didn’t know what happened or how he arrived to the bed; but he didn’t matter about that since the last thing he remembered was hugging Hyukjae tightly; just like he was doing right then.
Hyukjae took care of Kyuhyun; and when it was already late; he slept by Kyuhyun’s side; but as their minds were unconscious; their bodies weren’t and they ended up with Kyuhyun hugging Hyukjae possessively by the waist and Hyukjae cuddling himself more into Kyuhyun’s wide chest. It was the first time to; that Kyuhyun got to hide his face in Hyukjae’s blond and soft hair; his life just couldn’t be more perfect than then.
Hyukjae started moaning lightly in his dreams; revealing he was about to wake up; Kyuhyun pulled away himself so he could see Hyukjae clearly. The latter opened his eyes lazily and slowly; trying to accommodate them to the light of the room. He smiled when the first thing he saw was Kyuhyun’s face; eyes locked with his and a weak smile plastered in his face.
Hyukjae was greeted good morning with a peck in his lips by Kyuhyun; Hyukjae smiled and blushed lightly as their faces parted away; Kyuhyun was hugging him still and his eyes were all over his face. “Let’s get some breakfast shall we?” Hyukjae asked reaching Kyuhyun’s cheek and rubbing in lightly.
Kyuhyun just looked at him and leaned closer until his lips met Hyukjae’s forehead. Hyukjae giggled, but still he kept on rubbing Kyuhyun’s face; recording every detail in his mind. “I’m happy you’re not sick anymore.” Hyukjae said as Kyuhyun closed his eyes to feel the soft touches of Hyukjae’s hands. “Don’t over work yourself when you know you’re still not strong enough.” Hyukjae said almost pleading; because he became so worried after Kyuhyun fainted that he didn’t think he could stand it once again.
Kyuhyun opened his eyes slowly and looked directly at Hyukjae’s; silently telling him that he wouldn’t. Hyukjae smiled weakly and leaned up to kiss Kyuhyun’s corner of his lips. “Now let’s get you something to eat Kyu…” He whispered.
But Kyuhyun didn’t seem to be agree since he leaned closer too and kissed Hyukjae’s cheek softly; then moving to his eyes; his nose; his forehead; his temple; Kyuhyun gave Hyukjae a soft kiss in every part of Hyukjae’s face. The latter could do nothing more than blush lightly and enjoy; giggling when Kyuhyun didn’t stop kissing him. “I love you.” Kyuhyun said as he closed his eyes and kissed Hyukjae’s lips lightly; this time moving his lips smoothly as Hyukjae kissed back; Kyuhyun tightened his hold on Hyukjae’s waist to bring him closer.
It was the softer of the kisses; it was an innocent kiss that Hyukjae enjoyed so much; Kyuhyun couldn’t stop feeling those soft and plump lips; he just kept on kissing the latter; not wanting to end soon and stay like that forever.
“I love you too Kyu.” Hyukjae said smiling softly and warmly at Kyuhyun, cupping the younger’s face; loving to hear Kyuhyun’s voice; to see Kyuhyun’s deep eyes; to feel Kyuhyun’s heart voice through his eyes.
It was their way to wake up after their confession; Kyuhyun would still just say a few words which basically were ‘I love you’ to Hyukjae or ‘Don’t leave me’. Because Kyuhyun was so scared of being without Hyukjae that he would do anything just to keep on being by his side.
After one more month; Kyuhyun was able to walk long distances but not to run; because his legs didn’t move in so much time; they lost the ability to recover that quickly and Kyuhyun was still clumsy when it came to control them.
But Hyukjae would still feed him; no matter what; Kyuhyun didn’t want to eat by himself; he would always wait for Hyukjae to feed him; and he would just look at the blonde with a deep look; trying hard to tell his feelings towards Hyukjae by them.
“Say ahhh…” Hyukjae ordered smiling brightly and Kyuhyun complied; only looking at Hyukjae and just him. “I wonder why you’re always looking at e like that.” Hyukjae said blowing at the spoon. “Do I have something strange in my face?” He asked motioning Kyuhyun to open his mouth.
And Kyuhyun didn’t answer; he just kept on looking at him; just that; because that was what made Kyuhyun’s cold heart warm little by little; Hyukjae’s smile had that effect on him.
But Hyukjae didn’t bothered about Kyuhyun only looking at him; in fact, he liked it; because Kyuhyun’s eyes always had that sparkle that would always assure him of Kyuhyun’s feelings towards him.
“I have t go now Kyu.” Hyukjae announced as every afternoon since Kyuhyun came to the house; eight months ago.
Kyuhyun grabbed his wrist in an attempt to stop him; but Hyukjae just smiled at him. “Let me go.” Kyuhyun said almost in a whisper; the first words of the entire day.
Hyukjae’s heart started beating fast. Kyuhyun wanted to leave? Leave him alone? Why? “G-Go?” Hyukjae asked nervously and Kyuhyun only looked at him.
“With you.” Kyuhyun answered and Hyukjae’s heart felt so relief he threw himself into Kyuhyun’s embrace.
Kyuhyun was taken aback; but it wasn’t as if he would mind at all. He hugged Hyukjae back and kissed his hair lovingly; closing his eyes to enjoy the sensation the most.
“Let’s go.” Hyukjae announced after a few minutes; cleaning his only tear away as the shock he got; and damn; that was pure fear he felt.
Kyuhyun looked at him worriedly; trying to figure out what was going on with his precious jewel. “I’m fine Kyu.” Hyukjae answered the question Kyuhyun’s eyes threw. “Don’t you want to go with me?” He finally asked when he saw how Kyuhyun doubted from his answer.
Kyuhyun nodded lightly before grabbing Hyukjae’s hand and letting himself being dragged by the older; his heart was beating fast; it was the first time Kyuhyun was going to know what was that that Hyukjae used to do every afternoon after feeding him dinner.
Hyukjae put his scarf around Kyuhyun’s neck, the same one that he put when they first met; Kyuhyun remembered that scent; the one he was addicted since the beginning.
They both went out after Hyukjae waved goodbye to everyone and they all smiled at the leaving couple; knowing how bond they were to each other and how lost Kyuhyun would be without the older.
They walked hand in hand; just walking without really a direction; Kyuhyun wondered what they were doing; he looked around carefully, looking for a clue that told him what he was doing; and everything was strange for him; he didn’t go out from the house for almost nine months and he sure was nervous. Hyukjae squeezed Kyuhyun’s hand; as if guessing what the latter was thinking. “I’m looking for someone.” He said smiling softly. “Though I hope to find no one.” He continued; making Kyuhyun feel specially confused with Hyukjae’s words.
Kyuhyun frowned lightly; not knowing what to think; because he sure got all the words; but he couldn’t find any meaning to those. He kept on walking; thinking deeply as Hyukjae’s warm hand guided him towards wherever they were going.
Kyuhyun panicked when he suddenly couldn’t feel Hyukjae’s hands with his; he feared and looked around panicking; his eyes landed quickly on the small boy going towards a bum. Kyuhyun was scared and just ran to catch up with Hyukjae who just kept on walking. “Hello.” Hyukjae greeted to the dirty man; Kyuhyun was just looking fascinated.
The man then turn and saw Hyukjae; he smile widely when the first thought that came to his mind was that the heavens sent him an angel. And in was truth. “Angel…” The man whispered and Kyuhyun couldn’t only agree to that; that mister suddenly being all nice for Kyuhyun.
Hyukjae smiled softly. “Do you have any where to stay tonight?” He asked the man and the later just shook his head lightly. “Then come with me.” Hyukjae said still smiling.
Kyuhyun jumped a little; but Hyukjae’s kindness was something he should really get used to.
Weeks later; Kyuhyun could perfectly understand what Hyukjae meant; because he had gone out with him every afternoon since that day; always looking for someone but actually hoping they would find no one. Kyuhyun understood too; why Hyukjae used to cry every night; and he couldn’t help but fall even deeper for that person; because he was simply perfect.
Kyuhyun didn’t know anything about Hyukjae’s personal life; he didn’t know Hyukjae’s past; but he knew the current one; and he loved him with all his strength; he would give up on life if it was necessary; because he simply knew he loved the blonde one.
Kyuhyun started to talk more often; thought he was definitely a man of few words; because he would just say what it was necessary; always confessing his love towards Hyukjae and always sleeping in the same bed; embracing and protecting Hyukjae with his body.
After some more moths; Kyuhyun started doing exactly the same as Hyukjae; going out to get people who really needed them; taking them to the police station; but never going away from the other. Kyuhyun started getting near with everybody in the huge house; attending their injuries when the doctor taught him to; feeding the elders as Hyukjae used to feed him; to read stories to the kids for them to sleep; to play with the teenagers that came when they were bored; swinging the babies when they started crying; life was definitely happier for Kyuhyun like that; because he finally understood the meaning of a smile.
Hyukjae couldn’t be happier; because now the people had more attention; Hyukjae couldn’t understand most of them, because he had never been in their situation; but Kyuhyun helped a lot; because the other had experience about those topics and he could quickly convince the rebel teenagers to come back home and try to fix the things with their parents; or just make them happy while their standing there.
“I love you.” Kyuhyun repeated every time he had the chance to Hyukjae’s ears and the latter would just giggle.
“I love you too.” He used to say before they shared a sweet kiss; not minding if it was in the corridor; in the dinner room; in the bed room; where hundred pairs of eyes looked at them; because they were all their family.
Everybody loved the couple; because they wouldn’t ask for anything; they admired them because they would always be together and fight for the same objective; they cared for them because they seemed so fragile when they weren’t together; but most of all; they wished for them to be the happiest coupe ever; because everybody could tell how happy they were together; and they definitely didn’t mind watching them kissing; because when they did; everybody felt loved the same as them.
That night was the most silent ever; because that night Hyukjae was sick; Kyuhyun stayed with him every second; not eating anything because he wouldn’t accept the food at least Hyukjae fed him.
The doctor didn’t know what was happening; so he just took some blood samples to analyze; still; Kyuhyun never let go of Hyukjae’s hand; hugging him tightly as the unconscious body was only there.
Kyuhyun was scared; so damn scared of what could happen to Hyukjae; he held Hyukjae’s body tightly; not being able to sleep and just praying to all the Gods to help his angel.
That night was sad because cries of the kids that were worried about Hyukjae could be heard; prays from the elder people too; Everybody was scared too; because they all loved Hyukjae.

Date: 2011-11-03 02:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] shutoffthelid.livejournal.com
orz i hope hyukkie's not sick like terminal sick. :(
and yay for kyuhyuk! <33333

Date: 2011-11-03 04:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] littleariel13.livejournal.com
Why ;A;
Nothing can be happening to Hyukjae ;A; I'm serious ;A;
Life at least can't be that unfair ;A;
/rushes to the next chap


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