Holding On

Nov. 1st, 2011 10:23 pm
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Title: Holding On
Part: Six
Autor: [livejournal.com profile] eriiar
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!, Romance, angst
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Some typos and grammar errors~~ ^^’
Summary: When Hyukjae finally found the reason to live in a lost kid; Kyuhyun.
Hyukjae woke up groaning because all his body was in pain; he had high fever but he also was cold; Kyuhyun covered him with blankets and dried the sweat that came out in Hyukjae’s forehead; he wouldn’t hug the other because he seemed so fragile Kyuhyun thought he would break him.
Kyuhyun just ate small portions of food; watching Hyukjae being sick was so worrisome he couldn’t stand it; he was so scared and the only thing he could do was being by Hyukjae’s side; whispering sweet nothings in his ears when Hyukjae groaned in pain; everybody was praying for Hyukjae those days.
Kyuhyun was even more worried when Hyukjae started throwing up and having nauseas. He felt so useless just standing there; by Hyukjae’s side without actually doing anything more than tell Hyukjae how much he loved him. The latter would just smile softly at him and rub his cheek as his weak hands tried his best.
Hyukjae was pale; he was getting skinnier every day and Kyuhyun couldn’t even sleep; feeling so pathetic and scared. Still; Kyuhyun would go and attend everybody in the house; checking on Hyukjae’s condition every half an hour; because if Hyukjae wasn’t there; there was nobody that would take care of the homeless; and Kyuhyun knew that meant a lot to his lover.
Hyukjae was diagnosed with pneumonia that afternoon. Silence fell on the building as Kyuhyun tried his best on complying with everything everybody needed.
Five old men died that day while Kyuhyun was taking care of them; they all were already so tired; but even at the last minute of their lives; they smiled at Kyuhyun and told him everything was going to be okay.
Kyuhyun sobbed that night; he could totally understand Hyukjae; he knew why was that Hyukjae would cry every night; he now understood Hyukjae’s heart.
Everybody felt for Kyuhyun; the young man was giving his best at taking care of them; and they all felt so grateful. In the nights; Kyuhyun would sleep in a chair next to Hyukjae, because he didn’t want to hurt his angel; Hyukjae would wake up every some hours groaning in pain and throwing up weakly. “I’ll be fine Kyu.” He said once Kyuhyun looked at him concerned.
“I know.” Kyuhyun said kissing softly Hyukjae’s forehead. “Now rest.” He ordered and Hyukjae nodded lightly before closing his eyes; a weak smile in his eyes.
It took a whole month for Hyukjae to recover; he was still weak; but at least his body didn’t hurt that much; the doctor would go and check up on him every three days. That month was the worst for Kyuhyun; because every night he would fear something might happen; every night he would cry out of desperation and frustration while holding Hyukjae’s hand.
A woman came to the house running desperately; dodging everybody that came to her way; advancing quickly and with a worried face; not minding the hundred pairs of eyes that were looking at her in shock.
The woman had high heels; an elegant hair and clean and perfect clothes; they all knew that woman didn’t belong to them; but she kept on running; tears forming in her eyes as she stormed inside of Hyukjae’s room; throwing his purse randomly as she ran to hug the male; making Kyuhyun froze stunned by the woman; she was beautiful; she was gorgeous; her clothes looked so expensive; her light make up only made her stunning face to shine the most.
She had tears in her eyes as she hugged his angel tightly; he was left there; shocked as he saw how Hyukjae hugged the woman back; closing his eyes and smiling softly.
“Oh Hyukkie!” The woman cried letting his tears finally go down. “I’m so sorry!” She almost yelled. “I didn’t know!” She sobbed and that broke Kyuhyun’s and Hyukjae’s hearts.
Hyukjae smiled weakly and pushed away from the hug; looking at the woman in the eyes. “I’m fine.” He said still smiling and taking away the woman’s tears from her beautiful face. “I missed you Umma.” He said softly.
Kyuhyun opened his eyes widely; his heart started beating fast as he saw the worried face of the woman and Hyukjae’s smiling one. He didn’t know what to think; because Kyuhyun was about to find about Hyukjae’s personal life; they never demanded that from the other; because they didn’t need to know about that; they loved each other just by whom they were.
“I missed you too Hyukkie!” The woman said once again sobbing; Hyukjae turned to see Kyuhyun and smiled shyly; silently telling him everything was fine.
Kyuhyun just looked back at Hyukjae and smiled too; his heart finally beating even and his happiness for just being by Hyukjae’s side flowing again.
After some minutes; the woman stopped sobbing and pushed away lightly; smiling shyly at his son. “I’m sorry I couldn’t go have dinner Mom.” Hyukjae said softly as he signaled his mother to sit by his side; Kyuhyun at the other side of Hyukjae.
“Don’t worry baby.” Mrs. Lee said softly smiling at his son; rubbing her only son’s cheeks lovingly. “Why didn’t you tell me you were sick Hyukkie?” She asked worried. “Your father almost got crazy.” She chuckled.
“I didn’t want you to worry Mom.” Hyukjae answered smiling softly. “I’m much better now.” He announced.
Mrs. Lee sighed relieved. “I’m happy to hear that.” She said taking his hand to his chest as if telling it to calm down.
The door of the room slammed open; making the three persons in there jump in surprise; revealing a panting man; with a black suit on him and a concerned expression. “Hyukkie!” He yelled running directly towards his son; hugging him tightly and still panting. “I was so worried!” He said. “How are you?” He asked pushing away from the hug and checking up on every corner of Hyukjae’s body; turning him around and observing every corner o his son.
“I’m fine dad.” Hyukjae said smiling shyly while his mother chuckled.
“I’m so sorry I didn’t know Hyukkie!” The man exclaimed hugging once again Hyukjae.
Hyukjae cleared his throat nervously; calling both his parents’ attention. “I would like to introduce you to someone.” He said smiling at Kyuhyun.
Kyuhyun felt his heart sank from his chest; his eyes telling Hyukjae he was nervous and that he didn’t know what to do.
“He’s the one who took care of me.” Hyukjae said going to Kyuhyun and holding his shaky hand. “And he’s the one I love.” Hyukjae finally said smiling brightly.
Kyuhyun could hear his heartbeat as his legs became weak from the nervousness; Hyukjae’s parents looked at him intently; and Kyuhyun gulped; feeling better when Hyukjae squeezed his hand. “H-Hello…” Kyuhyun greeted bowing lightly.
Hyukjae’s parents looked at him; they didn’t seem to be that impressed by Hyukjae’s revelation. “What’s your name?” Hyukjae’s father asked smiling softly at Kyuhyun; making the other smile back and feeling so much better.
“K-Kyuhyun…” Kyuhyun said softly.
Hyukjae’s mother stepped forward until he was in front of Kyuhyun; Hyukjae giggled squeezing Kyuhyun’s hand. Mrs. Lee started looking around Kyuhyun; watching intently and thinking deeply. “You’re handsome.” She concluded with a bright smile; Kyuhyun then knew where Hyukjae’s smile came from.
Kyuhyun blushed by Mrs. Lee statement and Hyukjae giggled. “I know right?” He asked winking an eye to his mother and the latter nodded vigorously.
Hyukjae’s father rolled his eyes before looking at Kyuhyun directly. “Thanks for taking care of my son Kyuhyun.” He said honestly and Kyuhyun nodded weakly.
Not taking care of Hyukjae was a sin at Kyuhyun’s eyes; there was nothing he should be thanked for. “Please keep on taking care of him.” Mrs. Lee said softly. “He usually thinks about others more than himself.”
Kyuhyun smiled. “I will.” He said with a firm voice; unconsciously pulling Hyukjae closer; placing his hand in Hyukjae’s waist.
Hyukjae blushed lightly while his parents smiled widely. “Let’s get something to eat.” Hyukjae’s mother said softly.
Hyukjae bit his lower lip and looked down before looking at his parents. “Would you like to eat here?” He asked shyly and Kyuhyun smiled widely.
That was the day Hyukjae’s parents understood why Hyukjae liked to be like that; because when they sat down in the huge table to eat; they heard dozens of different stories; some of them funny; some others devastating.
The food wasn’t like anything they have eaten; it was so simple and humbled. But they enjoyed it the most; even more than anything; because as they sat down and chatted with the people in there; they realized those persons loved his son; they soon understood Hyukjae’s smile was always honest; just like the people living there.
“He’s an angel.” An old man told them. “Thank you for bringing him to life.” He continued taking out a small object in his pocket; probably the only thing that he actually owned apart from his old and worn out clothes. “Please take this as my humble gratitude for having such a great child.” The old man said softly as he handed the small object to Hyukjae’s parents who took it without hesitation.
They both gasped when they saw it; it wasn’t expensive; they knew it. It wasn’t an object someone could sell; they could find it in the trash; but the meaning behind it made it look as an object that couldn’t even calculate his value.
They saw careful the small handmade figure in their hands. It was an angel made out of wood. “Did you do this?” Hyukjae’s mother asked looking at the old man.
The old man chuckled lightly. “No…” He admitted with that husky voice. He laughed lightly when the couple looked at him confused. “I was looking for some food in the trash cans when I found it there.” He said and a weak sparkle in his tired eyes could be seen. “I must have been a sign from the heavens…” He continued gaining the full attention of the people around. “Because that night a real angel found me.” He said smiling brightly.
Hyukjae’s parents smiled touched by the old man’s words. “Thanks.” Hyukjae’s mother said softly while bringing the object to her chest.
“Can you please tell us how it was when Hyukkie found you?” Hyukjae’s father asked and the old man’s face quickly brightened.
“May I?” The old man asked; smiling when he remembered those days.
It had to be so touching; because when Hyukjae’s parents left the place; his mother was crying and sobbing lightly; happiness and proud tears going down her cheeks as she herself looked at Hyukjae and found out he was an angel.
When she turned and saw how protective Kyuhyun was towards his son; always hugging him by the waist or holding hands; telling him how much he loved him at any chance he got; how his eyes sparkled every time Hyukjae was with him; that’s when she then knew the other was an angel too; the one who was supposed to take care of her son.
It was finally at that time; that they understood Hyukjae when he used to tell them they were his break; because it was so relaxing to be around those people; who always told the truth and wouldn’t go by being hypocrites; just like everybody in their world did. Those honest smiles cheered them up; making them feel there was actually hope for everyone.
After hearing so many stories; Hyukjae’s parents had to go; even when they didn’t want to; because the place was so warm they would stay like that forever. Kyuhyun and Hyukjae guided them towards their luxurious car; there were two of them because both came separately. They waved goodbye to the couple and smiled when they saw how Kyuhyun would never stop hugging their son; always telling the world with his firm gaze that the angel he had in his embrace was the most valuable creature in the world.
Mr. and Mrs. Lee decided since then; that every time they got the time; they would go and help Kyuhyun and Hyukjae in their labor; and they did; ever since that day; they would go almost every week; bringing gifts for the kids and food for the rest.
Hyukjae changed hundreds of lives; and those people changed theirs.

Date: 2011-11-03 03:44 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] shutoffthelid.livejournal.com
“Because that night a real angel found me.”
I don't know why but that line made me tear up. :( Hyukkie's such an angel. <333

Date: 2011-11-03 04:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] littleariel13.livejournal.com
Now that the parents are here...
Next chap: Marriage marriage ~~~~~~~~


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