Holding On

Nov. 2nd, 2011 08:34 am
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Title: Holding On
Part: Seven*
Autor: [livejournal.com profile] eriiar
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!, Romance, angst, SMUT!
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Some typos and grammar errors~~ ^^’ I WARN YOU! FAIL SMUT IS FAIL!
Summary: When Hyukjae finally found the reason to live in a lost kid; Kyuhyun.
It has been almost three years since the day Kyuhyun arrived to Hyukjae’s side; they had been through sad times countless times; but they were happy because people who died in their arms used to smile even at the last minute.
That afternoon they walked as usual; hand in hand, trying to find someone but wishing they wouldn’t. But it was different at Kyuhyun’s eyes. It had been three years since an angel found him; and his love for the creature was even bigger than a second ago; because he would fall in love with Hyukjae every minute of his life; all over again.
Kyuhyun had to be really careful; because if Hyukjae over worked; the pneumonia could be present again; and that was something that he didn’t really want to.
That afternoon Hyukjae left himself being dragged by Kyuhyun; because the latter seemed to have a destiny in mind. They walked still hand in hand; it was winter and they had both thick coats and scarf; still; their hands would bring all the warmth they would need for them to keep on.
They stopped walking when they arrived to a huge house; it was more like a mansion. “Where is here?” Hyukjae asked looking at Kyuhyun confused.
Kyuhyun smiled weakly and took out something from his pockets. Hyukjae gasped when Kyuhyun opened the main door; Kyuhyun didn’t allow Hyukjae to help; but he pushed the huge iron door until they could come in. “It’s so old.” Kyuhyun whispered panting as he rested his body in the entrance.
Hyukjae opened his eyes widely when he saw the interior. “W-What’s this?” He asked shocked; there was a big garden, though it had wild herbs all around; it seemed like nobody ever took good care of it.
Kyuhyun didn’t answer and instead he just took Hyukjae’s hand and dragged him by the path towards the mansion; maybe the same size as Hyukjae’s parent’s mansion. Kyuhyun took out another key and opened the main door; which made some crack noises as the opened it. “K-Kyu?” Hyukjae asked feeling insecure; his hands trembling lightly as Kyuhyun kept on dragging him inside. “Please tell me what’s happening…” He begged and Kyuhyun turned around to hug him.
“We can use this.” Kyuhyun whispered in Hyukjae’s ears; hugging him tightly. “This can be another home for those who we find.” He said softly pushing away.
Hyukjae looked at Kyuhyun confused; he was so scared because he didn’t know what was happening. “Kyu… please…” He begged and Kyuhyun smiled weakly at him.
“This is my house.” Kyuhyun said finally freeing Hyukjae and looking around; flash of his memories going into his mind.
“Your house?” Hyukjae asked looking around too; it was simple; there were almost no furniture; but everything seemed to be old, everything covered with bust and light coming in lightly through the big windows.
Kyuhyun hugged Hyukjae from the back; placing his hands in Hyukjae’s small waist; hiding his face in Hyukjae’s soft hair and smelling his scent so he would calm down. “When my parents died...” He started and Hyukjae’s heart flinched when he heard Kyuhyun’s shaky voice.
Hyukjae turned around and cupped Kyuhyun’s face; smiling softly as he saw how Kyuhyun was about to cry.
Now they were there; Hyukjae sitting resting his back in the wall of the huge living room as Kyuhyun’s head was in his lap; his whole body in the floor as he enjoyed how Hyukjae’s fingers stroke his hair. “My older brother and I got this house after my parents died.” Kyuhyun continued with his eyes closed.
Hyukjae left him continue; he didn’t say anything and instead of that; he just traced Kyuhyun’s face features with his fingers; giving small touches so the later could calm down.
“But my brother fell on depression.” Kyuhyun said sighing. “He committed suicide a week after we got the news.” He said with a shaky voice. “I was left alone.”
Hyukjae’s heart flinched again; because Kyuhyun’s voice became so weak; because Kyuhyun became so fragile just in front of him; he wished he could do something about it.
“The day you found me.” Kyuhyun opened his eyes and locked them with Hyukjae’s. “That moment I had decided to kill myself too.” He admitted and Hyukjae’s heart sank at the revelation. “There was a gun just right beside me; you were in the other side.” He continued closing his eyes again and remembering the moment. “You smiled at me and my heart sank; you sat down by my side and I couldn’t find the strength to kill myself in front of you; you dragged me away and that’s when I lost every trace of depression in me; you used to smile so much I felt guilty I was so helpless; I felt like a coward because you would be always smiling.” Kyuhyun opened his eyes again; smiling weakly when he saw Hyukjae had tears in his eyes.
Kyuhyun sat down slowly and kissed the tears away. “Every time I wanted to hurt myself again…” He said softly; giving chaste kisses all over Hyukjae’s face. “Your smile would come up in my mind and I would regret even thinking about it.” Kyuhyun hugged Hyukjae by the waist. “You were the one who kept me alive even when you didn’t know me.” He continued pulling Hyukjae closer to him. “…because you’re an angel...” Kyuhyun finally said closing the distance between their lips; kissing Hyukjae softly as the latter gripped on his hair for support.
Hyukjae was crying; he had tears in his eyes as Kyuhyun kept on kissing him; he just couldn’t help it; he wanted to protect Kyuhyun so much; he just wanted the other to smile; to be happy and to be together forever.
Kyuhyun lifted Hyukjae from the floor; carrying him bridal style and going up the stairs; never breaking the kiss as it became desperate; the best way to show their feelings. He put Hyukjae down when they reached a white door; Hyukjae just hugged Kyuhyun’s arm and waited for the other to do whatever he wanted to.
Kyuhyun opened the door; revealing a white room; all the furniture covered with white blankets; he stepped inside and took those blankets away; making the room shine; everything was white; the bed; the drawers; everything; and it seemed to clean after lifting the blankets Hyukjae couldn’t believe it. “My room.” Kyuhyun said softly while approaching Hyukjae and hugging him tightly.
Kyuhyun pushed away lightly just to kiss Hyukjae’s lips again; making sure Hyukjae knew how much he loved him.
Hyukjae hugged Kyuhyun back as his arms made their way to Kyuhyun’s shoulders; pulling the younger man closer to him; kissing desperately because he didn’t know how to make the other understand his feelings.
Kyuhyun wandered his hands in Hyukjae’s waist softly; touching lightly and going down and up; trying hard to memorize every corner of Hyukjae’s body with his hands. Kyuhyun’s fingers fund the edge of Hyukjae’s shirt and his hand went under it; tracing softly every part of Hyukjae’s soft skin.
Hyukjae moaned lightly between their kiss; pulling his body closer to Kyuhyun; his hand traveling down to Kyuhyun’s wide and clothed chest.
Minutes after; both shirts were gone; their bare chest touching each other; sharing the warmth with their partners; it was so slow; so beautiful how things were going; the way Kyuhyun touched Hyukjae was as if he was touching a fragile figure made out of glass; so caring and smooth. The way Kyuhyun’s lips traveled down Hyukjae’s neck softly; not licking and not biting; just kissing; because there was no way he would cause pain to the one he loved the most.
Kyuhyun’s lips came back to where they belonged; Hyukjae’s lips. They kissed once over again; softly moving as Kyuhyun’s hands traveled down and started undoing Hyukjae’s pants. The other didn’t even flinch; he let Kyuhyun do whatever he wanted; because he trusted Kyuhyun the most.
When Hyukjae was completely naked; Kyuhyun stared at him; because it was perfect. Hyukjae blushed lightly, but he didn’t feel exposed or ashamed; because he was sure about what he wanted. Soon; Kyuhyun took out his clothes too; leaving them exposed; the cold room don’t even making them retreat; because their bodies had the warmth they needed.
Kyuhyun hugged Hyukjae tightly. “Are you sure?” He asked while their naked bodies created a beautiful friction.
“I am.” Hyukjae answered firm; looking at Kyuhyun’s eyes and leaning closer to start a kiss that lasted so much; but so short for them; because time stopped as their hands and bodies danced together.
Kyuhyun took Hyukjae to the bed; placing himself on top of the other; kissing him tenderly; his hands hugging and touching softly Hyukjae; marking in his mind every corner of Hyukjae’s skin.
Hyukjae flinched in pain when Kyuhyun slid one of his fingers inside his entrance; Kyuhyun froze and he turned to see Hyukjae’s face. He was worried; and he wouldn’t do anything that could hurt his beloved angel.
Hyukjae read Kyuhyun’s feelings when they eyes met; he cupped his lover face and kissed him softly. “Go on.” He said between the kiss. “I know you won’t let me get hurt.” He said and Kyuhyun smiled weakly.
“I love you.” Kyuhyun said as he kissed Hyukjae again and slid his second finger inside.
Hyukjae flinched out of pain; but Kyuhyun kept on kissing him; the concern in Kyuhyun’s lips was an invitation for him; he soon felt a third finger joining; making feel he would tear apart.
But Kyuhyun tried his best; he was gentle even in those times; because he was concerned about his beloved one; He pushed away when he started moving his fingers; trying hard to make the other be pleasured. He looked down and gasped when Hyukjae was there; closing his eyes and biting his lower lip.
“Does it hurt too much?” Kyuhyun asked concerned; not stopping but looking at Hyukjae worriedly.
“N-No…” Hyukjae panted; he was starting to feel the pleasure from Kyuhyun’s movements. “I want you Kyu…” He said opening his yes and looking only at Kyuhyun’s; lustful eyes met the other’s; that was then when they made a silent deal of going on and make the other happy.
“I love you so much Hyukkie.” Kyuhyun said as he kissed Hyukjae’s lips desperately; his free hand traveling towards Hyukjae’s neck; pulling the male closer to him to deepen the kiss.
Hyukjae gasped when he felt Kyuhyun’s fingers gone; Kyuhyun’s eyes reveling how much he cared for Hyukjae. “I want you inside me Kyu.” Hyukjae said cupping his lover’s face. “I want to be finally yours.”
Kyuhyun smiled and pecked Hyukjae’s lips. “And I want t be your too.” He said positioning his cock in front of Hyukjae’s entrance. “I promise I will make you feel good Hyukkie.” He promised before pulling the tip of his cock inside.
“Urgh…” Hyukjae backed his head as he felt Kyuhyun’s huge member inside him; there was pain; but there was anticipation too; he wanted more.
Kyuhyun stopped completely; only looking at Hyukjae’s reaction, he proceeded on taking his whole inside when Hyukjae nodded at him; making him know he could continue.
Both moaned in pleasure when Kyuhyun’s whole was inside Hyukjae. “M-Move please…” Hyukjae said gripping Kyuhyun’s hair tightly.
Kyuhyun complied and started thrusting inside Hyukjae; taking almost all his cock out before pushing it hard towards Hyukjae; gaining a loud moan from the other.
Kyuhyun looked at his lover while he was still thrusting inside him; he smiled when he saw how beautiful Hyukjae was; sweating lightly as his eyes were shut; lips parted slightly and chest going up and down with every thrust.
They kept going until both came together; moaning the name of the other and collapsing; Kyuhyun on top of Hyukjae.
“Thanks.” Hyukjae said panting and coming down his hill; stroking Kyuhyun’s hair lovingly.
Kyuhyun pulled his cock out; gaining a groan from Hyukjae; the white liquid; Kyuhyun’s cum going out from Hyukjae’s hole smoothly; their tummies covered with Hyukjae’s cum as Kyuhyun hugged Hyukjae again possessively; pulling him closer until Hyukjae’s back was rubbing Kyuhyun’s chest.
“Thank you.” Kyuhyun said kissing softly and giving chaste kisses to Hyukjae’s neck. “Because you saved me.” He said hiding his face in Hyukjae’s neck. “And because you made me have the willing to live again.”
Hyukjae smiled warmly as he turned around. “Thanks to you for making me feel complete for the first time.” He said while leaning closer and kissing Kyuhyun’s lips before the other smiled brightly and they both succumbed to sleep; holding to themselves tightly and finally being one with each other.

Date: 2011-11-03 04:09 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] shutoffthelid.livejournal.com
such a pervert kid. oh well. at least... kyaaaa~~ no words. kyuhyuk~ \m/

Date: 2011-11-03 04:31 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] littleariel13.livejournal.com
And that last sentence Hyukjae said makes every single bit of sense T__T
I could cling onto it forever T__T

Date: 2011-11-25 04:33 am (UTC)
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From: [identity profile] ms-wischemical.livejournal.com
i don't know why i cried so hard reading this...
kyu is soooo gentle...


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