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So I made this because I really wanted to know what is it you guys like the most! ^^ So...
I would like you all to reply to this entry if you want me to make you a fic! keke
You can tell me the genres you want; how you want the characters to be; even if you have a plot but you're too lazy to write! hahaha xD

The rules are simple:
1.- Just tell me what you want!
2.- It has to be KyuHyuk as the main pairing because my brain doesn't really cooperate if is any other! xD

~ I might not be able to complete your request right away; but I will!
~ I will let you a spot so you can tell me if you liked the fic!
~ I will keep on updating my own stories and your request so don't worry.
~ It's not that I don't have any more ideas... (I have a lot of them!) I just need you to make me write them all! xD
~ You can request as many times as you wish~~ (I don't mind at all)
~ You don't have to be specific to request; just tell me a characteristic you want and done!
~ Even if you're a silent reader you can request! But you will have to comment at least in that fic! xD

* Be honest; if you don't like the fic I made; then tell me honestly what I did wrong.
* Don't be mad at me if the fic wasn't as you thought it would; just tell me and I'll try to make it better!
* Don't put so much pressure in me; I'll do my beat to write a lot!
*Enjoy reading and leave a lot of messages! ^^
* Request a lot of fics so I can write a lot okay! (:

and that's all!

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