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Title: Secrets
Chapter: Seven
Autor: [ profile] eriiar
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!High School, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some typos and grammar errors~~ ^^’
Summary: Hyukjae has secrets, Kyuhyun has secrets too; just like everybody does. The problem comes when destiny plays with them as the main characters and those secrets become the problem.


“Oh Lord!” Hyukjae exclaimed running towards the chocking Kyuhyun. “Are you alright?” He asked panicking.
Kyuhyun just nodded and sighed when the candy finally got down his throat. He then looked at Hyukjae questionably. “M-Meet your parents?” He asked nervously gulping and only looking at his boyfriend.
Hyukjae titled his head and nodded lightly; still checking if Kyuhyun was alright. “I think this weekend would be perfect!” He exclaimed happily and smiling at Kyuhyun.
“W-Why are we in such a hurry?” Kyuhyun asked getting scared.
“Because you’re my boyfriend!” Hyukjae smiled brightly.
Kyuhyun looked at Hyukjae and sighed. “Let’s talk about it some other day okay?” He tried to sound calm. “Let’s just go and eat something.”
“I-I already had breakfast…” Hyukjae said softly. “And we have classes to attend; I already missed the ones from yesterday and the ones from the morning…” He said almost in a whisper and pouting lightly.
“I bet you’re really smart Hyuk.” Kyuhyun chuckled; proud of himself because he successfully changed the topic. “I’m sure it’s okay for you to ditch classes.”
Hyukjae looked at Kyuhyun confused. “I might think you don’t have enough information of me Kyuhyun-ssi.” He said softly; smiling shyly.
Kyuhyun lifted his eyebrow. “What?” He asked confused because, really, he didn’t understand an thing when Hyukjae talked like that.
“I’m not smart Kyuhyun-ssi; I’m an average student.” He said looking away.
“Why do you keep talking like that?” Kyuhyun asked out of the blue; frowning lightly. “And why are you still calling me Kyuhyun-ssi?”
“Well…” Hyukjae started softly. “I have always been talking like this.” He said. “And umm…” He shuttered. “Isn’t Kyuhyun your name?” He asked blushing at his question.
“Well… it is…” Kyuhyun trailed off. “But you can call me with a lovely nickname or something…” He said almost in a whisper.
Hyukjae bit his lower lip and frowned in concentration; making Kyuhyun step forward; ready to attack those now pouty lips.
“I’m not experienced in this…” Hyukjae said softly; still pouting and frowning; Kyuhyun just couldn’t take it anymore and took Hyukjae by the waist; pulling him closer until their lips met.
It was until a month later that Hyukjae finally decided to call Kyuhyun by the nickname of ‘Kyu’.
“Kyu!” Hyukjae called from the other side of the hall.
Kyuhyun turned around and smiled at his boyfriend; quickly grabbing him by the waist and giving a peck on Hyukjae’s lips.
It was something already usual for Hyukjae; because Kyuhyun liked to hug him and kiss him even if there were people around them; he learnt he shouldn’t worry too much either and just kissed back whenever Kyuhyun would; sometimes he would start the kiss; but those where when no one was actually turning to look at them.
“What’s up Hyukkie?” Kyuhyun asked once he pulled away himself.
“I won two tickets for a café this morning in my class!” Hyukjae jumped excitedly. “Would you like to go with me?” He asked with big sparkling eyes.
Kyuhyun chuckled. “Sure.” He said; his hand still rounding Hyukjae’s waist.
“Good!” Hyukjae exclaimed. “I have to go now!” He announced giving a quick peck on Kyuhyun’s cheek and running away; waving goodbye at Kyuhyun who just stood there looking at his boyfriend with a stupid smile.
“Seriously Kyu…” Donghae called rolling his eyes. “I can’t believe you’re so cheesy.”
“Shut up hyung.” Kyuhyun rolled his eyes and entered his classroom smiling softly for himself.
Donghae self palmed and sighed; he then went inside too.
It has been seven eight months since Kyuhyun and Hyukjae started dating; Kyuhyun would always manage to distract Hyukjae from meeting with his parents; because he was freaking scared about that; he knew he wasn’t that bad; but still; he didn’t want to take risks.
Those were the happiest months Kyuhyun could ever ask; because Hyukjae was always so cheerful that made Kyuhyun forget about the bad things in life. They would go out pretty often; or just stay in Hyukjae’s room. Sometimes they would go to Kyuhyun’s house; but Kyuhyun hated it; because his father liked Hyukjae a lot and he would always want to chat with him the whole night. The worst part was that Hyukjae actually enjoyed talking to his father.
Donghae was even worst; because he became really clingy on his boyfriend; even when Kyuhyun sent death glares; he would just be dense enough as to ignore it.
“Sorry Donghae-ssi.” Hyukjae used to bow lightly. “But only my boyfriend can be this intimate with me.” He said apologetically; gaining a super happy Kyuhyun; because if he was sure of something; that would be Hyukjae’s seriousness; though it would actually make him feel somehow scared.
Donghae would just pout; but he would always try again next day; sometimes Hyukjae allowed it; when he thought it wasn’t compromising; like a simple hug or a kiss in the cheek; but they would never walk alone and would never do it when Kyuhyun wasn’t with them. Donghae became Hyukjae’s brother.
Nobody dared to bully Hyukjae again; he actually made lots of friends; but they would always back off when Kyuhyun was around; because all of them knew that Kyuhyun was dangerous and they wouldn’t dare to treat him.
Sometimes Hyukjae would scold Kyuhyun; when it was the first day of classes of some other random boy and Kyuhyun smirked at them. Hyukjae wouldn’t talk to Kyuhyun for a week until he fixed up everything so nobody would bully the poor freshmen.
“Kyu…” Hyukjae called softly; they were both in Hyukjae’s bed; lying there lazily as Kyuhyun had his arm wrapped around Hyukjae’s waist possessively.
“Yes Hyukkie?” Kyuhyun answered lazily; closing his eyes and smelling the sweet scent in the air from Hyukjae’s hair and body.
“I have to tell you something important.” Hyukjae said standing up lightly to see Kyuhyun’s face; he was nervous; his heart was racing and his body was shaking.
That was when Kyuhyun opened his eyes; a little scared about what Hyukjae wanted to say to him. “What is it?” Kyuhyun asked noticing how important the topic was.
Hyukjae gulped before sitting in the bed properly; looking only at Kyuhyun; who quickly panicked and sat down too; the fear in Hyukjae’s eyes making him feel really uneasy.
Hyukjae cleared his throat. “I…” He started with shaky voice and he quickly stopped; he bit his lower lip and sighed deeply; making Kyuhyun’s heart beat super fast.
“Don’t make me scared Hyukkie…” Kyuhyun pleaded reaching Hyukjae’s face and cupping it with his hands. “What’s wrong?” He asked calm; even when he was damn scared in the inside.
Hyukjae looked at him and Kyuhyun could see Hyukjae’s nervous eyes. “I…” Hyukjae started again before sighing and looking directly at Kyuhyun’s eyes; taking his hands off of his face and squeezing them tightly. “I love you.” He finally said firmly; his heart taking away a heavy weight; but at the same time beating so fast for Kyuhyun’s reaction that he wanted to just run away and hide in some place he wouldn’t be seen anymore.
Hyukjae’s face was all red in a few seconds; his heart racing and his body shaking; he didn’t want to see Kyuhyun’s reaction; so he just looked down; fearing to be rejected even when Kyuhyun had proven how nice he was.
Kyuhyun opened his eyes in surprised as he felt how Hyukjae let go of his hands; he felt empty; but he couldn’t be happier for Hyukjae’s words. “Hyukkie…” Kyuhyun called grabbing Hyukjae’s hands again; it was just a second; but being without Hyukjae’s warmth was something he didn’t want to experience.
Hyukjae turned slowly towards Kyuhyun biting his lower lip; tears already forming in his eyes as the nervousness took over him. “Kyu…” Hyukjae called back scared. “I-”
“I love you too.” Kyuhyun said leaning closer and kissing Hyukjae’s forehead softly; making Hyukjae feel relieved; he couldn’t be happier.
A warm tear fell down Hyukjae’s cheeks as his heart felt so light; he sobbed lightly as Kyuhyun started kissing his tears away; he couldn’t feel better while feeling Kyuhyun’s soft lips in his skin.
Hyukjae didn’t think it twice before throwing himself into Kyuhyun’s arms; squeezing him tightly; it was the first time ever that he said those words and he was so happy it was Kyuhyun the one who heard it.
Kyuhyun could feel how his heart was jumping out of happiness; it was the first time ever that he actually said those words; because when someone said that to him; he would just nod or back off; he never felt so secure of his own feeling as that time; and the only thing he wanted was to hug Hyukjae tightly; to never let him go and to stay by his side forever; because he loved Hyukjae and he had realized about it tie ago already.
Hyukjae buried his face in Kyuhyun’s neck; sobbing quietly as Kyuhyun hugged him by the waist; giving chaste kissed to Hyukjae’s clothed shoulder. “Hyukkie…” Kyuhyun called softly after a few minutes; pushing away to face his boyfriend. “Would you be mine?” He asked and Hyukjae got lost in those eyes.
There were minutes of silence before Hyukjae simply nodded; because their hearts were beating so fast they couldn’t possibly control themselves; the moment was special; the time stopped; their bodies were connected just as their souls.
Hyukjae leaned closer and kissed Kyuhyun softly; the latter kissed back instantly; letting his hands roam in Hyukjae’s sides. Hyukjae moaned lightly before opening his mouth; giving Kyuhyun total access to his mouth; the latter wandered his mouth by every corner; he already knew it by memory; he didn’t know what took him so long to actually confess his feelings to Hyukjae; but he was so happy he already did.
Hyukjae pressed his body softly against Kyuhyun’s until they were lying in the bed once again; Hyukjae on top of Kyuhyun; kissing softly and not rushing anything; just kissing; as they used to do almost every day.
Kyuhyun’s hand found the edge of Hyukjae’s shirt and let his hands go under it; gaining a soft moan from Hyukjae who didn’t even protest.
Soon both of them were shirtless; Kyuhyun now on top of Hyukjae; his knew by Hyukjae’s hip sides and his hands supporting his weight in Hyukjae’s head sides; the kissing never ending as Kyuhyun had his hands pressed against Kyuhyun’s chest.
Hyukjae’s hands traveled down Kyuhyun’s torso until he found Kyuhyun’s belt.
“Are you sure Hyukkie?” Kyuhyun asked softly at Hyukjae who was lying under him; concern filled his voice as he looked at his boyfriend’s eyes.
“You’re my boyfriend Kyu.” Hyukjae said smiling softly. “I want to do it because it’s you.”
Kyuhyun smiled softly and leaned down again; just to kiss Hyukjae’s lips softly before going down to his neck; softly tracing his lips in Hyukjae’s pale neck skin; finding a particular sensitive spot that made Hyukjae moan a little louder.
Hyukjae’s hand undid Kyuhyun’s belt with a click and he couldn’t focus clearly when Kyuhyun was doing wonders in his skin. He undid Kyuhyun’s pants with his shaky hands; making them go under Kyuhyun’s legs slowly; Kyuhyun never leaving his neck; marking and kissing every part of it; not missing any spot.
Kyuhyun sat down after a few minutes and stared at Hyukjae. “You have no idea of how much I love you Hyukkie.” He said while leaning down and kissing Hyukjae’s chest; going down to the other’s tummy; his hands already in Hyukjae’s pants; undoing them as he felt the urge to make Hyukjae his.
“I love you too Kyu.” Hyukjae said blushing hard when Kyuhyun took his pants off; leaving him all naked.
That night Hyukjae felt complete. Kyuhyun couldn’t feel more fortunate of having Hyukjae in his life. Both came moaning each other’s names softly; Kyuhyun was gentle, pounding inside Hyukjae as if he were a fragile figure made out of glass; making the other see the starts as he felt pain and pleasure invading his system.
That day they professed their love completely; they silently made a promise of being together all their lives; because even when they couldn’t totally understand their feelings; they knew it was stronger than anything else.

A/N: So here I am… sorry for late and lame updates!
How was it?? Too rushed? O.o
I promise I’ve been working hard!!
Though I hate my grades got down a little…
From a scale of 1 to 10 my average is 9 and I’m pissed off… ¬¬
My mom tries to cheer me up telling me that it’s actually good for my career but I just can’t take it!!
And so on~~ I’m already working on some request!! ^^
I’ll update a lot okay? Just wait for me! xD
Comment a lot!

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