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Title: Innocence
Part: One
Autor: [ profile] eriiar
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!, Romance, angst
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Some typos and grammar errors~~ ^^’
Summary: Because love is so unpredictable; so enjoyable; and so painful.


It wasn’t Kyuhyun’s fault; it wasn’t Hyukjae’s fault either; it just happened that way.
“LET ME GO!” Hyukjae ordered desperate; his eyes full of tears as he tried his best to get rid of the almost dozen of vampires that were trying to immobilize him.
It was useless.
“I TOLD YOU TO LET ME GO!” Hyukjae yelled; suddenly; all the vampires by his side fell down; nobody knew in that instant if they were death of just fainted; but reality was that Hyukjae was now running out side; towards the place where he was supposed to be since the beginning; towards the place Hyukjae had to be present if it were someone else; towards Hyukjae’s hell; towards the place that would break his heart if he arrived just a second later; Hyukjae was running outside; towards the place that would make him die; Hyukjae was running towards him.
“HYUKJAE!” Leeteuk called frustrated; running after the insane vampire that couldn’t be stopped; his strength couldn’t be compared to anyone’s.
Hyukjae was simply great; he was strong; he was smart; he was perfect; he had the world under him; but his feelings made him this way; his feelings made him fall deep into the darkness.
Hyukjae had his eyes dark; that would only mean how serious he was; running as fast as he could while vampires in front of him dies in his hands; blood splashing all over his face as his objective was clear in his mind.
He didn’t mind it; he didn’t mind he was killing his own people; he didn’t mind it if he was going against the rules; because Hyukjae was angry; he was frustrated and desperate as he ran towards him; as his mind went blank and his body moved by itself.
“Stop it Hyukjae!” Siwon, the best warrior exclaimed; probably the one who could actually make Hyukjae snap back from his trance; probably; being his best friend; the one who could stop Hyukjae from his craziness.
Siwon wasn’t afraid of placing himself in front of the racing Hyukjae; because just as he predicted; the latter stopped to look directly at him.
“Get out of my way Siwon.” Hyukjae said threatening; his eyes looking at Siwon’s; sending shivers to the other. “I would hate it if I had to hurt you.” Hyukjae said; his frown in his face; his panting hard; his sweat in his face; the racing heart; the dark black and deep eyes; everything told Siwon Hyukjae was serious.
“I’m sorry Hyuk; but I have to do this.” Siwon said as he placed himself in an attack position.
“I have no time for this Siwon!” Hyukjae yelled disposing himself to go on his race and groaning in annoyance and desperation when Siwon’s body was still in front of him.
“You know I love you Hyuk right?” Siwon asked before throwing himself towards Hyukjae; aiming his punch to hit the other’s face.
“I don’t.” Hyukjae answered with a deep frown in his face; his fists clenching as his body threw itself towards Siwon.
It was a hard fight; because Siwon was strong; punches and bites everywhere; groans escaped from Hyukjae’s and Siwon’s mouths as they felt how their bodies were quickly loosing strength.
Hyukjae might not be stronger than Siwon; but he was definitely faster; he might not be as accurate; but he had an objective in his mind.
Hyukjae had to get him no matter what.
Hyukjae saw Siwon by the sides of his eyes; his dark eyes piercing Siwon’s heart; Hyukjae didn’t want to go that far with his best friend; but the latter wasn’t as understanding as he wanted him to be; Siwon was being an obstacle between his love and him; Hyukjae wouldn’t forgive Siwon if something bad happened to his beloved.
Siwon found himself yelling in pain as his conscious was being dragged away from him; he knew Hyukjae was making him like this; he could feel his body was burning; Siwon could feel how his veins were going to explode and he could do nothing more than just see how easily Hyukjae passed by him; running towards that place; throwing away everything he got just for that useless vampire; Siwon screamed out of pain when he felt how his arm exploded; how his head hurt like hell; how his life was being taken away from his body.
Hyukjae kept on running; not thinking back on his resolutions; because he knew what he was doing was stupid; he knew he was an idiot to let everything go away from his hands just for one person; but the other’s love and life was everything to him.
The clan suddenly became messy; because Hyukjae was unstoppable; everyone tried hard; but Hyukjae had a fierce glare; his mind was settled.
Hundreds of vampires died that day in Hyukjae’s hands; tears were always running out of Hyukjae’s eyes; blood covering all his clothes and skin as he passed by; killing anyone who dared to stop him; because he didn’t dare about those lives.
Hyukjae had powers; just like everyone else had; but he was stronger; he could kill everybody in a fury attack; just like this time; it was full moon when the clan was full of blood; because even when they were vampires; they were almost normal; they needed blood to survive; but they could keep on without it too; Hyukjae was the strongest because he didn’t need blood; he was the best because he was strong enough to control everybody.
But at that time; everybody’s respect was questioned as they died in Hyukjae’s hands; the other running desperate towards the one he loved the most.
Hyukjae reached a huge door and opened it as fast as he could; his body bleeding from all the fights; his eyes looking desperately for a figure; he kept on running; it was almost like a maze; done so the prisoners wouldn’t escape easily.
Guards kept on coming; Hyukjae killed them all. Everyone tried to make him understand how wrong was that; because the moment he decided to love the other was the moment Hyukjae became the enemy of the clan; it was the moment when he signed his death penalty.
But Hyukjae wasn’t agreeing to that; he was so not going to let that happen; Hyukjae wasn’t going to allow his love to die that way; because even that person showed him how much he cared for Hyukjae; even that person was scarifying his life for him to keep on.
Hyukjae ran; his legs begging him to stop.
Hyukkie. A soft and husky voice filled Hyukjae’s mind as his tears made it difficult for him to keep running; blurring his sight as he remembered the owner of that voice.
“I’ll be fine.” Hyukjae remembered him telling that before they parted; his voice so soft that almost convinced Hyukjae; his dark eyes looking at him lovingly; kissing him softly as his lips danced together and his hands were wrapped around Hyukjae’s waist protectively; his scent making Hyukjae happy.
Hyukkie. That was how he used to call him; because they loved each other.
Hyukjae remembered his voice; it was so soft and honest; a beautiful voice that everytime he remembered it he wanted to cry out of guilty; his life broken as he kept on running; dodging ever thing that got in his way; every vampire that crossed his way died.
His face and soft smile was the only thing Hyukjae wanted to see the most.
“Get out!” Hyukjae was stopped by another guard in the maze.
“He deserves to be punished!” The guard said frowning deeply.
Hyukjae became mad; his hands moved by themselves and soon the guard was death in the floor; Hyukjae passing over him running towards another wall.
Hyukjae’s desperation grew bigger; it was a no way out path. He quickly turned around; running as fast as he could; making his tears go away and returning again when his soft features hit his mind; the image of his beloved one making him feel frustrated; a heavy feeling in his heart as his legs felt heavy; he almost had no energy left; his head started to hurt as he was over working his strong body.
Hyukkie. That soft voice was calling him again; he ran and ran; cursing when he would find another path with no way out; but he could feel his presence near.
I love you Hyukkie. Hyukjae stopped completely when he heard his beloved’s soft voice saying those words that usually brought him happiness; but at that time they were so painful; they were stabbing his soul as those words seemed like a farewell.
“No…” He whispered feeling how his body was shaking; panic in his system as he heard the voice in his mind; Hyukjae didn’t want it; he hated it; he wanted to live by his side forever. “NO!” Hyukjae yelled gripping his hair tightly; shaking and panting hard as some guards surrounded him.
But Hyukjae was determined; he wouldn’t let anything happen; he still had chances; he still could hear his voice; that only meant his love was still alive; because they still could communicate with each other by their minds.
Those guards were soon death as Hyukjae passed through them; making their brain explode as it seemed to be the fastest way.
Hyukkie. Hyukjae was getting closer; so close and he could feel it; his heart beating fast as he saw a black door; his beloved was just behind that material and Hyukjae made it explode. I love you Hyukkie. Hyukjae panicked; his heart and soul flinched when their eyes locked.
There was the love of his eternal life; there was the responsible of his dreams; of his fantasies; he was there; his hands tied up and a rope rounding his feet.
Hyukjae ran and killed the one who was about to kill his man; he turned around and killed another one; they just kept coming and his body was giving up.
“Hyukkie…” Hyukjae’s tears fell down; he could hear the soft whisper of the one he loved the most; he could feel how much pain the other felt.
Legs and arms full of bruises as all the vampires hit him hard; his bones breaking and healing again; just to be broken minutes later; blood in his clothes and a tired look; his hair all messy and his figure skinny.
But Hyukjae wasn’t near in giving up; it didn’t matter if his body collapsed; he couldn’t let his love alone; he couldn’t ignore his beloved voice; but he couldn’t give in just then.
Guards kept on coming; strong vampires attacked him fully; ready to kill or die; because Hyukjae was highly dangerous. “Don’t worry…” Hyukjae said panting hard; feeling his body burning from the poison a vampire just injected him through his bite. “I’ll take you out of here.” He promised; his eyes full of tears as he placed himself in front of the figure lying in the floor; protecting him with his body as the other had no more energy left.
Hyukjae stepped back as dozens of guards made their way in the wide and dark room; rounding Hyukjae and his beloved; ready to attack when Hyukjae moved just a little bit.
I love you Hyukkie. Hyukjae heard those words again in his mind and he turned to see the thin body in the floor; weak because apart from Hyukjae; his beloved needed blood to survive; Hyukjae’s blood.
Hyukjae was about to hug the body in the floor; just to protect him from the vampires in the room; just to tell him he was going to take him out of there and they would be happily after that; far from those crazy people; just as his beloved once told him.
But Hyukjae couldn’t even touch his love; their eyes locked; the one he loved looked at Hyukjae and smiled weakly at him. Don’t worry. Hyukjae heard and he started crying hard; the vampires holding him back; holding his arms and Hyukjae fighting to get free; to run by his love’s side and hug him tightly; kiss him softly and with all his love. I’m happy you were the one I loved the most. Hyukjae kept on listening; his body totally wasted; no more energy to free himself; he could just look how those guards took his love’s body and turned him around; the last thing he saw was his eyes; those honest eyes; those piercing eyes that told him how much he loved him countless times.
“NOOOOOOO!” Hyukjae screamed desperately; kicking the air with the hopes of saving him. One of the guards took a sword up to the air; pointing directly at Hyukjae’s love’s heart. “NOOOOO!” Hyukjae kept of screaming watching how his love was so wasted even to move; so tired of keeping himself awake; so hungry and starving; so worn out after so many days being hit by other vampires. “LEAVE HIM ALONE!” Hyukjae ordered but no one seemed to hear; the sword went down as if in slow motion; piercing Hyukjae’s soul along with his lover’s.
“AHHHHHH!” His beloved screamed out of pain when the sword crossed his body; blood coming out instantly.
I love you Hyukkie; don’t forget about that.
Hyukjae’s soul broke in two; his tears fell down like rivers as he heard his love last words; as he saw how his body was there lifeless; lying in the cold floor and he could do nothing; because his love was killed just in front of his eyes.
“KYUHYUN!” Hyukjae called desperately; his body heavy as he could no longer feel Kyuhyun’s presence in the room; as he could no longer hear his voice in his mind; as he could no longer feel Kyuhyun’s heartbeat in him.
It wasn’t Kyuhyun’s fault; it wasn’t Hyukjae’s fault either; it just happened that way.


A/N: So here I am with the first part of this new fic requested by [ profile] idpetal!!!
I hope you liked it!
It’s just the first part so wait for more okay?
I’ll update ‘Fake Dreams’ as soon as I can neh?
You can all go and request something HERE!
Leave a lot of comments!!

Love you all!
PS: Oh Lord! LJ is being such a bitch! I couldn’t post this for almost five hours!! ¬¬

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