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Title: Innocence
Part: Two
Autor: [ profile] eriiar
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!, Romance, angst
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Some typos and grammar errors~~ ^^’
Summary: Because love is so unpredictable; so enjoyable; and so painful.
When Hyukjae first decided to go out; he didn’t know there would be so many problems. “You can’t!” Leeteuk quickly retorted at the younger’s idea.
“Why not?” Hyukjae asked serious.
“Because you have musts.” Leeteuk said serious too. “You can’t avoid them.”
“I’m not trying to avoid anything…” Hyukjae said softly. “I’m just trying to get a break!”
“You will find nothing good out there.” Leeteuk said almost in a scolding way. “So better not to go.” He concluded with a furious Hyukjae.
“I don’t mind your opinion.” Hyukjae said and Leeteuk gulped. “I don’t mind if you say I can’t; I will do it anyways!” He almost yelled; making Leeteuk shiver just because of that.
Hyukjae stormed out of the room; cursing himself because, damn, he was rude; but he always was; and it didn’t matter at all.
Hyukjae regretted the moment he went out of the house without much worries; because now he was lost far away from his lands; it was a neutral place though; so he knew he was safe. But still; he was alone and he was afraid he might find some threatening thing out there; no one ever knows.
Still; he kept on walking; sliding his feet in the edge of the river that marked the end of the neutral territory; directly to his enemy’s land.
Hyukjae heard an almost inaudible noise; it could be anything; a rat; a bug; but he had to keep his guard on. When he could actually track where the noise was coming; he threw himself and fixed himself in his attack pose.
Hyukjae frowned; but he didn’t let his guard down when a handsome young man was in front of him; gasping for air for the shock he got; he couldn’t even breathe normally because there was a vampire in front of him; ready to attack with any false movement.
“Who are you?” Hyukjae asked frowning and paying special attention to the man.
“K-Kyuhyun…” The young man said nervously; not daring to take his eyes off the vampire.
“Which clan are you?” Hyukjae asked and he directed his eyes to the small figure that the young an showed to him; it was a necklace; the one that the ‘Green’ clan used to wear.
Hyukjae felt shy all of a sudden; he cleared his throat and relaxed his body; gaining a clearly relief sigh from the boy.
“What are you doing here?” Hyukjae asked now more relaxed.
Kyuhyun looked at the boy; his hand in his chest as he still couldn’t regain his steady heartbeat. “Just walking by.” He finally said; smiling unconsciously when he saw how beautiful the other vampire was.
“Is it okay for you to be here?” Hyukjae asked lifting an eyebrow; suddenly feeling the man before him was someone he should care about.
“This is a neutral land.” Kyuhyun said sliding in a tree and falling flatly in the ground; his back resting in the tree as he picked at small branch and played with it lightly. “And I’m in a neutral clan…” He continued. “Why wouldn’t I be here?”
Hyukjae found himself stupid; of course the Green clan were neutrals; they could be wherever they wished as long as they didn’t betray one of the two enemies clans. “Oh…” Hyukjae could only say; blushing lightly when he realized he just made himself embarrassed.
“Yeah…” Kyuhyun sighed closing his eyes. “You sure scared me like hell a while ago.” He admitted and Hyukjae giggled; taking a seat in front of Kyuhyun; sitting in the ground with his legs crossed.
“Sorry.” Hyukjae said apologetically; sending a smile to the man who couldn’t see it because he was still closing his eyes. “I just thought I could be in danger.” He admitted.
“This is the worst place for someone from the Red clan to be.” Kyuhyun said finally opening his eyes and smiling, almost smirking at Hyukjae.
“H-How did you know?” Hyukjae asked surprised and opening his eyes widely.
“Your hair.” Kyuhyun said pointing at Hyukjae.
Hyukjae blushed; how stupid could he get in front of the same guy? “Oh…” He said simply; giggling nervously while touching his own hair. “Because my hair is red…” He said chuckling at his own stupidity.
“Yeah…” Kyuhyun chuckled. “Because your hair is red.” He concluded.
An awkward silence came and Hyukjae could just look down; feeling exposed to the man in front of him; feeling naked as he kept staring at him; Hyukjae felt nervous; he could feel the gaze locked in him; but he wouldn’t dare to look up; suddenly finding the grass surprisingly amazing and interesting.
“Why are you here anyways?” Kyuhyun finally asked after a few minutes.
Hyukjae looked up. “Why are you here?” He asked back and Kyuhyun chuckled.
“I asked first.” Kyuhyun said. “But I’m here because I have to take care no one crosses the limits.”
“Oh…” Was Hyukjae’s smart answer. “I’m just here because I wanted to relax.” He admitted. “I’m not crossing any limits.” He pointed out.
“Of course you’re not.” Kyuhyun laughed lightly. “Otherwise the Blue clan would have killed you time ago.”
“As if they could…” Hyukjae chuckled silently; whispering his words. “We can’t fight in a neutral land.” He said looking at Kyuhyun.
“Exactly.” Kyuhyun said chuckling and Hyukjae felt stupid again; as if just remarking the things that were supposed to be obvious.
“So you’re in charge of taking care the rules are respected in this place?” Hyukjae asked titling his head in mere and pure curiosity.
Kyuhyun blushed lightly; he had never seen a Red vampire so cute; they were usually the bloodiest ones; the ones who liked to kill their victims by making their veins explode and then drink that blood. It was so rare to see a cute Red vampire that Kyuhyun smiled dorkily at the scene.
“I am.” Kyuhyun finally answered and the cute vampire just nodded lightly.
“You shouldn’t be talking to me.” Hyukjae said looking down after a few minutes of silence; not that awkward anymore. “It’s against the rules.”
Kyuhyun swore he could see a tiny portion of sadness and deception on the other’s eyes. “I don’t mind.” He said smiling softly. “But I would really like to know your name.” He said and Hyukjae blushed lightly again.
“H-Hyukjae.” Hyukjae said softly.
“That’s a beautiful name.” Kyuhyun said. “Just like you.” He admitted gaining confidence with Hyukjae’s blush.
“You really have no idea what you’re doing right?” Hyukjae laughed lightly; remembering who he was actually and sighing when the other didn’t seem to know.
“I’m pretty conscious about that.” Kyuhyun said standing up and walking towards Hyukjae. “Want me to give you a tour?” Kyuhyun asked and Hyukjae smiled wider.
“I would really love it!” Hyukjae exclaimed happily standing up and going to Kyuhyun’s side; ready to hear all the things Kyuhyun had to tell him.
That was the first time they ever met.
Timed passed; days passed; weeks passed and Hyukjae would still escape from his private hell to go by Kyuhyun’s side.
“Where are we going?” Hyukjae asked curious because he had never been walking by that road.
“My house.” Kyuhyun answered dragging Hyukjae behind him; passing the trees and the wild nature that surrounded the place; their hands holding with the excuse of not getting lost.
“You live here?!” Hyukjae asked shocked.
“I do.” Kyuhyun chuckled softly; giving Hyukjae a bright smile. “Nobody ever come this place.” Kyuhyun said still walking. “I get pretty lonely you know?”
Hyukjae smiled brightly. “Nobody does?” He asked. “I thought lot of vampires would since is neutral land.”
“Because is dangerous.” Kyuhyun replied. “Nobody has power but me in this place.” He said winking at Hyukjae; the latter smiling and blushing lightly.
“I have power.” Hyukjae whispered pouting lightly; crushing versus Kyuhyun’s chest as the latter suddenly stopped and turned around.
“No you don’t.” Kyuhyun said leaning closer until their faces were just centimeters away; looking at each other’s eyes.
Hyukjae gulped; not really expecting anything to happen; he could feel Kyuhyun’s breathing in his sensitive skin; and he could see Kyuhyun’s eyes were becoming green since time ago. “Your eyes look so beautiful.” Hyukjae suddenly said; making Kyuhyun leaned back and look away.
“I don’t like my eyes green.” Kyuhyun admitted; dragging Hyukjae forwards once again.
Hyukjae pouted; but he smiled nevertheless when he remembered Kyuhyun’s eyes; it was a mixture of green and brown; they were simply beautiful.
Red clan members were supposed to have red eyes when they used their full power; just as the blue clan members’ eyes would turn into that color. But green clan members were different; because nobody knew why their eyes would turn green; just them.
They arrived to an old house in the middle of the forest; they entered and Hyukjae said nothing; he just stood there; there was nothing strange with the house; it wasn’t that old; not that new; it wasn’t huge but it wasn’t small either; it was just a normal house; or at least what Hyukjae could actually tell.
“Can I ask you something?” Hyukjae asked while sitting in one of the chairs; not waiting for Kyuhyun to invite him.
Kyuhyun turned around to see Hyukjae; his lips curving on a smile automatically. “What is it?” Kyuhyun asked softly.
“Well…” Hyukjae trailed off; feeling shy because of what was he going to ask.
“Don’t worry…” Kyuhyun said suddenly sitting by Hyukjae’s side. “You don’t really have to voice it out.” He said softly reaching for Hyukjae’s chin.
Hyukjae lift an eyebrow; confusion all written in his face. “What?” He asked frowning lightly; Kyuhyun just chuckled. “Hey!” Hyukjae scolded after a few seconds; Kyuhyun not taking his hand away and their faces so close; he could see Kyuhyun’s beautiful eyes.
“You want to know why my eyes turn green right?” Kyuhyun asked chuckling again as Hyukjae opened his eyes in surprise.
“How did you-?!”
“Our minds are connected.” Kyuhyun shrugged it off; making Hyukjae gasp in confusion. “Well…” Kyuhyun said after a while; his face coming closer to Hyukjae’s. “I am actually the only one with full access with your mind.” He said giving a soft kiss in Hyukjae’s lip’s corner.
Hyukjae blushed; his throat seemed to have a knot and his body seemed to be paralyzed; he hadn’t experienced that kind of sensations in his whole life; and it was absurd; because Hyukjae had lived by so many years already.
“K-Kyuhyun…” Hyukjae called softly when Kyuhyun leaned away; smiling softly at the red haired. “W-What was that?” He asked blushing hardly.
“A kiss.” Kyuhyun answered with husky voice; a soft laugh could be heard as Hyukjae just looked down; placing his fingertips in the corner of his lips as his body recalled Kyuhyun’s cold skin touching his. “You want me to kiss you again?” Kyuhyun asked suddenly; making Hyukjae gasp and jump lightly.
They stared at each other; smiling softly as minutes passed; creating intimate moments with just their minds. “I want you to kiss me again.” Hyukjae said softly; his eyes locked with Kyuhyun’s as the latter leaned closer; placing his hand behind Hyukjae’s head and pulling him closer for their lips to meet.
Kyuhyun kissed Hyukjae; and the latter closed his eyes to enjoy the sensations that ran through his body; enjoying every second of Kyuhyun’s lips in his; unconsciously pulling Kyuhyun’s body towards him; he just wanted more of those lips; of that strange feeling in his stomach; he loved it.
If I don’t stop now I won’t control myself Hyuk. Hyukjae heard Kyuhyun’s mind in his head and jumped shocked; his eyes in Kyuhyun’s as the later smiled at him softly. “W-What was that?” Hyukjae asked confused; terrified because he was starting to think maybe he was crazy.
“That was me talking to you.” Kyuhyun laughed softly; his hands traveling down Hyukjae’s waist. “The reason behind my eyes being a mix of green and brown…” He said while leaning closer again; whispering softly as Hyukjae just froze; anticipating the moment those lips would touch his. “Is that I fell in love…” Kyuhyun said finally kissing Hyukjae fully; his hands holding the other male tightly; possessively; as if wanting to protect that creature for the rest of his life.
Hyukjae kissed back; his eyes closing as his only thoughts reached Kyuhyun’s mind.
I think I fell in love too.
A/N: So here part three two (xD) of the fic requested by [ profile] idpetal!!
I’m sorry if it’s confusing~~ I’m trying my best! And damn!
I forgot I had to study for my immunology class tomorrow! xD
Request a fic HERE!

Comment a lot!! ^^

Love ya!
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