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Title: Innocence
Part: Three
Autor: [ profile] eriiar
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!, Romance, angst
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Some typos and grammar errors~~ ^^’
Summary: Because love is so unpredictable; so enjoyable; and so painful.
Of course Hyukjae knew he had slept with Kyuhyun; he was really conscious about that; the fact that they were still embracing in Kyuhyun’s bed; that their bodies were naked; that there were love marks all around Hyukjae’s body; that was something Hyukjae didn’t even regret for one second.
But Kyuhyun would just hug him tight; they weren’t sleeping anymore; but neither of them dared to stand up; because they enjoyed so much the fact of being together.
Hyukjae smiled softly when he remembered Kyuhyun’s voice in his mind; that kept on repeating him how beautiful he was; how much he liked him; that voice kept on repeating those kind of things all the way while Kyuhyun was thrusting inside Hyukjae; hitting hard the other’s prostate; but it was gentle too; maybe because Hyukjae was super strong; but still; he knew Kyuhyun was smooth; because the way Kyuhyun kissed him tenderly that day couldn’t be compared to anything.
Kyuhyun just started with kisses; but their lips weren’t together anymore as Kyuhyun started traveling down; licking and biting Hyukjae’s sensitive neck. “You have a beautiful neck.” Kyuhyun told him biting it lightly; gaining soft moans from Hyukjae. Those moans became louder as Kyuhyun’s fangs could be seen; touching and rubbing Hyukjae’s neck sensually; Hyukjae didn’t know why; never in his life had a vampire bitten him; at least not in that way; it was usually to inject poison; but he knew Kyuhyun’s intentions weren’t like that.
Because Kyuhyun’s fangs retreated; Hyukjae hissed; he was anticipating the pleasure of a bite; Kyuhyun’s bite.
His disappointed didn’t last long though; because Kyuhyun managed to make him feel like heavens ran through his body when their bodies touched; their bodies were always so cold; so frozen; but in that very moment; their bodies seems in fire; the mere contact with each other.
Hyukjae opened his eyes and stared at Kyuhyun’s peaceful face; he wasn’t sleeping; Hyukjae knew it; he was just resting. “Kyuhyun…” Hyukjae called softly and Kyuhyun just hummed in response; pulling Hyukjae’s body closer to his. “I think I fell in love with you…” Hyukjae said while reaching Kyuhyun’s face with his fingertips; tracing every delicate feature of the vampire; enjoying every second he had to be with him.
Kyuhyun took his hand and kissed the pal of it. “I’m already sure I fell for you.” Kyuhyun said opening his eyes slowly; locking them with Hyukjae’s.
Hyukjae chuckled. “Kyuhyun…” He called again. “Is that why your eyes are so green?” He asked softly; cuddling himself in Kyuhyun’s chest.
“No.” Kyuhyun replied; Hyukjae could feel how Kyuhyun’s body tensed up. “I’ll be back in a minute.” Kyuhyun announced pushing Hyukjae away and attempting to go out of the bed.
“Wait!” Hyukjae pulled Kyuhyun’s wrist when the latter was already sitting in the edge of the bed; he felt like he was being rejected all of a sudden; Kyuhyun just froze in his position; his naked back facing Hyukjae. “Where are you going?” Hyukjae asked and he heard Kyuhyun sighed.
“Eat.” Kyuhyun said simply; not moving afraid he would lose Hyukjae’s contact.
“What?” Hyukjae asked confused; vampires didn’t need to eat; not at least in his clan; vampires drank blood and that was enough for them; but they didn’t need blood that much; they had to drink it just once a month and that was enough; Hyukjae was different though; because Hyukjae wouldn’t need blood at all; he didn’t know how it tasted like; he could drink it; but he didn’t want to.
“I need to drink something.” Kyuhyun said softly; turning back at Hyukjae and giving him a soft look. “I’m different from you.” Kyuhyun said crawling until he was once again in Hyukjae’s top. “I need to drink blood every day; almost every time; I wouldn’t be able to live if it weren’t for it.” He said looking directly at Hyukjae.
Hyukjae gulped; Kyuhyun’s intense green eyes looking at him directly; a piercing gaze locked in him. Hyukjae could soon see Kyuhyun’s fangs; they were so sharp it sent shivers to his body. “Kyuhyun?” He called and Kyuhyun chuckled.
“Don’t worry.” Kyuhyun said sighing and pulling himself away from Hyukjae. “I wouldn’t ever drink your blood.” He said ruffling his hair.
Hyukjae frowned. “What’s so wrong with my blood?” He asked getting annoyed.
“Your blood belongs to the one I love.” Kyuhyun said rubbing Hyukjae’s cheeks softly. “I don’t want you to feel pain.”
Hyukjae’s expression softened. “Kyuhyun.” He called smiling softly. “You know I’m strong right?”
Kyuhyun chuckled softly before placing a kiss in Hyukjae’s lips; just a peck that quickly went down Hyukjae’s neck; he licked that special spot that made Hyukjae close his eyes softly and moan; because it was a sinful pleasure.
“If I drink your blood…” Kyuhyun started; his lips almost touching Hyukjae’s skin as his fangs made their way to Kyuhyun’s mouth. “I won’t be able to live further without it…” He whispered.
“Kyuhyun?” Hyukjae called again confused; pushing Kyuhyun away and cupping his face. “What does that mean?” He asked serious and Kyuhyun sighed.
“We’re different Hyukkie…” Kyuhyun said softly; giving Hyukjae a peck in his forehead. “If I tell you I wouldn’t be able to live without you it’s because that’s exactly what I mean.”
“Kyuhyun; I don’t get it.” Hyukjae said frowning deeply.
Kyuhyun chuckled and his head fell in despair; he didn’t know what he was doing; he was so stupid but he enjoyed it. “When vampires like me drink our beloved’s blood.” Kyuhyun started; turning up to see Hyukjae’s confused eyes. “We will be able to have more energy and more power; even to create a bond between us.” He continued; his eyes sparkling as they felt sad; desperate and frustrated.
“Then why don’t you drink my blood?” Hyukjae asked pecking Kyuhyun’s lips.
“Because that’s a promise too.” Kyuhyun answered. “If I drink your blood I’m promising to you that I won’t ever leave you; my body will depend on your blood; I won’t be able to have strength if I drink any other blood than yours; my body will get sick and weak even if is just three days without you; I’m giving you my life to you.”
Hyukjae gasped; that sure was something new about the green clan; because nobody ever dared to be in love with one of them; it wasn’t allowed; it was even better to get together between two enemy clans that the neutral one; because they were the strongest and the most fierce.
He now understood why; green clan members were being careful not to get involved with any other clans; they had a weak point and Hyukjae just discovered it; still; it felt more like a burden to him than anything else.
The green clan members were without a doubt the strongest among all; but they became neutral because of the fact that they were just too fair; they valuated life and love the most; nature was their life; they were just pacifist; taking care the war between other clans would go out of edge; taking care of everyone; but they had strict rules; everybody knew about it; but no one knew what was the reason behind it.
It was even worst to enroll with a vampire from the neutral side than the enemy side; because that would only mean there wasn’t a equilibrium; and they hated disequilibrium.
Hyukjae could only see directly at Kyuhyun’s green eyes; those big and intense eyes; Hyukjae could feel his heart was clenching just by seeing them. “If I promise you to always be by your side…” Hyukjae said leaning closer to Kyuhyun’s lips. “Will you promise me that back?”
Kyuhyun gasped; shocked because of what Hyukjae was asking him. “I would.” He answered without hesitation.
“Then…” Hyukjae said leaning in the white pillow; his eyes closed softly and his neck exposed; calling Kyuhyun; inviting him. “I promise to be always with you.” Hyukjae continued; opening his eyes slowly to lock them with Kyuhyun. “Let’s run away together.”
Kyuhyun’s heart sank; he loved Hyukjae; he loved him as much as to give him his entire life. “Run away together…” Kyuhyun repeated softly; imagining how their future would be. “Where to?” He asked; hoping Hyukjae would have everything panned; hoping Hyukjae would ask him to go in that instant; to escape from everything.
“A human village.” Hyukjae answered. “Nobody will notice us; we will be living away from them.”
Kyuhyun thought about it for some seconds. “When?” He asked; his eyes full of anticipation.
“A week.” Hyukjae said softly. “We need to prepare.”
Kyuhyun nodded. “A week...” He repeated dreamily. “I can’t wait…” He whispered looking at Hyukjae’s eyes and smiling softly at him.
“You don’t have to…” Hyukjae said rounding his hands in Kyuhyun’s neck and bringing him closer to his neck. “Because I’m already promising you to give you my life too.”
Kyuhyun gulped; the pain in the back of his throat couldn’t be ignored as that pale skin was presented to him. He didn’t think it twice; he licked the spot; making Hyukjae moan slightly. “It will hurt.” He warned; his hands traveling to Hyukjae’s waist; holding him firmly as his fangs came closer.
“Kyu…” Hyukjae called just a second before Kyuhyun buried his fangs in his sensitive skin. “Are you sure Kyu?” Hyukjae asked with concerned eyes; his hand rubbing Kyuhyun’s cheek sweetly.
Kyuhyun closed his eyes and enjoyed the feeling of Hyukjae’s hand on his skin; it felt so right; and he was so sure he wanted to give up on his life for Hyukjae; there was no doubt about that.
Kyuhyun kissed Hyukjae’s palm as he turned slowly. “I’m sure I love you.” Kyuhyun said opening his eyes and kissing Hyukjae deeply. And I’m sure I want to give you my life. Hyukjae heard Kyuhyun’s voice in his mind; having such as calm effect on him.
The kiss became passionate as seconds passed; it became desperate; their still naked bodies moving to create a beautiful friction; soon; Kyuhyun was licking and kissing Hyukjae’s neck; making the other to moan loudly and pull Kyuhyun closer to him. “Please Kyu…” Hyukjae begged; feeling something really pleasurable was about to happen.
There was no warning when Kyuhyun buried his fangs in Hyukjae’s skin; he just did; gaining a gasp from Hyukjae; a gasp of shock, pain and pleasure.
Kyuhyun started sucking; feeling how his system became stronger with every drop; feeling how his loved was being sealed; but Kyuhyun felt lust the most; lust for Hyukjae who was right under him.
As Kyuhyun kept on sucking Hyukjae the other didn’t know what to do; it didn’t hurt at all; there was pure desire in Hyukjae’s body; he wanted Kyuhyun there and then; he wanted their bodies to become one; Hyukjae felt pleasure just with Kyuhyun’s fangs on his skin; he felt how his cock was growing hard as Kyuhyun kept on; he wanted Kyuhyun instantly. “Oh Kyu please…” Hyukjae begged. “Harder…” He said; feeling how his blood was taken away from him.
Kyuhyun closed his eyes; his hand going to Hyukjae’s cock as he kept on; the sweet taste of Hyukjae’s blood couldn’t be compare to anything else in the world; it was just perfect.
“OH KYU!” Hyukjae moaned loudly when Kyuhyun started stroking his cock steadily; making him become crazy because the double pleasure he was feeling; Hyukjae swore he was going to die out of it; because he couldn’t think properly; just call for Kyuhyun; moan for him; wanting him to continue.
Hyukjae came in Kyuhyun’s hands as Kyuhyun stopped sucking; panting hard both of them. Kyuhyun couldn’t take it anymore; he quickly leaned down to kiss Hyukjae in the lips; making his tongue get inside Hyukjae’s mouth and play along; making the other taste his own savor.
Hyukjae moaned. “I want you inside now Kyuhyun!” He moaned and Kyuhyun couldn’t be happier to do so.
They made it again; but it was so different; it was so desperate; so wanting; they just wanted to be together; their lives finally connected with each other.
That’s was how they made a promise of staying together forever.
A/N: Now is part three!!! xD
I finished this before going to my school and I think I’m running late..
Thanks for reading!
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