Fake Dreams

Nov. 8th, 2011 03:39 pm
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Title: Fake Dreams
Chapter: Four
Autor: [livejournal.com profile] eriiar
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!, Romance, Fantasy, angst
Rating: PG - 15
Warnings: Some grammar errors~~
Summary: When Hyukjae realized what was happening in his life it was too late for him to go back and make the right decisions.
Hyukjae and Kyuhyun arrived to the classroom; there was no Sungmin; no Siwon; no Donghae, and no Hankyung. They both giggled and shared guilty smiles before going to sit next to each other in their places.
Kyuhyun’s piercing gaze was on Hyukjae; his hand traveling under the table to take Hyukjae’s hand with his; Hyukjae blushed and looked at their intertwined hands; smiling shyly when Kyuhyun squeezed it and smiled at him.
“HYUKKIE!” Hyukjae snapped back to reality when four panting men arrived at the classroom and yelled his name in unison.
“Y-Yes?” Hyukjae smiled nervously; not only because everybody’s attention was on him; but because the men’s gazes were meant to make him know how much they were mad.
Siwon looked at Donghae; Donghae at Hankyung; Hankyung at Sungmin and Sungmin at Siwon; the point was; now they were calculating their movements. Suddenly; all of them ran towards Hyukjae; threatening to hug the latter as a prize for the first one to arrive; a silent deal that is.
But Kyuhyun was faster as he stood up and pinned Hyukjae to the wall; making it impossible for the rest to get any chance to at least touch him.
“YAH!” Siwon exclaimed.
“Kyu!” Sungmin whined. “I want to hug Hyukkie! I was so worried!”
Kyuhyun frowned lightly. “He’s fine.” He said. “And I won’t let him go until you all get to your respective seats.”
The four man went to sit down with pouts in their lips as Kyuhyun pulled himself away smoothly; smiling softly when he saw Hyukjae was red from embarrassment; Kyuhyun chuckled and pecked Hyukjae’s lips playfully before sitting down and dragging Hyukjae with him; not actually minding all the room was gasping for air; they hated Hyukjae; but looking at that sweet scene made them feel confused.
“What’s wrong with your arm?” Donghae asked in the middle to the class to Hankyung; noticing how the latter was getting all warned up when Donghae was about to poke him.
“Huh?” Hankyung asked nervously. “N-Nothing…” He said softly. “I fell down the stairs yesterday night.”
Donghae made an o mouth shape and looked at the teacher again. “You should take care.” He said before smiling warmly at Hankyung.
Kyuhyun heard everything and just shrugged it off; his hand finding Hyukjae’s under the desk; Hyukjae just smiled softly and intertwined their fingers.
“Yah!” Siwon hissed from behind. “Don’t be all lovely dovey here!” He shouted still whispering.
Kyuhyun rolled his eyes and smirked. “What are you saying?” He asked innocently making Hyukjae face him and leaning closer.
“YAH!” Siwon and Donghae stood up abruptly when they realized Kyuhyun’s intentions.
Kyuhyun laughed at the two males while Hyukjae just blushed slightly; he giggled when he saw Siwon and Donghae’s faces.
“This is so funny Hyukkie!” Sungmin whispered to Hyukjae and both of them giggled.
Hankyung turned around and frowned at the sight; he was getting mad to himself because he didn’t seem to be that important to Hyukjae as he wished he would.
“You can’t date him!” Donghae said serious when they arrived home.
“Why not?” Hyukjae snapped lifting an eyebrow.
“Because you’re my cousin’s fiancé!” Donghae said almost whining.
“I never agreed to it.” Hyukjae said. “So I don’t think that would do.”
“That’s because you haven’t seen him!” Donghae yelled desperate. “I’m sure you will love him since the first time you see him!”
Hyukjae glared at Donghae. “I said that won’t do Donghae.” He said serious; his eyes starting to color red; Donghae was nervous; he gulped before stepping back slowly.
“Guys!” Siwon suddenly arrived; distracting Hyukjae; Donghae sighed and took his hand to his chest to try to calm down.
Damn I almost died! Donghae thought closing his eyes and breathing in and out slowly.
“What’s wrong now?” Hyukjae asked annoyed at Siwon; walking towards the bed and sitting down there; Wulffrith cuddling in its owner as soon as the latter arrived.
“I think I know something about the attacks!” Siwon yelled happily; taking out a huge book and placing it in the floor; soon; the three boys –and Wulffrith- were sitting all around; trying to read it’s content.
Siwon cleared his throat and started reading. “Magic arrows are the most dangerous and life threatening.” He said serious. “The persons who use this kind of weapon are usually self centered and have clearly objectives in their minds.” Siwon kept on. “There is no way a life can be saved if an arrow touched the skin.” Hyukjae gulped nervously. “Be extremely careful; because the users usually are people highly trained and dedicated.”
“Ok…” Hyukjae whispered. “Now I’m afraid.”
“Don’t worry.” Donghae gulped and tried to talk calm; but he was nervous as well.
“The one who’s behind you uses magic arrows right?” Siwon asked serious and looked at Hyukjae who just nodded. “Then we have almost our problem solved to discover who the one is.” He said almost smiling in triumph.
“I would really appreciate if you go straight to the point Siwon.” Hyukjae groaned and Siwon pouted lightly.
“According to the records in the Palace…” Siwon started looking for a specific page in the huge book. “And according to this book too…” Siwon continued. “There can be only three archers alive; no more can be born.”
“I don’t really understand everything that’s going on.” Hyukjae said sighing loudly and throwing his body to land in the floor; resting it comfortably when Wulffrith cushioned the impact; making itself a soft pillow for his owner. “Waahh!” Hyukjae exclaimed smiling brightly. “It’s so soft!” He said giggling and cuddling himself with his wolf.
“Hyukkie!” Donghae whined. “This is really important!” He said pouting; wishing he could actually cuddle himself in the wolf’s soft and white hair.
Siwon sighed and ignored them. “There’s only one archer that’s escaping my mind.” He whispered more to himself; but loud enough for the other males to hear. “I can bet he’s the one chasing on Hyuk…” He concluded softly.
“Do you know the other two archers?” Hyukjae asked finally interested.
Siwon nodded. “They’re pretty awesome if you ask me!” He said smiling brightly and with a sparkle in his eyes.
“Really?” Hyukjae asked doubtfully; lifting an eyebrow; trying hard to believe Siwon.
“Yah!” Siwon exclaimed. “Don’t you believe me?!” He asked faking hurt and throwing a pillow to Hyukjae’s face.
“I don’t even know them!” Hyukjae defended. “I don’t know if they are awesome or not!” He said throwing the pillow back.
“Siwon is an archer!” Donghae said excited and smiling proud of himself; because he actually knew it.
Hyukjae opened his eyes widely while looking at Siwon; his mind not believing what was going on but still shocked. “You are an archer?” He asked to Siwon and the other nodded proud of himself.
“Aren’t I awesome?!” Siwon asked smirking and giving a look at Hyukjae.
“You’re pretty bad and weak to be awesome.” Hyukjae said sighing and closing his eyes; enjoying how it felt Wulffrith’s respiration.
“Yah!” Siwon yelled annoyed. “I’m not weak at all!” He defended.
“You couldn’t even protect me the last time!” Hyukjae retorted.
“That’s because I was out of guard!” Siwon said. “I’m actually really powerful!”
“Yeah sure…” Hyukjae rolled his eyes.
“But I thought the one who attacked you used a sword.” Donghae finally said narrowing his eyes in concentration. “Then why are we talking about archers?”
“That’s because an archer attacked him too.” Siwon said sighing. “Then they must be two behind Hyuk.” He reasoned it out.
“There must be millions after Hyukkie!” Donghae said throwing his arms to the air; rolling his eyes as Hyukjae glared at him.
“That’s not true!” Hyukjae defended. “I’m actually not that bad!” He said. “I don’t have enemies!”
Siwon eyed him and lifted an eyebrow. “That’s why town’s people usually come here with the intentions of killing you.” He said sarcastically.
“That’s another story!” Hyukjae said narrowing his eyes and finally looking directly at Siwon; leaving his beloved pillow.
“Of course not!” Siwon yelled and Hyukjae just breathe in and out; trying himself to calm down; too bad he couldn’t.
“Wulffrith!” Hyukjae called looking at Siwon directly. “Have fun with Siwon!” He ordered; but the wolf knew exactly what he meant; Siwon gulped before standing up abruptly; only to find the can in front of him; almost smirking and approaching slowly.
“This is not fair!” Siwon yelled not tearing his gaze apart from the can.
“I don’t mind.” Hyukjae said. “Go Wulffrith; bring me Siwon’s underwear.” He ordered mischievously; Donghae just sighed.
Siwon darkened and suddenly; he started running away; not actually remembering he could fly or teleport; the dog running behind happily.
“I’m sleepy.” Donghae said yawning and stretching himself. “Let’s go to bed Hyukkie.” He said standing up and helping the other to do the same.
Hyukjae nodded and both of them were already fixed in the bed; not minding Siwon and Wulffrith who kept on running through all the room like crazy; Siwon cursing and yelling to stop; the wolf having the time of his life.
“For an archer; you’re pretty weak Siwon.” Hyukjae said while Donghae passed an arm in his chest; cuddling himself in Hyukjae’s embrace while the other just spread his legs in the bed.
Siwon hissed and kept on trying to calm the can down.
“Why are you always coming together?” Hankyung asked serious when he saw Siwon; Donghae and Hyukjae walking in together.
“Because we live together.” Donghae rolled his eyes and Hankyung pouted lightly.
“I want to live with Hyuk too.” Hankyung whined looking at Hyukjae who just blushed lightly.
“That would be a complete mess…” Hyukjae whispered looking away nervously; feeling shy all of a sudden by Hankyung’s puppy eyes.
“No way.” Siwon said simply. “Hyukjae can’t stay with people apart from his fian-”
“Kyu!” Hyukjae exclaimed happily when Kyuhyun suddenly hugged him from behind; resting his chin in Hyukjae’s shoulder.
“Hey Hyukkie.” Kyuhyun said tightening his hold in Hyukjae’s waist. “Did you hear the news?” He asked.
Hyukjae giggled when Kyuhyun’s respiration hit his neck. “What news?” He asked softly; enclosing themselves in their own world.
Donghae and Siwon’s blood boiled; they couldn’t stand it anymore. Hankyung frowned and sighed; he didn’t have any chance with Hyukjae; and he had already understood that; but still; he wanted to at least be his friend.
“Hyukkie!” Sungmin hopped towards his friend; hugging him and making Kyuhyun push away annoyed by his brother.
“Minnie!” Hyukjae hugged Sungmin back; so tight and warmth.
“Hey Hyukkie!” Sungmin called after a few seconds; both of them ignoring all the protest from Kyuhyun. “What about us going out today?!” Sungmin asked happily.
“But Minnie…” Hyukjae whined. “You know people hate me; they won’t leave alone if I go out.” He pouted.
Sungmin sighed. “I know.” He said glaring at the few students that were watching them carefully; sending death wished through his eyes. “That’s why we’re going to have a picnic in the forest.” He announced and Hyukjae lifted his eyebrow in confusion.
“Picnic?” Hyukjae asked softly. “But Minnie… you know I just can’t make something good to eat.” He said biting his lower lip. “I’ve tried but the last time I ended up making Siwon sick…” He whispered.
“Hey!” Siwon exclaimed. “That’s why the soup tasted funny!” He said offended. “You said you always ate like that and I had to get used to it!”
“I’ll cook then!” Sungmin said giggling lightly at Siwon. “I’m pretty good you know?”
“Really?!” Hyukjae exclaimed. “I can’t wait for it!” He clapped happily; imagining all the delicious food Sungmin would cook. “I’m so tired of just eating fruits and such…” He sighed heavily.
“Picnic this afternoon then!” Kyuhyun announced hugging Hyukjae again and gaining some glares from Siwon and Donghae.
“Who said you would go with us?” Sungmin snapped crossing his arms in his chest and tapping his feet; an eyebrow lifted and looking at Kyuhyun serious.
“I’m your brother and he’s my boyfriend!” Kyuhyun exclaimed making Hyukjae blush. “It’s obvious I have to be there!” He said frowning lightly at his bunny brother.
“No way!” Sungmin exclaimed. “This is just for Hyukkie and me!”
“Can I go?” Siwon and Donghae asked in unison; pointing at themselves with those eyes of anticipation.
“Sure!” Sungmin exclaimed happily; making Kyuhyun’s jaw fall down the floor.
“What the hell Min?!” Kyuhyun exclaimed angrily. “Wasn’t it just the two of you?”
“They can tag alone.” Sungmin shrugged it off. “Hannie can come too!” He said and Hankyung smiled widely; feeling included in their circle.
Kyuhyun frowned deeply. “I won’t let you go!” He said firmly.
“I’m older Kyuhyun; I don’t need your permission.” Sungmin said smiling playfully; only making Kyuhyun frown again in frustration; Sungmin could really get in his nerves when he wanted to.
“Let him come with us Minnie…” Hyukjae finally said with puppy eyes and hugging Kyuhyun tightly. “I really want to be with Kyu.” He whined pouting and knowing Sungmin wouldn’t deceive him.
“Fine.” Sungmin hissed; making Kyuhyun groan from annoyance; so much show just for him to agree that easily.
And there they were. “Don’t use that!” Donghae scolded Hyukjae.
“Why?” Hyukjae asked lifting an eyebrow. “It’s just a picnic!” He reasoned it out.
“Still…” Donghae said sighing. “My cousin’s fiancé has to be perfect!” He exclaimed grabbing Hyukjae’s hand and guiding him towards the closet. “I’ll lend you some of my clothes.
Hyukjae rolled his eyes; he was tired of being the fiancé of some random prince; he just shrugged it off and accepted Donghae’s clothes anyways.
“OH LORD!” Siwon exclaimed when he suddenly appeared in the room; looking at Hyukjae and Donghae who were already waiting for him sitting in the edge of the bed; Wulffrith down in the floor resting.
“What?” Donghae and Hyukjae asked in unison; then they looked at each other and giggled.
“Why are you dressed up like that?!” Siwon asked looking at them carefully. “It’s just a picnic! Not a run way!”
Hyukjae then glared at Donghae who just chuckled nervously and scratched the back of his head. “It’s because I’m not that used to this place fashion…” He whispered apologetically; Hyukjae just sighed.
“Let’s change clothes again then.” Hyukjae announced lazily and Donghae nodded.
“Hey!” Siwon exclaimed. “Why are you taking my clothes?!” He asked but neither Donghae nor Hyukjae listened to him; they just kept on looking.
“Siwon is huge!” Hyukjae exclaimed taking a shirt out. “Wulffrith could use this!” He said happily running towards the wolf who didn’t got the chance to run away.
“Hey!” Siwon exclaimed away; the room was made a mess; everybody’s clothes were combined making a huge bed from them. “I didn’t know I had that many clothes.” Siwon said after a few minutes of just looking at the room; blushing lightly while kicking some of them. “Anyways...” He started. “Let’s get going!” He said happily.
“Seriously?!” Siwon snapped annoyed. “You got lost?!” He couldn’t believe it.
Hyukjae just chuckled nervously. “I’m actually not experienced in this place…” He excused himself as he rubbed the back of his head.
“And why did you bring Wulffrith with you?!” Siwon asked annoyed.
“Because he will protect me!” Hyukjae almost yelled; Donghae was in his own world; trying to catch some weird bugs.
“I can protect you too!” Siwon yelled back; slightly pouting because Hyukjae didn’t consider him good enough.
“Last time you just slept!” Hyukjae retorted.
“You made me sleep!” Siwon said rolling his eyes and crossing his arms in his chest.
Even the wolf was annoyed and frustrated with the silly fight; it started walking and Hyukjae knew he had to follow; he just scoffed at Siwon and passed by him following his can friend.
Siwon hissed in annoyance and grabbed Donghae’s collar; grabbing him and following Hyukjae; ignoring Donghae’s protests about not being able to breathe.
“Hyukkie!” Siwon could hear Sungmin’s voice and he quickly let go of Donghae; finally freeing him so he could live longer; his face was almost blue and his lungs were just so panicked.
“Oh Lord…” Donghae exclaimed almost in a whisper. “I better go away from them…” He made a mental note before walking slowly towards where Sungmin was.
“Where’s Kyu?” Hyukjae pouted lightly; still; he was hugging Sungmin tightly.
“He will come in a few minutes Hyukkie.” Sungmin giggled. “For now let’s take a seat.” He said signaling the huge red carpet in the grass.
Hyukjae and Siwon complied right away; Siwon really close to Sungmin and quickly gaining his attention.
“So Hyukkie…” Donghae started a conversation as soon as he arrived at the carpet; a fishy smile in his face as he sat down by Hyukjae’s side. “You know…” He trailed off when Hyukjae gave him all his attention. “I don’t really like that Kyuhyun guy...” He pouted and Hyukjae rolled his eyes.
“You don’t like anyone who gets near me Hae.” Hyukjae snorted.
“I do like Sungmin.” Donghae said defending himself. “I don’t like Hankyung either.” He said pouting still.
Hyukjae giggled. “It’s okay Hae.” He assured. “I’m pretty big as to take care of myself.” He said proudly.
“AAAHHHHHH!” Hyukjae and Donghae felt alarmed by Sungmin’s screams; when they turned the latter was already up in Siwon’s lap; hugging the other’s neck for support; his eyes looking at a specific place.
Siwon blushed and just wrapped his hands in Sungmin’s small body; trying to act cool and calm.
Hyukjae turned around towards the direction Sungmin was watching and sighed. “Calm down Minnie…” He said calmly. “He’s mine.” He said extending his arms so the wolf would go and cuddle itself in them.
“H-How c-can you h-have a w-wolf?!” Sungmin wanted to sound firm; but well; he couldn’t.
“Well…” Hyukjae trailed off ruffling Wulffrith’s hair. “I just do.” He said simply shrugging off.
“He’s actually really cute!” Donghae said happily; ruffling the wolf’s hair as the can just rested in Hyukjae’s lap.
Sungmin gulped and tightened his hold in Siwon’s neck.
“WHAT THE-!!” They all turned to see Kyuhyun’s horrified expression at the wolf; that quickly stood up to face Kyuhyun; groaning and showing all its teeth.
“Calm down Wulffrith.” Hyukjae said rubbing the wolf’s hair. “He’s someone I care for.” He said and the wolf finally relaxed a bit; still analyzing every movement that Kyuhyun made.
“W-What’s going on?” Kyuhyun asked; his eyes glued to the can. “What is that?!”
“It’s mine.” Hyukjae said calmly and smiling brightly; the smile that Kyuhyun liked the best. “He won’t do anything so don’t worry.”
Kyuhyun sighed; breathing in and out slowly as his heart beat fast. “HEY!” He exclaimed; his voice full of fury as he glared at Siwon; who actually happened to have his brother in his lap.
Siwon gasped and threw his hands to the air; making Sungmin fall on the grass. “Sorry…” HE said apologetically and Sungmin just flashed a short smile.
Kyuhyun glared at Siwon and decided to keep an eye on them; he them moved to Hyukjae’s side; jumping lightly when the wolf rejected him and stood up abruptly; ready to attack.
“It took me a while too…” Donghae said smiling brightly at Kyuhyun; who happened to be scared and confused; but Sungmin had already told him so many things about them when they were kids that he already knew Hyukjae was different from any other human.
“Calm down Wulffrith…” Hyukjae hissed pouting; making Kyuhyun forget about everything and just focus on the beautiful boy rubbing the wolf’s hair.
“Don’t worry.” Siwon patted Kyuhyun’s head and the latter turned around to glare at him; still annoyed because of the scene he saw when he arrived; Siwon just blushed and looked away. “Wulffrith will like you a lot after some minutes.” He said still looking away and covering his face handsomely with one of his hands.
“How can you be so sure?” Kyuhyun asked; turning to see how suddenly Hyukjae and Donghae were playing so cutely with the wolf; laughing hard and ignoring the world; Kyuhyun didn’t like Hyukjae not minding him.
“Because Hyukjae likes you.” Siwon assured nodding knowingly; Kyuhyun just lift an eyebrow confused by the other’s words. Siwon sighed. “You know…” He trailed off; thinking deeply about telling Kyuhyun or not; he decided the first since the youngest seemed trustable. “The wolf feels exactly like Hyukjae.” He said softly.
“What?!” Kyuhyun snapped back.
“They feel the same; Hyukjae likes you; the wolf will like you too.” Siwon exclaimed simply and Kyuhyun just found himself nodding to the nothing as Siwon happily jumped towards the lonely Sungmin.
Kyuhyun cleared his throat; finally finding himself out of place. “Hyukkie…” Kyuhyun called softly; wearing one of his best smiles.
I wonder if animals can actually feel the same. Kyuhyun asked to himself as he over thought his plan in his head; thinking how crazy it was.
Hyukjae, Donghae and the wolf turned around to face Kyuhyun when they heard his voice; Donghae and the wolf glaring at him; almost eating him.
“Yes Kyu?” Hyukjae asked smiling softly; Kyuhyun squealed in his mind and just cleared his throat again.
“So…” He started; the wolf staring at him; almost with the desire of eating him right then. “What’s the name of that gorgeous creature here?” He asked feeling stupid; smiling at the wolf sweetly; his best smile; the one he had to hit on anyone he happened to like; the best smile he could actually have.
Hyukjae blushed lightly and looked down before smiling. “Its name is Wulffrith!” He announced after a while; Kyuhyun and the wolf staring at each other; Kyuhyun feeling so damn ridiculous.
“Well… Hello there Wulffrith.” Kyuhyun flashed a bright smile.
Nobody knew how he did it; because minutes later the wolf was cuddling itself in Kyuhyun’s legs; just like a cat that wants to be petted; almost making Kyuhyun fall; the latter decided to sit down and the wolf quickly went to rest its head in Kyuhyun’s legs. “He’s actually pretty nice!” Kyuhyun exclaimed ruffling the can’s hair.
Hyukjae clenched his fits; because even when it was stupid; he felt jealous for the can. “Yah Wulffrith!” He exclaimed making Donghae jump; nobody actually noticed he was taking a nap.
“W-What?!” Donghae woke up paranoid; being ignore by everybody.
“Sorry I’m late!” Hankyung came panting hard. “I got lost and- AHHH! A WOLF!” He yelled pointing at the can who quickly positioned itself in front of Hyukjae.
“He’s a friend too Wulffrith.” Hyukjae whispered softly. “Go and meet him; he’s nice.” He said; making the wolf feel exactly what he was feeling.
Hankyung backed off as he felt threatened; the wolf was still groaning towards him; it seemed to be like it hated him. But then Hyukjae spoke and everything became better; soon; the wolf was by Hankyung’s side too; still tensed up and watching every one of his movements.
“Well then…” Sungmin said happily. “Let’s eat!” He said clapping and almost yelled.
“REAL FOOD!!!” Hyukjae; Donghae and Siwon yelled in unison; making the other three males giggled while they stuffed their mouths with Sungmin’s delicious food.
Hankyung gulped when even when he was eating; the wolf kept on staring at him carefully; not attacking but somehow in a defensive position. “Want some?” Hankyung offered the wolf his sandwich; and he felt stupid when the wolf just kept on staring at him. “No?” He asked nervously.
After a few seconds; the wolf finally stood up and walked towards Hankyung; slowly and taking care of everything. Wulffrith took the meal with its mouth; it chewed it slowly; Hankyung just gulped and looked at everyone else quickly; cursing the fact that all of them were busy enough eating; the only one paying attention to him was Kyuhyun; but the latter seemed to rather enjoy the scene.
“I won’t treat you bad if you don’t treat me bad okay?” Hankyung asked looking at the wolf’s eyes.
It were hours when Hankyung finally managed to gain the wolf’s confidence; or at least for him to not feel that threatened; because the wolf kept on taking care even for the slightest movement he made; always placing itself in between Hyukjae and him; even when they were just chatting; Kyuhyun by the other side of Hyukjae; smirking at him in triumph.
Hankyung already accepted it; he wasn’t going to get Hyukjae as his boyfriend; but he definitely wanted to become his friend; everybody’s friend actually.
Those were really happy hours; they just chatted; got to know themselves better; they spent the time of their lives without worries; just them; and just talking and laughing all the time.
Donghae yawned when it was darkening already. “I’m so full!” He exclaimed throwing himself to the grass and closing his eyes softly.
“Don’t sleep here Hae!” Hyukjae scolded pouting. “I won’t take you home if you fall asleep!”
“Siwon will.” Donghae shrugged it off.
“Why would I?” Siwon asked crossing his arms to his chest and lifting an eyebrow.
“Because I’m a prince!” Donghae said smiling brightly; meaning Siwon’s defeat.
“A prince?” Hankyung asked frowning lightly.
“Yes!” Donghae said sitting down. “I’m actually Hyukkie’s almost-cousin!” He exclaimed happily and Hyukjae tensed up.
Hankyung just nodded lightly; not even trying hard to understand the situation. “Almost-cousin?” Kyuhyun asked narrowing his eyes; his hand around Hyukjae’s waist all the time.
“Yeah!” Donghae exclaimed happily. “My cousin is Hyukkie’s fian-”
“You don’t need to know that Kyu…” Hyukjae giggled nervously; cuddling himself more into Kyuhyun’s embrace; the other just smiled and hugged Hyukjae tighter; giving a peck on Hyukjae’s lips lovingly.
Everybody looked away from the couple; deciding the trees were suddenly really interesting.
“Hyukkie!” Sungmin squealed. “What about making a pajama party?!” He asked; making Hyukjae open his eyes in shock.
“P-Pajama Party?” Hyukjae asked; feeling like it wasn’t a good idea at all.
“No.” Kyuhyun said flatly and Sungmin pouted.
“Why?” Sungmin whined; making Hyukjae and Siwon giggle at his cuteness.
“Because Hyuk and I will go out on a date.” Kyuhyun said.
“YOU CAN’T!” Siwon and Donghae yelled in unison; that conversation really taking on Hyukjae’s nerves as he couldn’t recall how many times they had talked about that.
“I will anyways.” Kyuhyun said when Hyukjae was preparing himself to snap back at both males.
Hyukjae sighed while their hands were glued together; they decided to just walk by the forest; because the others stayed there; claiming they were going to camp and wait for them there; Donghae and Hankyung went fishing for dinner; Siwon going Hyukjae’s house to get some blankets and things they would need even when he was just going to make them appear; Sungmin staying with Wulffrith preparing the fire.
“This is so calm.” Kyuhyun said when they stopped in a cliff; their feet hanging from there as Kyuhyun’s hand made its way to Hyukjae’s waist.
“It is.” Hyukjae sighed closing his eyes; he just prayed for nothing to go out of plans; for no one to attack him that night; because that would mean he had to fight and ruin the happiness they were in.
Kyuhyun turned and faced Hyukjae; reaching the other’s chin so they would be looking at each other. “You’re beautiful.” He simply said as he leaned closer to Hyukjae; the latter gulped before closing his eyes; seconds later their lips were touching; butterflies flying all around Hyukjae’s stomach; he wanted to just giggle like a crazy teen; because he felt so good being kissed by Kyuhyun.
Hyukjae didn’t know how was it; but he ended up in the ground; Kyuhyun on top of him; hand roaming in the sides of his body; a hot sensation in his body as Kyuhyun found the edge of Hyukjae’s shirt and lift it smoothly; letting his hands go under it and giving soft touches.
“Mmnn…” Hyukjae moaned softly between the kiss; his body backing to make some more friction with Kyuhyun’s.
Kyuhyun slid his tongue inside; wandering around and kissing Hyukjae hotly; the cliff just by their side; making everything even more exciting.
It wasn’t the time to think too much; so Kyuhyun started unbuttoning his own shirt quickly; his experts hands finishing in almost seconds that Hyukjae didn’t even noticed it.
Kyuhyun took one of Hyukjae’s hands that were in his neck and guided it to his chest; he could feel how Hyukjae tensed up when he felt Kyuhyun’s chest; but that only gave Kyuhyun more confidence. He guided the hand lower and lower his naked chest.
Hyukjae enjoyed it; he enjoyed touching Kyuhyun’s hot skin; he loved how those muscles felt under his touch; he gained confidence and grabbed Kyuhyun’s belt with both if his hands; making the latter go down to create friction; his fingers slowly sliding inside the pants.
“Oh fuck!” Kyuhyun cursed breaking the kiss when he could feel Hyukjae’s fingers in his ass; just there; nothing more; just fingers; he wanted more of Hyukjae.
Hyukjae blushed when Kyuhyun looked at him intently; his eyes full of lust as he leaned down and started kissing Hyukjae’s neck; lifting Hyukjae’s shirt even more and rubbing his nipples.
“Oh Lord!” Hyukjae moaned at the hot sensations in his body; pulling his body closer to Kyuhyun’s and squeezing Kyuhyun’s butt just by reflex.
“Oh hell yes!” Kyuhyun groaned in pleasure when he felt Hyukjae’s grip; he couldn’t help but keep on what he was doing before; licking Hyukjae’s neck and leaving marks so people would understand Hyukjae was his.
“WHAT-?!” Hyukjae gasped; Kyuhyun gasped; their hearts skipped a bit as a shadow passed by them and they both felt cold. “W-What was that?” He asked nervously; Kyuhyun just gulped.
“I don’t know.” He said frowning. “I guess someone is here.” He said after a few seconds of pure silence; he looked around narrowing his eyes and trying to see something; because something really strange happened and instead of just feeling scared; he felt intrigued.
“W-What should we do?” Hyukjae asked nervous; he knew he had powers; but he just found himself biting his lower lip nervously.
“Let’s get back with the others.” Kyuhyun said serious and Hyukjae nodded. “We better not be alone.” He added standing up and helping Hyukjae to do so too.
Kyuhyun did his shirt again while Hyukjae fixed his too; they walked in silence until they reached the others; still; Kyuhyun had his arm around Hyukjae’s waist; trying to protect him if anything happened.
This is so interesting. Kyuhyun thought while walking by Hyukjae’s side; a sly smirk in his face.

Kyuhyun liked interesting things.
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Spot for [livejournal.com profile] mkcv4!

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