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Title: Innocence
Part: Four
Autor: [ profile] eriiar
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!, Romance, angst
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Some typos and grammar errors~~ ^^’
Summary: Because love is so unpredictable; so enjoyable; and so painful.
“How are the new vampires?” Hyukjae asked with his usual poker face.
“They’re doing fine.” Leeteuk answered sighing loudly. “We have checked everything already.” He whined. “It’s not like there will be a war; we have plenty of time to take care of those matters.”
Hyukjae turned around; back facing Leeteuk as he frowned lightly; he didn’t have time; because he wanted to leave everything perfect; his clan didn’t have to suffer; he was making sure they wouldn’t have strong repercussions after the leader leaves; because he was that caring; his clan members were all as a family.
But Kyuhyun was his life.
“You would be a perfect leader Leeteuk.” Hyukjae said softly; entering his chamber right away; leaving a gasping and confused Leeteuk behind.
He walked towards his bed and rested there for a few seconds; his fingers touching the skin Kyuhyun bit hours ago; it already healed; but Hyukjae could still feel those sensations; he closed his eyes and a soft moan came out of his mouth when his body recalled the event; he couldn’t wait to see Kyuhyun again; it has been just a few hours and he already missed him so much. “Just a few more hours.” Hyukjae reminded himself sighing and smiling in anticipation.
Hyukjae didn’t mind in knocking the door; because he knew the only one inside would be Kyuhyun; waiting for him.
“Kyu?” Hyukjae called when no one appeared; he looked around and pouted lightly when he still got no answer; he walked toward the room and saw nothing; Hyukjae’s heart started beating so fast; he was becoming so worried he couldn’t find Kyuhyun. “Kyu?!” He called again with a concerned tone.
Hyukjae gasped and jumped when a pair of strong arms surrounded his waist; a hot breathing in his neck. “Hyukkie…” Kyuhyun whispered softly; hugging Hyukjae so tight; that neck inviting him.
Hyukjae sighed and breathed in and out slowly; trying to calm down from the shock. “You scared me Kyu!” He scolded turning around still in Kyuhyun’s embrace and placing both of his hands in his neck.
“Sorry.” Kyuhyun smiled apologetically while looking deeply at Hyukjae.
“You’re eyes are deep green…” Hyukjae noticed; his fingers wandering in Kyuhyun’s face features.
“They are…” Kyuhyun said closing his eyes softly and enjoying Hyukjae’s touches.
“Why?” Hyukjae asked.
“Because I need you.” Kyuhyun answered without hesitation. “I can’t live without you.” He admitted now opening his eyes and looking at Hyukjae.
They both smiled softly before Hyukjae closed his eyes and exposed his neck completely. “Don’t make me lose control this time Kyu.” Hyukjae said chuckling lightly and pulling Kyuhyun’s head closer to him.
“I’ll try.” Kyuhyun chuckled; he kissed Hyukjae’s neck softly and buried his fangs in Hyukjae’s skin; this time is was so soft, so calm; there was no desperation; Kyuhyun was being so gentle towards Hyukjae; the other could only moan softly as he gripped on Kyuhyun’s hair.
Kyuhyun felt how he suddenly felt so calm and relaxed; he has been craving for Hyukjae’s blood for so many hours he thought he was going to die if the latter didn’t show up; because he wasn’t used to his life with Hyukjae’s blood and he couldn’t help but need him even more; to crave for Hyukjae or become weaker every second without him.
Kyuhyun sucked Hyukjae’s blood smoothly; not wanting to hurt his lover; he tightened his hold on Hyukjae’s small waist and pulled him closer.
Hyukjae couldn’t help but still feel lust for Kyuhyun; because even when Kyuhyun was being gentle; it still was something that brought Hyukjae a great pleasure.
“Please Kyu…” Hyukjae begged almost panting. “Kiss me.” He asked.
Kyuhyun retreated his fangs slowly; gulping the last drops of blood in his mouth and licking his lips slowly. “My pleasure.” Kyuhyun said as he leaned closer and kissed Hyukjae in the lips softly; his hands still holding Hyukjae possessively; almost telling him to never let go. “I love you.” Kyuhyun said almost in a whisper between the kiss.
Hyukjae giggled and pulled Kyuhyun even closer. “I love you too.” He said pushing away lightly and locking their gazes.
Both stood there frozen; soft smiled plastered in their faces as Kyuhyun’s eyes became a mix of green and brown.
“Kyu…” Hyukjae called softly.
“Mmh?” Kyuhyun just hummed as an answer; being hypnotized by Hyukjae’s warm eyes.
“What will happen if I drink your blood?” Hyukjae asked now looking at Kyuhyun’s neck, taking his fingers to trace the sensitive vein of the other.
“I don’t know.” Kyuhyun said backing his head lightly; feeling so contented with Hyukjae’s touches. “Nobody has ever drunk our blood; at least not out of our own clan.” He said resting his body in the wall and pulling Hyukjae with him.
“Will it make me stronger or affect me?” Hyukjae asked more to himself. “Or maybe it does nothing?” He pondered curious; his eyes only looking at Kyuhyun’s visible vein in his tentative neck. “My throat hurts.” He confessed murmuring. “Do you know why?” He asked looking hopefully at Kyuhyun.
Kyuhyun shook his head lightly. “Maybe you’re just thirsty?” He asked doubtful.
Hyukjae shook his head. “I’m never thirsty.” He said softly. “Can I drink your blood Kyuhyun?” Hyukjae looked deeply at Kyuhyun’s eyes.
Kyuhyun looked back as his lover. “What if it makes something wrong to you?” He asked concerned; squeezing Hyukjae’s body with his arms. “I don’t want anything wrong to happen to you.” He admitted hiding his face in Hyukjae’s neck; smelling the sweet scent from the other and licking lightly Hyukjae’s spot; the place that he bit earlier and that was already healed.
“I want to take the risk.” Hyukjae said pushing Kyuhyun and cupping his face so they would be staring at each other. “Please…” He pleaded with sparkling eyes.
Kyuhyun smiled weakly. “Are you sure?” He asked concerned and Hyukjae just nodded weakly.
There were a few seconds of silence; Hyukjae only looking at that special spot on Kyuhyun’s neck that really called his attention; his fangs slowly showing up; Kyuhyun never losing his strength in his hold. “I have never drunk blood before.” Hyukjae admitted gulping nervously.
“Really?!” Kyuhyun asked unbelievable. “You’re a vampire!” He said just remarking the obvious.
Hyukjae lifted his shoulders shrugging it off. “We’re different Kyuhyun…” He only reminded.
“Oh right…” Kyuhyun remembered and sighed. “It’s okay if you want to wait…” He said softly. “I will always be willing to give my blood to you.”
Hyukjae closed his eyes and gulped; he was nervous; he could feel his body was shaking under Kyuhyun’s embrace. “I want to know how you taste Kyu…” He said cursing how shaky his voice sounded.
Kyuhyun didn’t say a thing; he just backed his head; waiting patiently for Hyukjae; not rushing things; just supporting him.
“I love you Kyu…” Hyukjae said before his fangs touched Kyuhyun’s pale and soft skin.
“I love you too my Hyukkie.” Kyuhyun said closing his eyes and pushing Hyukjae forward; making the other’s fangs buried into his soft skin; enjoying how good it actually felt. “Oh Hyukkie…” Kyuhyun moaned.
Hyukjae closed his eyes; a sweet savor invading his mouth as he could feel Kyuhyun’s cold skin with his lips; he dared to suck; because his body was craving for it; and so he went on; he couldn’t stop; he kept on sucking; ha had never done that before; and he regretted it because it felt so good; or maybe it was just Kyuhyun.
Hyukjae gripped Kyuhyun’s shirt as he kept on sucking; listening to Kyuhyun’s soft moans and he himself feeling pleasure while tasting the sweet liquid; it was exactly Kyuhyun’s scent; it was him; and Hyukjae loved it. He sucked harder, gaining a louder moan from Kyuhyun; who took his hands down and squeezed Hyukjae’s butt cheeks; roaming his hands around and pulling Hyukjae closer so their bodies would make more friction.
Hyukkie. Kyuhyun called in his mind and that only made Hyukjae feel even more turned on. Hyukkie. The voice was disappearing and Hyukjae feared.
Hyukjae retreated his fangs; gaining a soft groan from Kyuhyun. “Kyu…” Hyukjae called suddenly feeling dizzy.
“Hyukkie!” Kyuhyun called when Hyukjae didn’t seem to proper balance his own body. “Are you okay Hyukkie?!” He asked panicking.
Hyukkie! Kyuhyun’s voice kept on calling him; but he couldn’t help but fear at that; to be scared; because Kyuhyun’s voice was fading away; it was leaving Hyukjae all alone.
“Kyu!” Hyukjae groaned; feeling how his head was about to explode; he could no longer hear Kyuhyun; not even in his mind; the only thing he saw before fainting in Kyuhyun’s arms was the worried face of the green eyed vampire.
“Hyuk!” Kyuhyun called desperately shaking Hyukjae’s unconscious body. “Hyukkie!” He almost cried; tears of frustration forming in his eyes as the thought of him being the responsible one crossed his mind. “HYUKKIE!” He cried out loud; carrying the body bridal style and leaning it in the soft bed. “Please Hyukkie…” He pleaded not knowing what to do. “Don’t do this to me please…” He could just hold Hyukjae’s hand.
Kyuhyun didn’t know what to do; he had never been in that kind of situation; because it has never happened before; he could just beg for Hyukjae to wake up as soon as possible.
Hyukjae woke up slowly; feeling dizzy and being embraced by Kyuhyun’s strong arms. “Kyu…” He called; waking the other up.
“Hyukkie!” Kyuhyun exclaimed cupping Hyukjae’s face and checking on every part of it. “How do you feel?” He asked concerned; worried all written in his face.
Hyukjae blinked quickly and looked at Kyuhyun’s panicked face; he smiled softly and pecked on Kyuhyun’s lips softly. “I’m actually feeling extra perfect.” He said in a childish tone.
“Hyuk…” Kyuhyun called seriously worried; feeling like Hyukjae was lying to him.
“It’s true Kyu.” Hyukjae said looking directly at Kyuhyun’s eyes. “My body feels so good!” He exclaimed smiling brightly.
Tell me the truth Hyukkie. Kyuhyun begged in Hyukjae’s head; the other just giggled.
“I’m saying the truth!” Hyukjae whined. “Can I have a super hot kiss now?” He smiled.
“You’re impossible Hyukkie.” Kyuhyun sighed and pecked Hyukjae’s lips. “But I’m not giving up until you tell me exactly what you felt and what you feel now.”
Hyukjae pouted and sighed. “If I tell you…” He started with a playful smile. “Will we let it be and make out or something? Aren’t you thirsty?”
Kyuhyun swallowed; sure he was thirsty; he couldn’t help but craving for Hyukjae ever second; he could just be with the other for the rest of his life. But Kyuhyun didn’t want to make Hyukjae suffer because he was weak without him.
“I’m not thirsty Hyukkie.” Kyuhyun sighed; a hot feeling in the back of his throat; a soft groan escaping from his mouth; making Hyukjae chuckled.
“Now you’re the one lying!” He exclaimed childish; making Kyuhyun pout lightly and back off.
“Just tell me Hyuk!” Kyuhyun whined and Hyukjae found it especially adorable.
“I know you want me Kyu…” Hyukjae teased making his neck expose in all its glory.
Kyuhyun groaned and gulped; feeling how his fangs started going out and only looking at Hyukjae’s neck. “Stop it Hyuk or I will attack you right now.” He warned with a dry throat; licking his own lips.
“That’s exactly what I want.” Hyukjae said smirking and placing his hands in Kyuhyun’s neck; pulling him closer slowly towards his neck.
“Hyukkie…” Kyuhyun called softly. “I don’t want to hurt you…” He said in a low voice; making Hyukjae’s soul to melt.
“You’re not.” Hyukjae reassured when he could already feel Kyuhyun’s breathing in his neck’s skin. “You know Kyu…” He started when Kyuhyun started kissing his neck softly; licking some spots and savoring Hyukjae’s taste. “When I drank your blood…” He continued moaning lightly at Kyuhyun’s ministrations. “I felt in heaven…” He admitted pulling Kyuhyun‘s head even closer to his skin. “I wanted more of you…” He said closing his eyes when Kyuhyun let his hands go under Hyukjae’s shirt.
“That’s exactly how I feel…” Kyuhyun said in a husky voice; moving closer until Hyukjae was under him in the bed; he was still licking Hyukjae’s neck; not daring to bite Hyukjae yet.
Hyukjae smiled brightly and pushed Kyuhyun’s face away so they would be looking at each other. “I felt complete Kyu…”
“And so I am Hyukkie…” Kyuhyun admitted back pushing his lips in Hyukjae’s; desperately wanting to have the other; loving every second he spent together.
Because they both finally complemented each other that day.
A/N: Part Four of the fic requested by [ profile] idpetal!!
Hope you like it!
And guys! You know it is a short story right?? ^^’
Fic-Request Page HERE!
Thanks for reading!
Comment a lot!

Love ya!
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