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Title: Innocence
Part: Five
Autor:  [ profile] eriiar 
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!, Romance, angst
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Some typos and grammar errors~~ ^^’
Summary: Because love is so unpredictable; so enjoyable; and so painful.

“Hyukjae.” Siwon called serious when Hyukjae arrived to the clan. “Stop it.” He said frowning lightly.
Hyukjae stopped his track and looked at Siwon narrowing his eyes. “Stop what?” He asked threatening.
“I know what is happening.” Siwon said taking a few steps towards Hyukjae; signaling everybody to leave them alone. “I know your plans.”
“What do you mean Siwon?” Hyukjae asked trying to sound firm and clueless; but he was scared; he was fearing the worst; he had been careful not to let anyone know; maybe Siwon was just playing with him.
“You and the green clan’ vampire.” Siwon said simply; looking straight towards Hyukjae’s dark eyes. “Stop it.” He ordered firmly.
Hyukjae frowned lightly. “Why would I?” He dared to ask.
“Because our clan needs you.” Siwon said frowning deeply at Hyukjae’s attitude.
“How did you know?” Hyukjae asked trying hard to change the topic and turning it into another issue. “Were you spying on me Siwon?” He asked threatening; his eyes becoming darker every second, showing he was getting angry.
But Siwon didn’t even flinch. “Yes.” He admitted coldly. “That vampire is not good Hyukjae.” He tried to convince the latter with a softer tone. “He will eventually destroy our clan.” He insisted while Hyukjae’s frown went deeper. “It’s against the rules!”
“As if I care about the rules!” Hyukjae snapped turning around; disposing himself to go away; he stopped when his back was facing the now fuming Siwon. “Don’t try to stop me Siwon.” Hyukjae said serious. “Because my decision is taken and I‘m not regretting it at all.” He said at last while walking once again.
“You’re not the guilty one Hyukjae.” Siwon said making Hyukjae stop his track. “He’s the one who’s manipulating you!” He blurted out.
Hyukjae clenched his fists as his soul was being filled with annoyance. “WHAT THE HELL SIWON?!” He asked turning around and looking at Siwon’s eyes; he was damn angry; he was annoyed by Siwon’s words.
“He’s the problem Hyukjae!” Siwon yelled getting desperate. “If it wasn’t for him you wouldn’t ever think on leaving your clan!”
“So what?!” Hyukjae snapped. “It was me who took the decision!” He said fuming. “IT WAS ME AND NOT HIM SO BACK OFF SIWON!”
Hyukjae turned around once again; ready to go away and let Siwon do whatever he had to. “Don’t worry Hyukkie.” Siwon said when Hyukjae was already walking away; only to make the other stop once again at his words. “I’ll make sure this all gets solved.” Siwon said serious and calm; so calm and confident that scared Hyukjae.
But when Hyukjae turned around agitated; Siwon wasn’t there; he had ran away from him; and Hyukjae found himself scared of what could happen. “WHAT THE-?!” Hyukjae exclaimed as strong hang cuffs rounded his wrists and three of the most powerful vampires hold him tight. “LET ME GO YOU MORONS!” He ordered but no one seemed to listen to him.
“I’m sorry Hyukkie.” Siwon suddenly appeared. “But until your mind comes back to you I won’t let you go.” He said as he pecked Hyukjae’s lips softly.
“What are you doing Siwon?” Hyukjae asked looking straight at the other’s dark eyes; he could feel how his blood was boiling; how his anger was flowing.
“I’m trying to make you understand your mistake Hyukkie.” Siwon said rubbing Hyukjae’s cheeks while the other couldn’t even move.
“Let me go Siwon or I won’t ever forgive you.” Hyukjae threatened.
“Don’t worry Hyukkie.” Siwon smiled softly. “I’ll make sure that green clan’s vampire won’t be a bother to you anymore.” He said as he leaned closer again; ready to kiss Hyukjae’s lips.
Hyukjae turned around quickly; feeling disgusted with Siwon’s hands on him. “You won’t be able to get away from this one Siwon.” He threatened but Siwon just chuckled.
“Sorry Hyukkie.” It was the last thing Hyukjae heard before his conscious went away from his body; he was careless; letting his guard down even for a second was a mistake; but he didn’t expect his own clan to attack him.
They took Hyukjae’s unconscious body to his chamber; where Leeteuk would take care of him; in the mean time they would get rid of the other vampire; the one who was trying to destroy the red clan; the one who wanted to take their precious leader away from them.
Still; they all knew Hyukjae had nothing to do with that; Hyukjae was innocent; the guilty one was the other vampire that seduced him. That Green Clan’s Vampire wouldn’t get away from them.
Kyuhyun was just sitting there; he had nothing he would like to take with him; because Hyukjae was the only one he needed to survive; he was waiting; he wanted to have Hyukjae in his arms in that instant; he missed the vampire so much; he couldn’t help but feel weak just because of that.
His body was craving for blood; but even when he drank some animal’s blood it didn’t fulfilled his thirst. Kyuhyun knew he wasn’t in his right state; he knew he was defendless because he was powerless; it has been just a few hours without Hyukjae and the world didn’t seem to be right.
He rested his body in the bed uncomfortably; uncomfortably because Hyukjae wasn’t there to cuddle themselves; uncomfortably because it was just going to be two more days and they would go around; but everything seemed wrong when Kyuhyun remembered he wasn’t going to meet Hyukjae until then; because he had plenty things to arrange.
Kyuhyun couldn’t possibly say no to Hyukjae; because that would be selfish; but his throat was craving for Hyukjae’s blood; his eyes were deep green and his veins were pulsing slowly; he knew by the time Hyukjae returned he would be weak enough as to not even being able to receive him; but just because of being with Hyukjae he was going to endure all the pain his body was feeling.
A day passed and Kyuhyun decided not to even try and stand up; because he knew he needed energy for the next day; it was hell; not being able to fulfill his thirst of Hyukjae’s blood; but the image of them being together and free would always make his worries go away.
Kyuhyun didn’t have problems; because even when he was being watched by all the green vampires there was a rule between them; once they all decided their path no one would even fight against that decision; Kyuhyun decided time ago; and no one was against him; not because he was one of the strongest vampires; but because Kyuhyun; as all the other green vampires; was wise; and everybody knew Kyuhyun thought about his decision for a long time.
There were no risks from Kyuhyun’s side; but because it was against the rules to be with another clan’s member in a romantic way; nobody would support Kyuhyun; sure; they wouldn’t meddle in between; but they wouldn’t help either; Kyuhyun was no longer one of the members of their clan; he was exiled.
But Kyuhyun didn’t mind; because he had Hyukjae; and that was all he needed.
“I’ll protect you Kyu.” Kyuhyun remembered Hyukjae’s words as he closed his eyes and a soft smile was plastered in his face.
“And I will protect you Hyukkie.” Kyuhyun remembered he told Hyukjae after those words; he remembered Hyukjae’s loving sparkle in his dark eyes; he knew Hyukjae was different; and his love for the other was the proof of that.
Kyuhyun tried to contact Hyukjae with his mind; because he knew Hyukjae couldn’t; it was just Kyuhyun’s ability. He tried again but he was weak; he needed that strength for the next day; he couldn’t be so careless.
The door of Kyuhyun’s house opened softly and the latter smiled softly; because he wanted to believe Hyukjae couldn’t wait to the next day; maybe he was worried.
Kyuhyun tried his best to stand up and welcome his beloved one; he had a happy smile in his face as he got rid of the dizziness he felt when he was on his feet; he supported his weight in the night drawer; deciding it was a better idea if Hyukjae was the one to find him first.
Kyuhyun’s smile faded away as the one in front of him wasn’t Hyukjae. “Who are you?” He asked trying to sound still strong even when he knew he was far from that.
“The one who will make you pay for what you did to our clan.” The man said serious; furrowing his eyebrows as Kyuhyun looked at him confused.
They found out. Kyuhyun thought as soon as reality hit him; the man in front of him had red eyes; that was when Kyuhyun knew he had no choice.
Hyukkie. He called trying to reach the other; he wasn’t afraid of himself; he was afraid of what could happen to his love. Hyukkie please… He kept on; but he didn’t seem to get an answer even when he knew Hyukjae was listening. Run away without me Hyukkie. Kyuhyun said as he took steps back in his own room. Don’t let them get you. He said narrowing his eyes at the other man who was approaching dangerously. Don’t let them hurt you. He continued; he could sense Hyukjae’s fear; Hyukjae’s questions; but he couldn’t hear him; he was just too weak.
Kyuhyun hissed when he found the wall in his back; he couldn’t even try to run away; because he knew it was impossible hen five more vampires stood behind the other one.
In normal situations Kyuhyun could actually defeat them all; because green clan’s vampires where way stronger; but not in that moment; he couldn’t even think properly.
“This is neutral land.” Kyuhyun said trying to sound calm and collected. “You can’t possible do something to me here; at least of course that you want to become a green clan’s enemy.” He said praying it would work out; there was no way they would help him; because he was no longer part of them.
“We received the order and the green clan doesn’t really seem to be against that.” The man said smirking and Kyuhyun couldn’t do anything more than clench his fists; he had no run away; he was weak and even when he could defeat one of the vampires there was no way he could do it against six.
Kyuhyun couldn’t even think on anything else to say back as a hard punch landed on his abdomen; making him fall flatly on the ground of his own house; curling his body in pain as his healing ability was weak too. “H-Hyukkie…” He mustered; only to gain one hard kick.
“DON’T YOU DARE TO CALL OUR LEADER THAT INTIMATELY!” The man said utterly annoyed; he was losing his patience; he couldn’t believe his caring leader would leave them all just because of a weak vampire like the one he had in front of him; groaning in pain as blood started going out from his mouth.
Leader… Kyuhyun could only hear that.
Hyukkie… Kyuhyun called as his conscious was fading away from the pain; hard kicks being thrown at him mercilessly; landing on his already weak and abused body. Hyukkie… He called again and smiled softly when he could feel Hyukjae was listening to him. Don’t let them hurt you Hyukkie. He pleaded. Be strong. He said in his mind and he could actually hear Hyukjae’s sobbing. Don’t cry Hyukkie… He said in a pleading tone; but his heart was clenching. Please don’t cry my love. He begged; but Hyukjae didn’t seem calm as he wished.
Kyu… Kyuhyun could actually hear Hyukjae’s voice; it was so hard not to let out a tear of sadness and frustration; Hyukjae’s voice sounded so weak; so desperate.
This can become chaotic Hyukkie. Kyuhyun said closing his eyes; he could no longer feel the pain; because he knew the vampires were carrying him somewhere else. But we will get through this. He assured.
Kyuhyun! Hyukjae called for him; but it was useless; Kyuhyun had no more strength left; his weakness showing up as his love for Hyukjae was the only thing he had to keep on living.
I promise Hyukkie. Kyuhyun said at last. I promise we will be happy after this.
A/N: So here I am with the part number five of the fic requested by [ profile] idpetal~~
Sorry for late updates!! >///<
My parents came home and I didn’t have the time to write at all~~
I’ll write a lot okay? ^^
Thanks for reading!

Fic-Request Page HERE!
Comment a lot!
Love ya!

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