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Title: Innocence
Part: Six
Autor: [ profile] eriiar
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!, Romance, angst
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Some typos and grammar errors~~ ^^’
Summary: Because love is so unpredictable; so enjoyable; and so painful.
Hyukjae wanted to be faster; but he couldn’t stop crying; he wanted to run away already; but his body betrayed him when he needed it the most.
He didn’t know what was that that Siwon did to him; but he was sure he had to act fast; he needed to find Kyuhyun as fast as possible; even before Siwon would; because Hyukjae wouldn’t forgive himself if anything wrong happens to the one he loves the most.
He wanted to stand up; but he couldn’t; he wanted to move but his body just didn’t did as told; Hyukjae wanted to scream but the words got caught in his throat; Hyukjae wanted to be with Kyuhyun, but the latter wasn’t anywhere to find.
Kyuhyun couldn’t even open his eyes because the pain was so great he was sure he couldn’t stand it anymore; his body was so weak and useless; he couldn’t help but looking for Hyukjae’s mind.
Kyuhyun’s tears were visible as his body was stiffed; almost death. Kyuhyun wasn’t crying because he was in pain; he was crying because he was scared of what could happen to his Hyukjae; he was afraid he wouldn’t be there to protect the one he loves the most; to protect his life and his heart; because of something bad happened to Hyukjae… it would be the end of his days; his soul would be lost just as his heart, there was no way he could live without the jewel of his life.
Please be safe my heart… Kyuhyun pleaded; even when he knew they wouldn’t reach anywhere.
It was so cold in that dark room; almost as much as his own skin; his throat hurt; but not as much as his chest; there was something he never felt. Concern? Maybe it was it; because Kyuhyun was worried; even when he had a bandage in his eyes he couldn’t help but imagine he was looking at Hyukjae’s sweet smile in that moment.
“I love you Kyu!” Hyukjae told him happily.
“I love you too Hyukkie.” Kyuhyun answered softly as his hand made his way to Hyukjae’s chin. “More than you think.” He admitted crashing their lips together.
Hyukjae smiled sweetly at him when they broke up from the kiss; their eye locked as Hyukjae hugged Kyuhyun tightly. “I can’t wait to be always together like this…” He whispered closing his eyes and smiling dreamingly as his face got buried in Kyuhyun’s wide chest.
“Me neither.” Kyuhyun said holding his love tightly; smelling that delicious scent coming from the other’s hair. “I’ll make you really happy Hyukkie.” He said softly pecking on Hyukjae’s head. “I promise.” He said closing his eyes and resting his chin in Hyukjae’s head.
Hyukjae giggled. “Don’t back off Kyu!” He said childish; only gaining a soft chuckle from Kyuhyun’s mouth.
“Never.” Kyuhyun answered sighing in content.
That night they made love again; softly and gentle; slow and steady; showing their love towards each other; moaning their names and touching their skin as if it were made out of glass.
Kyuhyun remembered so many things; he didn’t regret even one; not the moment when they first met; not the moment when he decided he liked Hyukjae; not the moment when he decided he loved Hyukjae; and definitely not the moment when he gave Hyukjae his own life.
Kyuhyun knew Hyukjae wasn’t calm; he knew Hyukjae was as worried as he was in that instant; being away was the worst thing for the both of them.
Hyukkie. Kyuhyun called softly; trying hard to sound like if he was okay; even when he wasn’t. I’ll be fine. He tried his best; because Kyuhyun could feel Hyukjae’s heart in race; he could feel how it was so accelerated; just like his.
But Kyuhyun didn’t want Hyukjae to be unhappy; he didn’t want the latter to suffer because of him; Kyuhyun felt guilty; even when he knew it was forbidden he kept on going with that, with that selfish idea of his true love. Kyuhyun had dragged Hyukjae into hi misery.
Hyukkie. He called softly; trying hard to make Hyukjae’s heart calm down al little. Hyukkie… He called again because Hyukjae’s heart was just so chaotic; he had tears already in his eyes; Kyuhyun could stand the pain; but he couldn’t stand Hyukjae being sad. I love you Hyukkie… He said in his mind; hoping it would reach the other’s ears; but better yet; it could reach Hyukjae’s heart.
Kyuhyun could hear some noises coming from the outside; he could hear Hyukjae was coming closer and killing some vampires in his way; he felt bad; but he wanted Hyukjae to be with him.
“WALK!” A vampire ordered Kyuhyun; but he knew he couldn’t comply with that; he had been kicked and hit for almost a whole day; waiting for his end and praying Hyukjae would be okay. “IT’S YOUR ENTIRE FAULT OUR LEADER WANTS TO LEAVE US!” The vampire said angrily while lifting Kyuhyun’s limb body and throwing it against a wall.
Kyuhyun groaned in pain as he heard his bones crashed; but he could feel Hyukjae getting near him; he could feel his heart pounding fast and that magical scent coming to embrace him.
Soon; Kyuhyun was in the center of the room; a vampire ready to kill him. The leader had always to be there when someone was going to be executed; but Hyukjae had been locked in his own chamber; thinking Kyuhyun was the reason behind everything wrong in the clan.
The green clan sent a representative that could do nothing but watch; the vampire with light green eyes was just there looking at the scenes in the clan calmly; because he couldn’t interfere with those actions; Kyuhyun was no longer from his clan; and he had already decided his own fate.
One of the vampires was about to let the sword fall into Kyuhyun’s chest when the door slammed open; Kyuhyun could only stare at the beautiful and panting figure in the door frame; looking at him with those dark eyes and a worried expression.
“Hyukkie…” Kyuhyun called softly; smiling weakly as his beloved one was there at least to see his end; Kyuhyun was just happy to see Hyukjae was fine.
Hyukjae didn’t even answered to Kyuhyun’s call as he dedicated himself to kill the ones who tried to kill his love; one guard fell; another one did; Kyuhyun could only see how Hyukjae was doing his best fighting against his own people.
“Don’t worry…” Hyukjae’s sweet voice said and Kyuhyun could only close his eyes and enjoy the beautiful sound for his ears. “I’ll take you out of here.” Hyukjae said and Kyuhyun couldn’t think clearly; because he wanted to believe it; but he would prefer to die now that to die without Hyukjae; that was selfish; but Kyuhyun was a selfish person; always wanting to have Hyukjae by his side even in those kind of situations; feeling extremely useless as his strength faded away with his body and life.
Hyukjae placed himself in front of Kyuhyun’s body. Useless. Kyuhyun thought as he resigned himself to die. He opened his eyes when he saw how Hyukjae was panting hard; he couldn’t help but smile bitterly when a few drops of Hyukjae’s blood fell down from his body.
Kyuhyun didn’t know how his hand moved; but he could take those drops in his fingers; smelling the sweet scent and enjoying it in his last minutes of life. I love you Hyukkie. He said to his love before tasting that small drop of blood and feeling his body squirm in happiness.
That was going to be the last thing he would taste before dying; and he couldn’t be happier to know that it was Hyukjae’s blood.
Kyuhyun saw how Hyukjae wanted to hug him; but it was useless; because a bunch of vampires were holding him back. Don’t worry. Kyuhyun tried to calm his heart down; watching how Hyukjae broke down and his beloved’s sad eyes; it was too painful: Kyuhyun’s heart was breaking into pieces.
Hyukjae tried to fight back; but he was so weak he couldn’t; watching Hyukjae in that state made Kyuhyun want to come back to life and protect him with his body; to hug him and kiss him; telling him everything was going to be okay.
So sad it wasn’t anything like that.
I’m happy you were the one I loved the most. Kyuhyun told him softly; it was the truth; Kyuhyun couldn’t be happier because Hyukjae was by his side; and Kyuhyun couldn’t be happier it was Hyukjae the one he trusted his life on.
“NOOOOOOO!” Kyuhyun could hear Hyukjae’s scream when the guard was pointing the sword once again to his heart. “NOOOOO!” Kyuhyun’s heart broke when hearing Hyukjae; but he couldn’t do anything; he tried hard to move; but he couldn’t; he wanted at least to say how much he loved Hyukjae; to hug him and kiss him goodbye; but his body seemed to have some different plans.  “LEAVE HIM ALONE!” Hyukjae ordered but no one seemed to hear; the sword went down as if in slow motion; piercing Kyuhyun’s heart; feeling how his life was being drained away from him.
“AHHHHHH!” Kyuhyun couldn’t help but yell; he didn’t even know how he had the strength to do that; but it was so painful; so painful to know that his life was going away through his fingers and he could do nothing to stay by Hyukjae’s side; to protect the one he loved the most and to make him happy; it was painful how Kyuhyun knew he wouldn’t be able to be with his Hyukjae again; how he would never touch that soft skin of his; how he wouldn’t kiss those plum and pink lips; how he wouldn’t hear Hyukjae’s voice telling him ‘I love you’ again.
I love you Hyukkie; don’t forget about that.
Kyuhyun felt the blood going out from his body; he couldn’t even breathe properly; his body was frozen and he didn’t knew why; he couldn’t feel physical pain and he wondered why.
“KYUHYUN!” Hyukjae called for him and Kyuhyun just wanted to run by his side.
I’m fine Hyukkie! He wanted to scream; but the words wouldn’t come out from his mind. Don’t worry my love… He wanted to say; but he could no longer feel Hyukjae’s heart near his; he could no longer feel what was going on in that cruel world he live in.
I’m dying slowly. Kyuhyun knew that; bleeding until he was completely death; having trouble to breathe and making his conscious go away from his body slowly; killing every trace of life from ever cell that formed his body; sensations around him being amplified to the maximum; still, he couldn’t help to feel happy when he heard Hyukjae’s breathing. Beautiful. He said to himself; feeling his mind going away from his body; watching how beautiful moments passed by.
“You will never leave right Kyu?” Hyukjae once asked him when they were in Kyuhyun’s bed; all naked and cuddling themselves.
“Never.” Kyuhyun answered confident.
“You promise?” Hyukjae asked with those big rounded dark eyes.
“I promise.” Kyuhyun said kissing Hyukjae’s lips softly; sealing his promise with love.
Hyukjae giggled. “I love you so much Kyu!” He exclaimed hugging Kyuhyun tightly.
“And I love you too my Hyukkie.” Kyuhyun said softly in Hyukjae’s ears; just for him to hear. “You’re my life; my heart; you’re my everything.” Kyuhyun confessed and he knew by then that Hyukjae was shyly biting his lower lip.
That moment was for them; not time to worries; just them; and their love.
Kyuhyun couldn’t help but feel like a dagger pierced his heart; it felt even more painful than the sword that crossed his body before.
I’m sorry I can’t fulfill so many promises Hyukkie. A warm tear went down Kyuhyun’s cheeks; going down by his cold and bruised skin; passing unnoticed to all the vampires in the room; getting to the cold floor where his blood had made a small pool; melting in that red liquid while Kyuhyun’s heart flinched.
Kyuhyun could no longer feel Hyukjae.
A/N: haha! Part 6 of the fic requested by [ profile] idpetal!
Hope everything’s going smoothly~~
I thought this would be a little more angsty; it wasn’t angsty at all~
I’m losing my touch in angsty fics!! NOOO! TT_TT
I have to do something about that!
~~Thanks for reading!

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