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Title: Innocence
Part: Seven
Autor: [ profile] eriiar
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!, Romance, angst
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Some typos and grammar errors~~ ^^’
Summary: Because love is so unpredictable; so enjoyable; and so painful.
Hyukjae felt how his soul was already out of his body; he felt the hold in his body getting lose; he ran towards the lifeless body in the cold floor of the room; smell of blood making everybody almost lose control; and there was Hyukjae; hugging the body as his own life, whispering him sweet nothings as he could no longer feel any trace of life in it.
Hyukjae was damn mad; he was angry, but there was nothing else he could do; he placed the lifeless body of Kyuhyun in the floor carefully and kissed those broken and cold lips; their kisses were never that bitter as this one.
I love you so much Kyuhyun. Hyukjae told the other; wherever he was right in that moment.
Hyukjae’s eyes weren’t dark anymore; they were changing color; but nobody noticed as they all left the room; satisfied looks in their faces; almost enjoying the suffering from Hyukjae’s heart.
Minutes passed and Hyukjae stood there, hugging the male in the floor tightly; wishing he could do something do get him back; his tears falling like rivers as his body was shaking from desperation.
Hyukjae wanted to die too; he took the sword that was by Kyuhyun’s body’s side and looked at it thinking deeply; would they meet if he dies? What if there’s something more trying to tear them apart?
Hyukjae closed his eyes; one of his hand intertwining fingers with Kyuhyun’s cold ones; the other with the sword in front of him. Hyukjae didn’t know what he was doing; he wasn’t sure what he was thinking; because everything seemed so wrong. I won’t live anymore. He decided as he cut his wrist with the sword; so many dark red blood coming out of the cut and doing its way towards the cold floor.
The guard let him alone; because they didn’t want to be there; they didn’t feel bad for Hyukjae; they just didn’t want to get their days ruined by a depressing scene.
Hyukjae took his wrist to Kyuhyun’s slightly parted lips; they were cold; they weren’t as Hyukjae remembered. That wasn’t Kyuhyun; because his Kyuhyun would always be smiling at him; telling him he was okay.
The blood went down Kyuhyun’s mouth but there was no answer; no life back. Impossible. Hyukjae repeated in his mind as he tried again and again; making Kyuhyun full of his blood; still; there was no answer; the softly eyes of the lifeless body wouldn’t open to greet him with a green color; the mouth wouldn’t curve into a precious smile and the body wouldn’t heal the wound in his heart.
Hyukjae buried his face in Kyuhyun’s chest; crying hard as he could taste his own tears; combined with Kyuhyun’s flesh blood; making him taste once again that flavor that made him crazy.
It was so different now; because there was no warmth in Kyuhyun’s blood anymore.
“I’m so sorry Kyu…” Hyukjae whispered with his shaky voice and his tears falling down. “I’m so sorry I couldn’t protect you Kyu…” Hyukjae cried harder; sobbing as his hands didn’t let go of Kyuhyun’s body. “I love you Kyu! Please don’t leave me alone!” He begged; hoping there would be a response; but there was none and he deeply knew that was going to happen.
Hyukjae pushed away from Kyuhyun’s body lightly; trying hard to make the other wake up with his stare; but it was impossible; there was not even a tiny movement in the other’s body. “I’ll make sure your death will be paid Kyuhyun.” He said suddenly serious; his eyes changing color as his fangs made its way towards Kyuhyun’s neck. “I promise you we will live together even if it’s like this.” He said burring the fangs in Kyuhyun’s neck.
I love you Hyukkie. Hyukjae closed his eyes remembering those words; that voice, that soft melody that would calm him down in a second. Hyukjae kept on sucking; not that much but not just a little amount.
He felt how his body reacted; the sweet savor making wonders on him as he pushed away lightly; welcomed by once again Kyuhyun’s lifeless body.
One last kiss and Hyukjae went out of the room; the sword in his hand as he made his way out; passing by all the halls he got lost before; walking calmly but steady towards his own clan.
“They will pay for it.” Hyukjae said as his hold in the sword tightened; gaining strength from it.
Heechul didn’t know what was happening; but he could see the leader killed his own people. “This guy must be crazy.” He said as a smirk was plastered in his beautiful face. “Not that I actually acre about that.” He said chuckling lightly.
And there they were; the blue clan surrounding the red one; passing unnoticed for now as Heechul had fun watching how Hyukjae killed his own soldiers; it was going to be so easy to actually end with the red clan; Hyukjae already made a lot.
Hyukjae spotted blue eyes everywhere; he knew they were being attacked by then; but he couldn’t bring himself to order around as a good leader would; because there were bodies lying in the floor; some other being carried away; the only one noticing they were being attacked was Hyukjae.
But he didn’t mind; because he just wanted to fight; the desperation and frustration coming from his body couldn’t even be compared to anything else; he was death already; there was nothing else he could do about it. His life went away with Kyuhyun’s.
“Hey there…” He heard Heechul’s mocking tone. “I see you made almost all my work here…” He said smirking and Hyukjae was just looking down; not minding anything in the world but his beloved one.
“Get the fuck out of here Heechul.” Hyukjae said gritting his teeth; he didn’t know what he was going to do if anything happened; he couldn’t believe his life was that miserable.
By that minute everybody noticed the blue clan’s army; conformed by highly trained vampires; Heechul in the command.
The clan froze; not really ready for an attack when Hyukjae killed hundreds of his own soldiers; still; Hyukjae seemed untouched; not even flinching at the new threat.
“I would…” Heechul said arrogantly. “But I really want to see how your clan falls down so easily…” He sang and Hyukjae clenched his fist against the sword; looking up and locking his gaze with Heechul’s blue one.
Heechul gasped when he saw Hyukjae’s eye; his face was covered in blood and so his clothes; the sword didn’t seem to be that normal and just for some seconds; Heechul feared for his life; ready to run away; that lost look; those deep eyes; that serious expression; it was so painful to even look at it.
But Heechul couldn’t even think properly as he saw Hyukjae’s eyes colored; because there was a rumor about the leader not using all his power in battle; he was never see with red eyes; always black and dark.
Hyukjae’s yellow eyes. “W-What’s wrong with your eyes?” Heechul asked backing off slowly; fearing Hyukjae who was taking steps forward.
“My yellow eyes?” Hyukjae asked reading his sword. “They are the combination of green and red.” He said looking directly at Heechul’s blue gaze. “And it’s the most powerful combination you will ever find.” He claimed.
Heechul ran as fast as he could; sighing deeply when Hyukjae didn’t follow him; just looked at him threatening; the red clan was doing nothing; the war hadn’t start yet.
“A-ATTACK!” Heechul ordered still looking at Hyukjae’s eyes; the leader was so calm; like if nothing would matter.
Almost a dozen vampires tried to attack and kill Hyukjae; but they didn’t even have the opportunity to touch him as they fell down flatly on the ground lifeless.
Hyukjae didn’t do anything else than killing them with his powers; he had never even once use them with those purposes; but the fact that Kyuhyun was murdered and the blue clan making his life even more impossible was getting on his nerves; he needed to get it back from someone.
It was so easy to kill a vampire; Hyukjae knew it; because he would just think about it and done; the brain would explode and the vampire would die so fast and without they even noticing it; Hyukjae wasn’t a great and strong leader for hundreds of years because of nothing; he proved he could be lethal if he was mad.
Never in so many years someone saw Hyukjae’s eyes colored; they knew Hyukjae was from the red clan because his hair was from that color and there was a rumor about someone who actually saw him with colored eyes; it was when vampires from the blue clan killed his entire family; leaving him homeless and making him stronger than anything.
Screams could be heard in the battle field; that happened to be the Red Clan’s land. There was blood anyehere as Hyukjae gave short stps towards the nothing; vampires trying to attck him dying not even reaching him; because Hyukjae was just that powerful; he could destroy the world if he wanted to; he could end up with every living being in earth just if that were his wish.
Nothing could stop him; fearing eyes looked at him scared; trying to hide themselves from the demon they had in front; walking slowly towards no particular direction.
“Kyuhyun…” Hyukjae called lifting the sword in the air.
Everybody froze; even when they screamed at Hyukjae; even when they begged for the other to come back to his mind; the other wouldn’t even listen to it; it was too late for doing so…
Kyuhyun had left him and Hyukjae was nothing without him.
I love you Hyukkie. Those words kept on repeating in Hyukjae’s head as tears flowed down his cheeks; a sharp pain in his chest as his tightened the grip in the sword that was covered with Kyuhyun’s blood.
Hyukkie. Kyuhyun’s voice sounded in his head and Hyukjae smiled bitterly; dozens of vampires dying around him; yelling and screaming in pain; trying to make him come back. “Nothing matters now.” He said softly as the sword was placed in front of his heart. “Because my life ended when he did...” He closed his eyes; ignoring completely the noise in his surroundings; Heechul no longer there; vampires dead by his sides.
Kyuhyun. He called in his mind; trying hard to reach his beloved; nothing happened. Kyuhyun. He called again smiling softly. I hope in our next life we can be together. He wished pulling the sword towards his own body; piercing his heart with the strong metal and combining his blood with Kyuhyun’s.
“HYUKJAE!” Leeteuk screamed in desperation and frustration; because nobody expected Hyukjae to love the vampire so much as to end his own life.
Hyukjae took the sword out of his body; watching carefully how his blood came out of his body; how it didn’t even hurt, it was nothing; Hyukjae could feel nothing.
Time froze, there were no movements around him; there was no pain, no suffering; Hyukjae was just skin and bones; nothing left to take; his soul was lost in between life and Kyuhyun; nothing more.
Leeteuk kept on yelling desperately while running towards their leader; stepping on the bodies in the floor; paralyzing everyone who wanted to attack him; the blood kept on coming from Hyukjae’s body; taking his life away slowly; he closed his eyes and smiled softly; because he was going to be with Kyuhyun; he wanted to believe so.
Hyukkie! Hyukjae heard Kyuhyun calling him and his smile was wider.
Am I already death? He asked himself while the clear image of Kyuhyun’s smile flashed on his mind.
Hyukkie! That voice calling for him again.
Am I imagining it? He asked confused and panicking; blood coming out from his heart as his legs weakened and Hyukjae fell down in his knees.
“HYUKKIE!!” Hyukjae opened his eyes widely; a familiar and lovingly figure approaching him with a concerned face.
“K-Kyuhyun?” He called weakly; with a shaky voice; his eyes blurry because of so much crying; a soft smile appearing in his face; closing his eyes again and finally giving up on his life.
A/N: Here I am with part seven of the fic requested by [ profile] idpetal! ^^
I guess there will be just one more chapter and then I’ll focus on updating my own stories.. xD
I hope you guys like this fic as much as I did!
I’ll update soon so stay tuned neh? (:
Thanks for reading!

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Curious whether this story will have a happy yet sad ending something like they are both dead which is sad but they are now together in the afterlife which is happy.

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Cant wait to read the next chap
I guess hyuk actually revives kyu when he gives his blood to him without him knowing
Now kyu has come back and hyukkie is going away. Oh my~ so mess up!
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