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Title: Secrets
Chapter: Eight
Autor: [ profile] eriiar
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!High School, Romance
Rating: PG-13
Warnings: Some typos and grammar errors~~ ^^’
Summary: Hyukjae has secrets, Kyuhyun has secrets too; just like everybody does. The problem comes when destiny plays with them as the main characters and those secrets become the problem.


Hyukjae woke up feeling specially hurt in his ass; he groaned lightly as he moved just to stretch. “Hyukkie…” He heard Kyuhyun’s soft voice; that was when he realized he was naked; in Kyuhyun’s embrace; their faces inches apart and their cocks rubbing against each other.
“K-Kyu…” Hyukjae called back nervously; biting his lower lip and looking away; a soft pink tainting his cheeks.
Kyuhyun chuckled and hugged Hyukjae tightly. “How do you feel?” He asked smiling softly; reaching Hyukjae’s cheek with his thumb and rubbing it softly.
“I…” Hyukjae trailed off. “I feel complete…” He admitted blushing hard.
Kyuhyun chuckled and kissed Hyukjae’s forehead. “Me too…” He said softly as his lips found Hyukjae’s; they shared a new loving kiss. “I love you.” Kyuhyun said when they parted away.
Hyukjae plastered in his face the most lovingly smile that he could offer; he was feeling happy with his current life.
“What time is it Kyu?” Hyukjae asked after a few minutes of just staring at each other.
“Mmm…” Kyuhyun looked for his cell phone. “It’s still early.” He said smiling softly. “seven in the morning Hyukkie…” He said putting his cell phone down and hugging Hyukjae; reading himself to sleep again. “I’m so happy we have no school today.” He mumbled nuzzling his head in Hyukjae’s hair.
Hyukjae giggled. “Even if we have no school you miss classes Kyu.” He said smiling softly.
“Never mind that Hyukkie.” Kyuhyun said smirking. “Why don’t we take a shower together?” He asked huskily in Hyukjae’s ears.
Hyukjae blush hard and hid his face in Kyuhyun’s chest. “T-That…” He trailed off. “That’s unnecessary.”
“Why?” Kyuhyun asked sliding his hands down Hyukjae’s back.
Hyukjae shivered with Kyuhyun’s touches. “Oh Kyu…” He moaned when the latter squeezed his butt cheeks.
Kyuhyun just smiled and started kissing Hyukjae’s shoulders and neck; placing himself on top of Hyukjae for a better access.
“Kyu…” Hyukjae called softly.
“Mmh?” Kyuhyun hummed keeping up with his actions; enjoying the small and almost inaudible moans coming from Hyukjae’s mouth.
“I think we should really talk about something…” Hyukjae half moaned.
“What do you want to talk Hyukkie?” Kyuhyun asked roaming his eyes in Hyukjae’s small body.
Hyukjae closed his eyes as he enjoyed Kyuhyun’s ministrations. “About our wedding.”
Kyuhyun stopped suddenly; freezing up at the mention of such things; opening his eyes widely and getting his gaze lost in thoughts.
Wedding. That was a word that Kyuhyun though he would never hear. Our wedding. Hyukjae’s voice kept on repeating in his head; echoing in his soul as he got lost in his own world.
“Kyu?” Hyukjae called confused when Kyuhyun stopped; making him feel suddenly uneasy. “Are you okay Kyu?” He asked concerned.
“Wedding…” Kyuhyun said in a whisper.
Hyukjae blushed and looked away. “It doesn’t have to be soon though…” He said shyly. “But we should really start talking about it if we want it to be perfect!”
Kyuhyun looked at Hyukjae for the first time in minutes; locking their gazes and gulping. “Hyukkie…” He called softly while sitting up in the bed; a thin white blanket covering his naked body.
“Yes?” Hyukjae asked smiling softly and sitting too in the bed; making them be in front of each other.
“Don’t you think thinking about a marriage is too fast for us?” Kyuhyun asked nervously; feeling his words would break Hyukjae’s heart.
Hyukjae titled his head confused. “Too fast?” He asked. “You’re my boyfriend…” He said.
“Yes Hyukkie…” Kyuhyun sighed. “I’m your boyfriend; but we still have so much time to see if we’re actually for each other…” He trailed off and sighed again at Hyukjae’s super confused face.
“You’re my boyfriend…” Hyukjae repeated more to himself. “We are supposed to marry because you’re my boyfriend.” Hyukjae concluded and Kyuhyun groaned.
“No Hyukkie…” He said softly and Hyukjae shook his head.
“You were the one who told me you were my boyfriend!” Kyuhyun could see Hyukjae’s warm tears already threatening to fall down his cheeks.
“Hyukkie…” He called cursing himself for not being that good at explanations.
“If you don’t want to marry me then why did you told me you were my boyfriend?!” Hyukjae almost yelled. “My boyfriend is supposed to marry me!” He said frustrated. “That’s why I only have to have one boyfriend in my whole life!” He shook his head and body to get free of Kyuhyun’s hands on his shoulders. “My boyfriend has to be with me my whole life!”
“HYUKKIE!” Kyuhyun shook Hyukjae’s body until he made the latter look at him. “You can have as many boyfriends as you wish!” He said desperately trying to calm down Hyukjae.
Hyukjae frowned deeply and snapped Kyuhyun’s hands away from him. “I can’t.” He said serious. “I definitely can’t make my parent’s reputation go that low because of me.” He said taking the blankets and covering all his body. “Because I was educated with the honor of just giving one person my whole heart.”
“That’s old fashioned Hyukkie.” Kyuhyun hissed rolling his eyes.
But Hyukjae’s frown went deeper and he stood up with the blanket around his body. “It might be old fashioned…” He said clenching on the blankets around him. “But it was the way I was educated.” He said stepping away from Kyuhyun.
“Hyukkie.” Kyuhyun called taking another blanket and covering his lower half before standing up and approach Hyukjae. “That kind of education is just wrong; there is no way you should have just one boyfriend; what about if you get married and then you realized you don’t love that person?”
“That’s why I have to choose my boyfriend wisely.” Hyukjae said stepping away from Kyuhyun. “You said you were my boyfriend without thinking about me?” He asked looking at Kyuhyun.
True; Kyuhyun didn’t think about Hyukjae’s feeling back then; all he knew was that he wanted to have Hyukjae for himself; to protect him; Kyuhyun knew he loved Hyukjae the most; he knew he wanted to stay with him now; but Kyuhyun wasn’t sure if that feeling would last forever.
“So you just decided to declare me your boyfriend without thinking about me Kyuhyun?” Hyukjae asked offended. “DID YOU?!” He yelled feeling he was just used.
“No Hyukkie.” Kyuhyun said as he let the blankets go and embraced Hyukjae. “But I’m not sure if I can stand being like that for all my life.”
Hyukjae pushed Kyuhyun away; not knowing he just broke Kyuhyun’s heart; making him feel rejected. But Hyukjae was worst; because he just discovered he gave his entire heart to one person that didn’t love him back the way he wished; that he had been a toy to someone that happened to be the person he loved the most.
“I learnt to love you Kyuhyun.” Hyukjae said with his eyes filled with tears. “I thought you did too.” He said taking a step away from Kyuhyun.
“Hyukkie.” Kyuhyun called desperately; a sharp pain going up from his stomach to his throat; making his chest feel extremely heavy and tight.
“If you weren’t sure of your feelings then you shouldn’t have declared yourself as my boyfriend.” Hyukjae said shaking his head to clear up his mind.
“Hyukkie; let’s talk about this a while okay?” Kyuhyun asked feeling how his heart flinched when Hyukjae shook his head.
“I won’t make you marry me Kyuhyun.” Hyukjae said. “It’s okay if you don’t want to do it.” He continued taking deep breathes in between; trying hard to calm his heart down. “Because a Lee will never make someone unhappy; a Lee will always try to make the best for everybody” He whispered the last part.
That phrase; that caught Kyuhyun’s attention; that was a phrase he heard on TV all the time; it was a phrase from a huge company; a life insurance company that was owned by the Lees.
Hyukjae’s mannered way to walk; the way he talked; the education he received; the manners he got with the people; never hurting even a bug; Hyukjae was a Lee.
“You are…” Kyuhyun opened his eyes widely and Hyukjae turned to see him directly at his eyes.
“Yes Kyuhyun.” Hyukjae said with a poker face. “I’m a Lee and I won’t allow you to feel guilty because of me so you don’t have to worry.”
“Hyukkie!” Kyuhyun called finally being able to shake Hyukjae’s body lightly. “You never told me about it!!” He exclaimed looking at Hyukjae’s eyes confused.
“You never wanted to meet my parents.” Hyukjae said calmly. “I thought it was because you were nervous.” He continued looking at Kyuhyun’s eyes. “Now I know why it was.” He concluded with a shaky voice.
“No Hyukkie…” Kyuhyun said with a pleading look. “Please listen to me.”
Hyukjae sighed. “I will listen to you Kyuhyun.” He said. “I just don’t think it will change my mind.”
Kyuhyun hissed and hugged Hyukjae tightly; feeling his heart breaking when Hyukjae didn’t hug back; he didn’t even tried to push Kyuhyun away.
“I always thought you were different from me Hyukkie.” Kyuhyun started not even thinking on letting Hyukjae go out of his embrace. “I knew you were something out of my reach.” He admitted. “I could never understand you clearly and you never told me anything about yourself.” He added sighing. “I just thought I wasn’t good enough for you.”
Seconds later Hyukjae was crying loudly; hitting Kyuhyun’s chest. “I hate you Kyuhyun!” He repeated several times. “Why did you take my heart away!?” He asked frustrated while his tears kept on falling.
Kyuhyun smiled softly and grabbed Hyukjae’s wrists. “Because you too took my heart away from me Hyukkie.” He said leaning forward and kissing Hyukjae’s soft lips; hugging Hyukjae by the waist when the latter kissed him back shaky.
“I’m sorry I didn’t tell you before…” Hyukjae said looking away; his eyes red for so much crying and his voice shaky and husky.
“And I’m sorry I didn’t think about your feelings.” Kyuhyun said rubbing Hyukjae’s cheeks; they stayed there for almost two hours; just hugging and kissing each other; that was all they needed and it was enough for them to share their feelings.
“I was really childish right?” Hyukjae asked blushing out of embarrassment.
“You were.” Kyuhyun chuckled. “It’s okay though.” He said hugging Hyukjae tightly and smelling the sweet scent coming out of Hyukjae’s hair. “I love you anyways.” He finally said breathing in and out.
Hyukjae sighed deeply. “I love you too.” He said; dying inside since he didn’t know what to expect anymore. “Kyu…” He called nervous and looking at Kyuhyun’s dark eyes.
“Yes Hyukkie?” Kyuhyun asked smiling softly and cupping Hyukjae’s face.
“I’m supposed to be here for just a year.” Hyukjae admitted looking away.
“What do you mean Hyukkie?” Kyuhyun asked confused; frowning lightly at Hyukjae’s words.
Hyukjae gulped and sighed. “I will become the president of my parents’ company…” He said almost in a whisper. “And they wanted me to be strong so they sent me here as a proof…” He continued breathing in and out heavily. “This is supposed to be a challenge so they know if I can be humble and stand by myself.”
Kyuhyun looked straight at Hyukjae’s eyes. “Does that mean you will be gone in four months?” He asked in such a tone that broke Hyukjae’s heart.
Hyukjae looked away and gulped. “Well…” He trailed off. “Yes…” He said sighing. “But we can always see each other on weekends and such!” He said cheerfully. “I could also ask my parents to stay here a little longer!” Hyukjae said smiling brightly.
Kyuhyun smiled softly. “It’s okay if we don’t rush things up Hyukkie?” He asked as soft as he could.
Hyukjae nodded. “I guess we will be fine right?” He said hugging Kyuhyun tightly.
Kyuhyun sighed. “We will Hyukkie.” He said giving a loving kiss in his lover’s forehead.
“I guess I failed in my mission coming here.” Hyukjae said giggling.
“Why do you say so?” Kyuhyun asked not breaking the hug.
“Because I was sent to become independent.” Hyukjae said chuckling. “But it failed because there was no way I could spent so much time here without you.” He said smiling.
Kyuhyun chuckled. “You failed indeed.” He said softly before both of them shared a kiss telling themselves there were so many things they needed to fix; but the important thing was that they were still together.

A/N: *sighs*
I’m such a fail writter! TT_TT
It’s been a while since I last updated this story right??
I’m so sooooorry!
I promise I’ll write more often!
Blame my school and my parents since I got days off and they came to nag to me! xD
I hope you like this!
Comment a lot!

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