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Title: Just Like That [Sequel to: Switched]
Type: One-Shot
Autor: [ profile] eriiar
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!, Romance, fluff
Rating: PG-15
Word Count: 2,031
Warnings: Misspelled words and such [blah blah blah]~~ ^^’
Summary: Eunhyuk kept on denial; but still; he wasn’t going to let anyone to take his man away from him! 
A/N: My birthday present for Rikka Unnie! ^^
Eunhyuk still didn’t accept that fact; Kyuhyun wasn’t blushing as he expected every time he said something naughty; it was actually the other way around; because Hyukjae would end up blushing hard and with a hard beating heart; he hated it.
They were now in Kyuhyun’s car towards the park; even when Eunhyuk insisted he could drive in his own car and get there like that; Kyuhyun won with a simple chaste kiss in his cheek; making Eunhyuk do whatever the boy wanted him to.
Eunhyuk hissed in annoyance when he was in the car when he felt Kyuhyun’s hand in his inner thigh. He turned to see Kyuhyun smiling playfully to him and opened his eyes widely.
“Are you okay Hyukkie?” Kyuhyun asked and Eunhyuk just looked away. How he hated the fact of watching himself weak and girly on front of Kyuhyun.
“I’m fine.” Eunhyuk said looking outside the window and pouting as his mind wandered around the topic.
“You don’t seem fine Hyukkie.” Kyuhyun said; they have been together for about two months; he could already read the other’s feelings. “Tell me what’s wrong.”
“It’s just that…” Eunhyuk bit his lower lip. ‘You are so much manly than me and I feel like a girl every time you touch me or look at me.’ “It’s just that I’m hungry.” Eunhyuk lied shaking his head and scolding himself for thinking that way.
Kyuhyun chuckled. “We will arrive at the restaurant soon Hyukkie.” He said and Eunhyuk looked away; not really knowing why he blushed by nothing.
“Why so serious?” Eunhyuk asked a girl who quickly blushed by his words.
“E-Eunhyuk-ssi…” The girl called nervously; so obvious that she was attracted to Eunhyuk.
“Want me to entertain you for a while?” Eunhyuk asked seductively; no, he wasn’t cheating on Kyuhyun, he was just proving, or rather checking, if his ability was completely gone or his girl-ism was only for Kyuhyun.
“Oh…” The girl almost chocked with Eunhyuk’s words; so happy and so nervous as to give a smart answer.
“Never mind.” Eunhyuk said sighing and going away; leaving an almost convulsing girl in the hall.
Only for Kyuhyun it is. Eunhyuk proved and sighed; ready to get Kyuhyun like a real man.
He had planned on pinning Kyuhyun on the wall and attack his lips roughly; Kyuhyun wouldn’t have any other chance to top. There was no way Eunhyuk would fail.
Eunhyuk’s eyes narrowed as he frowned when he entered the cafeteria of the faculty; he was damn mad when he spotted Kyuhyun talking to a girl rather intimately.
But it wasn’t until the girl rubbed Kyuhyun’s arm that Eunhyuk’s blood boiled in anger. How dared she touch his man? He walked towards the chatting couple but when he arrived the girl was already gone.
“Hey Hyukkie.” Kyuhyun greeted ignoring completely the fact that Eunhyuk was so damn angry; not at Kyuhyun; but the girl. “Let’s get something to eat.” Kyuhyun dragged Eunhyuk.
Now it was awkward; Kyuhyun asked himself why; Eunhyuk didn’t eat anything, claiming he ate before meeting him; still; Kyuhyun was worried. “Is there something wrong Hyukkie?” He asked but Eunhyuk just ignored him.
“Nothing is wrong!” Eunhyuk yelled standing up the table and going away; leaving Kyuhyun completely clueless.
“Hyukkie!” Kyuhyun panted; he ran after his boyfriend and he didn’t have the best of the conditions to run that much.
“What?!” Eunhyuk snapped.
“Why are you mad?” Kyuhyun asked reaching the wall and resting his body there; looking at Eunhyuk who seemed was in fire.
“I have to go.” Eunhyuk said and ran away again; Kyuhyun cursed and followed back.
That day Kyuhyun couldn’t find Eunhyuk anymore and decided to chat again the next day in one of their classes; they had almost all their classes together so it would be pretty easy to chat there.
Eunhyuk realized he was childish; and he didn’t even have time to make his plan real so he tried his best to forget his madness and being all over Kyuhyun.
“Hey Hyukkie…” Kyuhyun greeted softly; afraid Eunhyuk would still be mad at him.
“Hey Kyu!” Eunhyuk exclaimed smiling brightly.
“A-Are you okay Hyukkie?” Kyuhyun asked leaving his book in the table and sitting by his boyfriend’s side.
“I’m totally fine Kyu!” Eunhyuk said giving a quick peck on Kyuhyun’s lips. “Let’s eat together at lunch okay?” He asked and Kyuhyun found himself nodding.
There was nothing wrong in Eunhyuk; it was so normal and Kyuhyun asked himself why; stealing glances at Eunhyuk who happened to be sleeping; just like usual. Kyuhyun chuckled and took away some stocks from Eunhyuk’s forehead; just to let him have a better view of his boyfriend’s beauty.
Their teacher learnt to ignore that pair of boys that were always dozing off his class; it was useless to call their attention.
Now it was Eunhyuk drinking happily his strawberry milk and a strawberry cake while Kyuhyun took a salad and water.
“And then I told the guy to back off!” Eunhyuk was chitchatting happily; making gestures so Kyuhyun would get his point; the latter was just smiling like an idiot, watching those plum and pink lips move shamelessly.
“Hey Kyu~” A girl came and Eunhyuk wanted to just rip that pretty face of hers away. “Do you by any chance have the calculus homework Mr. Park gave us last class?” She asked cutely while rubbing once again Kyuhyun’s arms.
Eunhyuk was boiling; holding his strawberry milk cartoon extremely tightly that the pink liquid was staining his slender and pale fingers. His face was red with anger.
“Sure.” Kyuhyun said smiling softly at the girl and taking out a paper from his bag.
“Oh thanks!” The girl said smiling brightly. “I’ll give it to you in class okay?” She asked with puppy eyes.
“Sure no problem.” Kyuhyun said giving the girl a warm smile; making Eunhyuk mad.
“See you at class then!” The girl exclaimed happily and went away not before winking her big eye to Kyuhyun.
“So what were you talking about?” Kyuhyun returned his attention to Hyukjae who was now cleaning his hands from the stickiness of the milk.
“I forgot.” Eunhyuk said looking away and trying hard to restrain himself from jumping to the retreating girl.
It has been so many times already; the same girl; the same intimacy; Kyuhyun wasn’t like that with anybody. Siwon told Eunhyuk that she wasn’t Kyuhyun’s family but that he somehow knew the girl wanted to have a relationship with Kyuhyun.
Eunhyuk frowned; it has been two weeks and the girl was surely getting Kyuhyun away from him; it was craziness and Eunhyuk hated the fact that Kyuhyun wasn’t doing anything about that.
“That’s it!” Eunhyuk exclaimed another time he saw his boyfriend and the girl talking. He walked towards the couple and stood up in front of Kyuhyun, by the side of the girl.
“Hey Hyuk-!”
Eunhyuk’s palm landed on Kyuhyun’s cheek leaving a read mark; Kyuhyun opened his eyes widely while the girl screamed and jumped in surprise; Kyuhyun froze, not knowing what’s going on.
“I hate you!” Eunhyuk screamed, his voice coming out rather weakly and shaky; revealing the fact that he wanted to cry. Why? Because he felt betrayed, used, and invisible at Kyuhyun’s eyes; but also because he was afraid Kyuhyun was losing interest in him and wanted a girlfriend that thought terrified him the most.
Eunhyuk walked away quickly; because he wouldn’t stand the fact that maybe Kyuhyun would see his tears. “Hyukkie!” Kyuhyun called from afar; but Eunhyuk didn’t turn around.
Kyuhyun ran after his boyfriend when he got over the shock; ignoring the girl questions and comments like “Is he crazy?” and “That was so rude!”
Kyuhyun didn’t care though; he just wanted to find his boyfriend and talk to him about what was happening; he finally spotted the man in a deserted hall of the faculty.
“Hyukkie!” Kyuhyun called grabbing the other’s arm and making him turn around.
Eunhyuk’s eyes were watery; there was a deep frown in his face and he was biting his lower lip. “Let me go.” Eunhyuk ordered weakly; hating how heavy his legs and heart felt.
“What’s wrong Hyukkie?!” Kyuhyun demanded taking Eunhyuk’s shoulders with his hands.
“What do you thing is wrong?!” Eunhyuk snapped finally letting a warm tear go down his cheek.
“I don’t know Hyukkie… please tell me…” Kyuhyun begged.
Eunhyuk looked away. “Why running after me Kyuhyun?” He asked and bit his lips to restrain whines coming out. “You should just stay with the pretty girl and forget about me.” He said pouting. “You two would make pretty children.”
Kyuhyun sighed and chuckled weakly. “You hit me just because you were jealous Hyukkie?” He asked embracing Eunhyuk with his arms.
“Get away Kyuhyun!” Eunhyuk exclaimed pushing Kyuhyun away from him and frowning deeply; feeling that Kyuhyun was mocking about his feelings.
“Ok I get it!” Kyuhyun exclaimed panicking as Eunhyuk was running away again. “I’m sorry Hyukkie!” He said when he finally grabbed his boyfriend again. “I won’t talk with any other girl again I promise!”
Eunhyuk looked back and pouted. “Are you sure?” He asked sniffing cutely and Kyuhyun smiled.
“I love you.” Kyuhyun said firmly cupping Hyukjae’s pouty face. “Because you’re amazing the way you are; when you smile you make my heart stop; when you cry you break my heart; when you’re mad at me you make me want to cry and beg for forgiveness; when your lips are on mine the world feels so right that the only thing I want to do is hold you in my arms; there’s no one that can occupy your place because it’s you the one I want to be with.”
Eunhyuk’s tears started falling down like rivers; sobbing as he hid his face in Kyuhyun’s chest. “I hate you.” He whispered clenching on Kyuhyun’s shirt tightly.
Kyuhyun chuckled. “I love you too.” He said kissing Eunhyuk’s hair.
Minutes later; Eunhyuk was being pinned on the wall; passionate kisses landing on him as Kyuhyun placed one of his hands in the wall by the side of his head and the other one in Eunhyuk’s small waist.
Eunhyuk moaned shyly as Kyuhyun was now kissing his neck; biting and licking every part of it. The fact that someone could see them was making it even more exciting. Eunhyuk had one of his hands in Kyuhyun’s chest and the other gripping Kyuhyun’s hair; bringing him closer so he could feel more of that sensation; his head backing so he could give Kyuhyun a better access.
Eunhyuk then snapped back to reality; but he was too weak as to stop his boyfriend and his talented mouth.
Eunhyuk’s pan of pinning Kyuhyun on the wall and kissing him mercilessly was frustrated as Kyuhyun did exactly that; making him even more like a girl with a burning heart.
Kyuhyun was a man; but Eunhyuk was too. “You’re so pretty I want to make you mine right here Hyukkie.” Kyuhyun said coming back to Eunhyuk’s lips and kissing them as much as he wanted.
Eunhyuk blushed hard; feeling nervous at Kyuhyun’s words and biting his lower lip when Kyuhyun broke the kiss. He wasn’t a virgin and still he didn’t know what made him so nervous.
“M-Make me yours?” Eunhyuk asked looking at Kyuhyun who chuckled lightly.
“Right now.” Kyuhyun said taking Eunhyuk’s hand and dragging his boyfriend towards the parking lot; totally ignoring the fact that they still had another class left.
That was it; Eunhyuk definitely didn’t have a chance to prove he was the man because it was simple.
Kyuhyun was the man. His man.


My birthday present for my beloved Unnie[ profile] keiclove~
Hope you like this Unnie!! xD
Love you all!!
Comment a lot! ♥

Date: 2011-11-27 11:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
for the birthday girl!
[ profile] keiclove

I love you! xD

Date: 2011-11-28 07:26 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
WEEEEEE MY BDAY FIC !! *whirl around*
Thanks my sweetie lovely honey baby dongsaeng *squish*

silly-jelly hyuk is too adorable <3333
and this story is toooooo cute *squeal*
kkk dont u worry hyukkie, kyu is yours only and always xD

and the ending~ how should I put this *clear throat* WHAT A CLIFFHANGER YOU GIVE ME THERE *wails childishly*

omg, I sound so annoying. sorry T^T

but yeah, you know I love love you, rite? kkk <3

Date: 2011-11-28 10:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
you're pervy!!
Love you too Unnie! ^^

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Date: 2011-11-27 11:28 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Cindy Unnie~~
[ profile] roozu_trinity

Date: 2011-11-28 03:06 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
yup, Kyu is 'his' man.
>//< this is cute. aww..poor Hyuukie, unable to prove himself, what to do? he's so pretty to e one! kekekke (sorry Hyukkie, u're 'the man', at least for me!) XD

thanx for this, so cute.^^

Date: 2011-11-28 03:15 am (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
Thanks for reading!! ^^

Date: 2011-11-28 03:16 pm (UTC)
ext_950088: (Default)
From: [identity profile]
huhu hyukkie jealous. Kyu should pay attention towards hyukkie feeling. Thanks dear for sharing this.

Date: 2011-11-28 10:11 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
*nod nod*
Thanks for reading! xD

Date: 2011-11-28 08:18 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
OMG How did you manage to write every single update so well?
This is totally... I must admit it's even better than the prequel!!
The jealous Hyukjae is so interesting xDDDDDD Kyuhyun you dense boyfriend xDDDDD
And the reversed plan xD
And what I love the most is Kyuhyun's confession to Hyukjae T___T I would mind right there if I heard those words (yeah what am I dreaming =; )
And the last sentence <3 <3 You always find a way to end things with a perfect last sentence that makes everything just right <3
Thank you thank you thank you <3

Date: 2011-11-28 10:14 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I did my best for all my readers! ^^
haha I guess it was kinda better?? xD
Kyhyun's confession? yeah~~ I guess all of us want to hear that some day! xD

I'm happy you find the endings nice; because I'm always so worried about the endings that I last hours finding the right way to write it. xD

Thank you so much for reading!! (:

Date: 2011-11-28 10:23 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pauline ou pas (from
OOOOOOOWWW SO CUUUTE *bouncing around*
I'm melting for this one shot. I swear.

Thanks Rikka Unnie to be alive.

*goes back to his lovey-dovey-KyuHyuk cloud*

Date: 2011-11-28 10:25 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile] pauline ou pas (from
And KyuHyun speech. *faints*
And if it could be KyuHyun, it will be gorgeous. (Actually, if it's him, no need speech.)
That's it.

Date: 2011-11-28 10:34 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
hahaha!!! :')
you're right!!
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