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Title: Fake Dreams
Chapter: Five
Autor: eriiar
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!, Romance, Fantasy, angst
Rating: PG - 15
Warnings: Some grammar errors~~
Summary: When Hyukjae realized what was happening in his life it was too late for him to go back and make the right decisions.


The camping was sure interesting; Kyuhyun didn’t let go of Hyukjae in the whole night; almost telling everybody with his gaze that the blond boy was his and nobody else’s.
“Hae!” A soft voice could be heard in the camping place.
Hyukjae opened his eyes widely; annoyance coming to his body as Kyuhyun was sleeping beside him.
Siwon, Donghae and Hyukjae went out of their respective tents; being the only ones that could actually hear the voice.
“What are you doing here hyung?” Siwon asked rubbing his eyes.
“Are you here to take those two away from me?!” Hyukjae asked excited as he made his way towards a huge tree so he could rest his body there.
“Hey!” Siwon and Donghae exclaimed.
“No.” Leeteuk said softly; giggling at the boys’ behavior. “I just came to see how you guys were doing.” He informed with a huge smile.
“Well…” Hyukjae started rubbing his eyes. “Everything is wrong if these guys keep on staying at home.” He said making Siwon and Donghae gasp in annoyance. “Some weird creatures have targeted me since Siwon arrived and Donghae is mere a child!” He whined.
Leeteuk sighed. “I’ve been informed about that already.” He said calmly. “And Hae…” He called in a scolding manner.
“Y-Yes hyung?” Donghae answered shyly; hiding behind Siwon.
“You promised me you wouldn’t cause problems…” Leeteuk reminded.
“I didn’t!” Donghae whined.
“You did!” Hyukjae yelled pouting. “And Siwon did too!” He whined.
“I didn’t!” Both Siwon and Donghae whined pouting deeply.
Leeteuk sighed. “Mind telling me everything?” He asked calmly.
Hyukjae breathed in deeply. “Siwon is an archer but he’s completely weak and useless! Donghae keeps on telling me to do things when those things are irrational! Both of them always want to sleep in my bed and won’t leave me alone! Siwon modified my house and Donghae made the furniture which is totally out of place! Strange creatures keep on attacking me but these two bugs are useless enough as to not help me at all! Siwon just faints away and Donghae is so childish! MY LIFE IS RUINED BECAUSE OF THESE TWO!”
Hyukjae breathed in and out several times; feeling finally able to say all those things; panting heavily as he said everything in one go; Donghae and Siwon were left looking away and scratching the back of their heads nervously; a shy smile plastered in their lips.
Leeteuk cleared his throat; looking away from Hyukjae’s demanding eyes. “Well…” He trailed off. “I guess you just need to get used to these two…” He laughed nervously. “Siwon is actually a great archer; maybe he’s just disconcerted; Donghae is a great warrior by himself too; but he gets distracted easily; just bare with them for a while okay?” He asked smiling and showing his dimple. “I promise you they are actually good partners and they will help out in everything you need…”
Hyukjae didn’t heard anymore; the soft voice of the guy in front of him was hypnotizing him; making him nod in agreement even when he didn’t really want to.
“So let’s get some sleep now!” Donghae squealed happily while Hyukjae found himself lost in his spot; still trying to process Leeteuk’s words and the damn reason of why he actually agreed on staying with the both childish males in front of him.
They came back to their tents; not minding anything else because well; nobody could see Leeteuk. Or at least that’s what they thought.
Three pair of eyes were watching all the conversation from their respective tents; jus chuckling lightly when they realized it was nothing they would care.
“Seems to be I still have to monopolize Hyukjae from those two.” Kyuhyun sighed deeply before going once again back to sleep.
Hyukjae didn’t know how it all happened; his life wasn’t supposed to be like that; there was no way it should be normal for those things to happen; it was simply senseless.
“Your house is huge!” Sungmin exclaimed smiling brightly at Hyukjae.
“Y-Yeah…” Hyukjae glared with all his hatred in his eyes at Siwon and Donghae who decided the wall was sure interesting.
So it was it; Hankyung told Hyukjae his parents were moving out and he didn’t want to leave.
“You can stay with us!” Donghae told Hankyung and Siwon self palmed because Donghae forgot Hankyung was one of Hyukjae’s want-to-be-boyfriends. But everything was better than having Kyuhyun in the house too.
And so Hankyung moved to Hyukjae’s house; what it was supposed to be a little humble room just for Hyukjae to survive became a mansion with three huge rooms and all sort of luxuries Hyukjae didn’t actually need.
Wulffrith was like glued to Hyukjae; because the wolf didn’t want his owner to be in danger; having too many people in the house was dangerous in his point of view.
But why was Sungmin in his house too? Well; it was after a few minutes when Kyuhyun realized Hankyung was staying with them.
They glared at each other; a smile in Hankyung eyes as Kyuhyun groaned in annoyance. “I’ll stay at your house too!” He declared and Hyukjae chocked with his own food.
“Woah!” Sungmin exclaimed and proceed to pat his best friend’s back. “Are you okay Hyukkie?” He asked concerned when Hyukjae was just coughing.
Hyukjae nodded and looked at Kyuhyun. “What?!” He snapped feeling used.
“I’ll be staying at your place too!” Kyuhyun repeated determined. “There’s no way I will let Hankyung stay that close of my boyfriend!”
“Who are you calling ‘boyfriend’?!” Siwon asked frowning deeply and standing up.
“Hyukkie of course!” Kyuhyun rolled his eyes.
“He can’t be your boyfriend!” Siwon said crossing his arms in his wide and muscular chest.
“Well…” Kyuhyun rolled his eyes again. “He is my boyfriend and you’re just annoying me so sit down!”
Siwon opened his eyes widely; there was no way a little and fragile human was talking to him; a great archer like him. “You sure have some guts!” He hissed gritting his teeth.
“I do!” Kyuhyun exclaimed standing up and frowning deeply at Siwon; the war kept on going and Donghae decided to just let them be; Hyukjae would become his cousin’s wife anyways; it wasn’t that much of a deal for Hyukjae to have some more boyfriends.
“Can I stay at your home too Hyukkie?” Sungmin asked cutely while pointing at himself and sliding his lower lip out; opening his eyes widely and looking at Hyukjae.
“Of course you can!” Siwon exclaimed with a wide smile in his face and taking Sungmin’s hands lovingly; “You can stay the time you wish!”
“Siwon!” Hyukjae scolded. “Why is it everybody wants to go and live at my place?!” He asked desperately and messing his hair in annoyance.
“Just because.” Hankyung and Donghae shrugged it off and kept on eating their own ice creams.
“Aish!” Hyukjae hissed annoyed. “Fine!” He exclaimed looking away and crossing his arms in his chest. “But you all have to be quiet and let me do my own things!” He said.
“DONE!” Everybody chorused happily.
And there they were; all in Hyukjae’s new-and-bigger house; arranging the furniture and changing everything; taking their clothes inside and accommodating to their own new life.
“This will be real fun!” Sungmin exclaimed and Hyukjae just sighed when Siwon nodded happily.
Hyukjae sighed and let his body fell sliding in the wall; Wulffrith keeping his company as the wolf itself felt he has been invaded.
Hyukjae decided to go to the school earlier than the others; because he just needed to be alone at least for some seconds. He sighed as he walked towards the school; chuckling lightly at the little scene that was created in his house.
“Sungmin and Kyuhyun in one room; Hankyung in another one and Donghae, Hyukkie, Wulffrith and I in the third one!” Siwon declared pointing at all the rooms and smiling like a boss.
“I PROTEST!” Hyukjae and Kyuhyun yelled at unison and with frowns in their faces.
Hyukjae blushed and looked away embarrassed and Kyuhyun smirked looking at his boyfriend. “Why?!” Siwon almost whined.
“Obviously because I don’t want to sleep with you and Donghae!” Hyukjae rolled his eyes snorting and crossing his arms in his chest.
“That’s exactly my reason!” Kyuhyun exclaimed with a huge grin in his face. “I have to be the one staying with Hyukkie!”
Donghae, Siwon and Wulffrith glared at Kyuhyun and groaned in annoyance. “I won’t allow that!” Donghae said pouting and frowning at the same time. “Hyukkie can’t sleep with someone who’s not allowed by the royalty!” He exclaimed with a triumphal smile in his face.
Siwon and Hyukjae rolled their eyes and everyone else lifted their eyebrows in confusion. “Whatever.” Siwon said. “The rooms are already assigned and there won’t be changes!” He declared in an authoritarian tone that even Hyukjae was afraid of fight back.
Still; that night Hyukjae slept alone in one room thanks to Wulffrith’s fierce teeth and groans that prevented anybody to go near his owner. Hyukjae used the wolf as a pillow that night; hugging it tightly as Siwon kept on mentally calling for him and whining to let him go and sleep by his side.
Morning came and Hyukjae went out happily out of his room. “Hey beautiful.” Hyukjae jumped lightly and took his hand to his chest when he felt Kyuhyun’s hands in his waist.
“K-Kyuhyun!” Hyukjae half scolded panting lightly as the shock he got. “You scared me!” He said sighing.
“I just wanted to greet you.” Kyuhyun said hugging Hyukjae by the back and kissing his shoulder.
“Good morning then.” Hyukjae said giggling shyly and turning around to give Kyuhyun a soft kiss in his lips.
Kyuhyun smiled between the kiss and pulled Hyukjae closer by the waist; making their bodies almost melt into one and make the kiss become hotter. Wulffrith decided to sit by the couple’s side and take care of both of them.
“YA!” Siwon exclaimed as soon as he got out of Hankyung’s room. “You two get away from each other!” He demanded but didn’t dare to go further when the huge wolf threatened to attack if he stepped forward.
Donghae arrived next and almost jumps into the hugging and kissing couple; but once again; even when Wulffrith really liked Donghae; it wasn’t going to allow him to break his owner’s peace.
When the yells became unstoppable; when Kyuhyun smirked at the pair of males; when his head started hurting because of the noise; Hyukjae decided to just back off peacefully and not make a war every five minutes. “I’ll go with Minnie hyung.” Hyukjae announced and walked away slowly.
“Stay with me Hyukkie.” Kyuhyun said as he didn’t let go of Hyukjae’s arm. “I want to keep on kissing you.”
Hyukjae blushed by Kyuhyun’s straightforwardness. “I’ll go have some breakfast!” Hyukjae said as he let go of Kyuhyun’s grip and ran towards the kitchen.
“Look what you have done!” Kyuhyun snapped at the couple of boys; Siwon and Donghae frowned.
“We did nothing!” They both chorused and soon; there was a mini war in Hyukjae’s house.
“Hey.” Hyukjae greeted as soon as he entered the kitchen.
There was Hankyung cooking madly on the kitchen; a red apron around his waist; they were so lucky Hankyung could cook; because Hyukjae knew he wasn’t the best of all and he had no intentions of stopping Hankyung from doing so; also they agreed on the latter to be the cooker; Sungmin the gardener; Kyuhyun, Donghae and Hyukjae would keep the house clean; Siwon would fix any problems regarding it and Wulffrith would protect the entrance. Everything was planned and Hyukjae thought his life would become more organized that way; but nothing could be organized if everybody: and by ‘everybody’ he refers as Kyuhyun, Donghae and Siwon; keep on fighting every time they see Kyuhyun and Hyukjae having and intimate moment.
“Hey!” Hankyung greeted back happily. “What would you like for breakfast?” He asked softly and Hyukjae blushed lightly looking away.
“Umm…” He trailed off thinking. “I’m not really hungry; where’s Minnie hyung?” He asked.
Hankyung stopped doing food for a while and looked at Hyukjae. “I’m guessing he’s on the garden?” He answered unsure.
“I’ll go see him!” Hyukjae announced and looked away again when Hankyung gave him another soft smile. “I-I’ll be leaving to school after go with Sungminnie hyung…” he said as he made his way to the door of the kitchen.
“Wait for me! We can go together!” Hankyung said taking off his apron.
“It’s alright!” Hyukjae calmed Hankyung down. “I need to get early because I have something to do; you can leave later with Donghae and Siwon.”
Hankyung nodded and put the apron once again in his body. “Would you mind calling the three musketeers so they can get breakfast? Sungmin ate already.”
Hyukjae nodded and went out of the kitchen giving Hankyung a soft smile. “Hey guys, Hankyung said-”
Hyukjae stopped as he saw the three boys playing a strange game in which by the scene of it; they all looked frustrated and annoyed; seems to be no one was winning. That’s because they’re all a fail in rock, paper scissors. Hyukjae sighed.
“Hankyung hyung sais breakfast is ready!” Hyukjae announced and gulped when three pair of eyes were looking at him; the three of them smiling from ear to ear because damn; they were hungry.
Donghae and Siwon passed by Hyukjae running towards the kitchen. “EDIBLE FOOD!” they yelled happily as Hyukjae threw mentally daggers in their back.
Kyuhyun was walking fast too; but he stopped a second to give Hyukjae a hot kiss and take out a few moans from the blushing male; he then smirked. “Would you like to be my breakfast?” He asked and a teasingly kiss in Hyukjae’s neck was enough for the other to feel in flames.
“You better have a proper breakfast Kyu.” Hyukjae said with a soft smile; giggling at Kyuhyun’s groan in annoyance. “I know you’re hungry Kyu; go and eat something.”
“Won’t you come too?” Kyuhyun asked with puppy eyes.
“I have something to do first.” Hyukjae said not telling Kyuhyun he was already going; because if it was that way then the latter wouldn’t allow him to do so.
Kyuhyun nodded and gave Hyukjae a soft peck in his lips before turning towards the kitchen; Hyukjae sighed and went out.
“Minnie hyung!” He called and jumped when the said boy appeared from the nothingness; wearing gloves and all full in dirty. “Minnie?”
“Hey Hyukkie!” Sungmin exclaimed happily. “I’m almost done!” He announced smiling brightly; Hyukjae just nodded.
“I have to go to school now hyung.” Hyukjae announced before the conversation turned around and he would end up talking nonsense with Sungmin.
“Okay!” Sungmin exclaimed happily. “But can you do something for me before you go?” He asked with cute puppy eyes that Hyukjae couldn’t resist.
“Yes hyung?” Hyukjae asked softly.
“Tell me what’s going to happen.” Sungmin said with a soft smile; making Hyukjae feel the nostalgic feeling of the past; he smiled widely while his mind wandered on the future.
A wider smile went to Hyukjae’s lips as he giggled shyly; he leaned closer and whispered something in Sungmin’s ears; after that, both of them were laughing their ass off.
“Seriously?!” Sungmin asked taking his tear away from laughing so much.
Hyukjae nodded. “I’ll tell you in the moment!” He said. “I’ll be leaving now hyung!” He announced still giggling.
“I’ll see you there Hyukkie!” Sungmin said. “Hey!” He called pouting when Hyukjae was leaving already.
Hyukjae turned around confused and smiled softly when he saw how Sungmin pointed at his own cheek. “See you there Minnie.” Hyukjae said as he pecked Sungmin’s cheek softly; the latter smiled and nodded, waving at Hyukjae when he was already leaving.
And there he was; Hyukjae giggling shyly when he remembered the mini wars in his house; or at least; in what it used to be his house.
He sighed as he stepped inside the school; dodging gracefully a bottle of red paint that was going to fall over him; he already knew it was going to happen; it was so obvious; people kept on harassing him; they kept on yelling at him and making him feel like trash; as a completely freak.
But he didn’t see the next thing coming; he didn’t anticipate it as the balloon hit his face; leaving red marks that could be seen after cleaning his face.
Hyukjae froze; his face hurt; it was paint; red paint and he was freaking out. It smells funny. He thought a he touched his cheeks and felt the paint; it wasn’t as dense as paint should be. This is not paint. He panicked and when a drop of the liquid went into his mouth he opened his eyes widely; feeling nauseas and falling on his knees only to cough as much as he could; the savor still in his mouth as he felt awful.
Disgust. That was exactly what Hyukjae felt; the smell impregnating in his clothes and skin; the red liquid falling from his face and the nauseas were getting harder to resist.
Blood. Hyukjae didn’t think of any time the people would treat him like that; they never went too far; he knew it was animal’s blood because there was no way someone had died.
Hyukjae stood up weakly; leaving all his stuff stained with blood behind and walked still coughing towards the bathroom; trying hard to keep  his mouth shouted so he wouldn’t throw up with the awful feeling he got.
Just when he was about to turn in a corner next to the room he wanted to get; another balloon landed in his back; then another one in his arm; one more in his head; balloons full of blood kept coming; he could just stay there; tears already falling down his eyes as his body was shaking.
Hyukjae’s small body was curled into a ball in the floor; the balloons stopped coming a while ago; but the sensation of dirtiness was still there. His shaky body, his warm tears, purple marks in his body for the hard hits he got, his stained skin, the smell impregnated in his clothes and hair.
Red; that color contrasted so much with Hyukjae’s pale and white skin; with Hyukjae’s blond hair.
It took a supernatural effort for Hyukjae to arrive at the gym and take his clothes off; he was extra early; it was supposed to ne no one in the school; but he was wrong apparently; the shower took too long but nobody had classes in the gym for the first hour. He washed his skin as if he wanted to change it; his hair was like a nest when he finished.
He stepped out of the shower and frowned; that disgusting smell of iron still in his skin; he took a shower once again. Why didn’t he see it coming? He didn’t know; but he had to be more careful from then on; people hated him; but he didn’t want to accept it still.
The bell rang announcing it was the start of the classes and Hyukjae was still dressing himself; not that confident to go out; nauseas were still present as he took small steps towards his classroom; watching carefully everyone’s movements; trying hard to predict them and run away if he had to.
There was almost no one in the halls as Hyukjae made his way through them; but there was no one when he arrived too.
Something strange was that no one was laughing at him; that was something the people used to do; it was as if no one knew what happened; there were no giggles all around him, just the despicable looks that people used to give him.
Strange. Hyukjae thought as he opened the door of his class.
The teacher said nothing because she was scared of Hyukjae and the latter knew about it; nobody ever scolded him in the school; still, he didn’t like skipping class.
“Hyukkie!” Sungmin squealed happily while Kyuhyun gave him a soft smile.
The class went on; not without Kyuhyun’s multiples whines about why Hyukjae left first and didn’t wait for him; Kyuhyun’s chaste kisses when he thought no one was looking; their hands intertwined all the time they were there.
“So…” Donghae said smiling weakly. “How’s your arm?” He asked because the class was really boring and he wanted something funny to do.
Hankyung gulped and looked around by the corner of his eyes to see if there was anybody who was listening. “Is better now thanks.” He said softly smiling when he realized he actually had nothing to fear.
“I’m happy to hear that.” Donghae said with a bright smile. “Be careful not to fall down again.” He scolded childish; Hankyung just nodded and changed the topic; making their conversation brighter and funnier.
Kyuhyun heard the conversation of the two men in front of him and gasped when he knew Hankyung was injured of the arm; still, t wasn’t as if he would care about that, Kyuhyun shrugged it off and turned again to make Hyukjae blush like crazy.
“A pretty good advance you made.” Heechul said smiling satisfied.
“I did right?” The boy said with a smile. “Don’t I deserve a prize?” He asked lifting an eyebrow.
Heechul rolled his eyes. “Maybe.” He said, but he had a playful smile in his pretty plum lips. “Join me for dinner.” He commanded and the boy was glad to accept the proposal.
“You look beautiful today Chullie…” The boy in uniform said smiling softly while plats of exquisite food were in front of him.
“I always look beautiful.” Heechul said with a smirk in his mouth. “How’s your arm?” He asked looking own and cutting his meat into tiny pieces.
The boy’s eyes brightened; because finally the love of his life was paying attention to him; he cared for the boy; Heechul was asking something he never did before.
“It’s fine already.” The boy said with bright eyes and soft tone. “You know I heal extremely fast.”
“Still…” Heechul turned up and their eyes met. “Be careful next time.” He said as the boy smiled and nodded. “Did anyone noticed?” He asked.
The boy frowned lightly. “I don’t think they suspect from me.” He said and then smiled. “Better tell me how have you been Chullie…”
Heechul smiled brightly. “I’ve been pretty much a fluffy ball of happiness!” He exclaimed and that beautiful smile made the boy smile too. “Because you’re finally living by that person’s side and you will be able to exterminate him as soon as possible!”
“I’ll wait until I have his full trust though…” The boy voiced out his own thoughts.
“I guess that’s the best way to start!” Heechul clapped happily. “Now eat!” He ordered. “You have to come back to your new house.”
The boy nodded and smiled; eating happily; probably the best food he had ever eaten.
Sungmin and Hyukjae were eating happily when everybody else came with their foods. “Now?” Sungmin asked and Hyukjae shook his head.
“Not yet.” Hyukjae announced and Sungmin pouted receiving the food Siwon was handing to him. “Thanks.” Hyukjae said to Kyuhyun who gave him his food; Hyukjae couldn’t possible go and buy it simply because people hated him so much they wouldn’t allow him to get anything.
“You’re welcome.” Kyuhyun said as he made his way towards Hyukjae’s side.
Kyuhyun groaned in annoyance when Donghae placed himself by Hyukjae’s side and stuck his tongue out childish to Kyuhyun; he decided to sit between his boyfriend and his brother.
“What the hell?!” Kyuhyun yelled annoyed and frustrated because damn; Siwon just sat down there, both makes guarding Hyukjae like fierce guards.
“Now?” Sungmin asked Hyukjae behind Siwon’s back almost whispering.
“A few more seconds.” Hyukjae whispered back and Sungmin nodded; smiling brightly in anticipation.
Nobody exactly knew how it started; but Sungmin and Hyukjae couldn’t stop laughing as Siwon, Donghae and Kyuhyun began a war of food; throwing it towards the other’s face; Kyuhyun yelling at them they should go away from his boyfriend; Donghae with the argument Kyuhyun had to respect him because he was older and Siwon saying something like he would teach Kyuhyun a lesson if he continue flirting with Hyukjae who actually happened to be his boyfriend.
“It’s funnier to see it on live than just a mere rumor!” Sungmin said still laughing; the three males’ clothes were already full of food.
Hankyung decided to sit by the laughing boys and sigh. “They seem to be like kids.” He said sighing again.
“They are right?” Hyukjae asked smiling brightly; Sungmin and Hankyung nodded before starting eating peacefully.
Kyuhyun was the only one allowed to step inside Hyukjae’s room, Wulffrith would definitely not allow any other person than him; and Kyuhyun was super happy about that.
“Yah Wulffrith!” Hyukjae whined. “I want to sleep by Kyu’s side!” He whined.
The wolf snorted and didn’t even move; it placed itself in between Hyukjae and Kyuhyun in the bed, not only because Donghae and Siwon bribed him with fresh meat; but because it just didn’t want to let the couple sleep together.
“Wulffrith…” Kyuhyun called softly, feeling stupid every time he treated the wolf as a person. “Let me sleep hugging Hyukkie please…” He begged pouting and looking at the wolf’s big and rounded eyes. “I won’t be able to sleep if it’s not that way.” He said and the wolf stood up lazily; going once again to be Hyukjae’s pillow.
The wolf liked Kyuhyun so much, it was because Hyukjae did too; their feelings reflected on each other, if the owner felt love; the wolf would feel the same.
That night the wolf was Hyukjae’s pillow again; but Kyuhyun hugged him all the time; giving chaste kisses once in a while and humming a song so Hyukjae would fall asleep sooner.
It was the beginning of a new life for everybody and it seemed to be everything was perfect.
That peace and calmness in the first hours of the night didn’t last when Hyukjae heard something strange coming from the other side of his door; he opened his eyes and could feel Wulffrith’s confusion too.
Is there someone outside? He asked to himself as he frowned; it could be Donghae or it could be Sungmin; whoever it was they were on the possibilities.
But Hyukjae was sure everybody was sleeping; Kyuhyun seemed like a death body beside him; having his arms securing Hyukjae’s small waist and nuzzling his face in Hyukjae’s blond and soft hair.
Hyukjae took Kyuhyun’s hands off his body carefully and sighed silently when he was already out of his grip; thanking the heavens Kyuhyun didn’t even seem to wake up soon.
He has a really deep sleep. He thought as the wolf stood up too and followed his owner towards the door silently.
They were out of the room; everything was dark; Hyukjae wondered why, there were no paths of someone near, but the noises kept on coming; Hyukjae frowned and felt in danger automatically; making the wolf feel the same and placing the both of them in defensive and attack positions.
Hyukjae threw himself to the floor when an arrow passed centimeters away from his face. “SIWON!” He called running towards a safe place.
Another arrowed almost reached him and his heart started beating so fast; the two arrows got to him in different directions.
Siwon appeared instantly; an arch and a bunch of invisible arrows that would appear in his hands as soon as he called for them.
“Place yourself behind me Hyukjae.” Siwon announced and soon; Donghae was out too, a large and long sword in his hand; both of them protecting Hyukjae.
Siwon knew exactly where the attacker was, Donghae would stop the arrows with his sword; Siwon would throw arrows back. Hyukjae could just see the scene, Siwon was so magnificent, so accurate, so focused; Donghae was graceful, fast and smooth. They were definitely great warriors; Hyukjae finally understood that; they were strong and he noticed.
Siwon was still throwing arrows; Hyukjae could see the figure in black move from spot to spot; throwing arrows at them too; he cursed himself because he wasn’t that focused to fight with the guy.
Siwon and Donghae couldn’t fight with him because they were protecting Hyukjae and if by any chance they went out of their positions Hyukjae might be in danger.
Minutes passed and Siwon was getting frustrated. An arrow went directly at the attacker’s body. “Argggg!” they heard the guy groaned in pain; a magic arrow was something that would kill any living being on earth; it was so strong that it would be really hard to survive.
Hyukjae heard heavy respirations and turned around just to find three pair of eyes watching the fight carefully; it wasn’t such a big of a fight; but still, it might be shocking for all of them.
An arrow passed by Hyukjae’s shoulders, almost touching his skin as it landed on someone else’s body; Kyuhyun’s body.
“KYUHYUN!” Hyukjae called panicking; the attacker threw his last arrow and disappeared instantly; Siwon and Donghae didn’t know what to do.
Tears started forming in Hyukjae’s eyes as he saw how Kyuhyun fell down the floor weakly. Sungmin’s and Hankyung’s eyes not believing what was happening.
“W-What…” Kyuhyun started touching his arm; the arrow just touched his skin, but it was like fire for him. “What’s happening?” He asked when he couldn’t bring himself to ignore the pain; it was consuming his whole body.
Hyukjae had a shaky body. “SIWON! DO SOMETHING!” He commanded leaning down and examining Kyuhyun’s injury. “You’ll be fine Kyu.” He promised; but he was afraid that was an empty promise.
A/N: I’m baaaaaaaaaaaaaack!!
Wooahh!! Like a whole month without updating this right?? Keke
I’m sorry *bows*
I’ll try my best to keep updating neh?
Sorry I’m just writing nonsense lately but I hope you like it! xD
See ya next update!
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