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Title: World Turns
Part: One
Autor: [ profile] eriiar
Pairing: KyuHyuk (Kyuhyun/Eunhyuk)
Genre: AU!, Romance, angst
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: yah! I’m not perfect so there will be misspelled words and such~~ ^^’
Summary:  Things in life are unexpected. Eunhyuk learnt that forcefully.

“I love you.” Kyuhyun said softly in Eunhyuk’s ears. “So much you can’t imagine.” He added kissing Eunhyuk’s jaw line.
“I love you too.” Eunhyuk giggled; cuddling himself in Kyuhyun’s wide and naked chest.
They closed their eyes; ready to sleep in each other’s embrace. They could feel the warmth form the other’s body; they loved how their bodies molded perfectly to each other; not minding how sticky they were after sex; it never mattered.
Kyuhyun nuzzled his face in Eunhyuk’s red hair; loving the scent and making his life complete.
Everything was perfect; Kyuhyun couldn’t ask for more; because he had Eunhyuk and it was enough for him; he loved him so freaking much he would be a scared and lost puppy without the latter. Kyuhyun felt the butterflies in his stomach each time he looked at Eunhyuk; his heart would always sank when the other smiled at him; he simply loved Eunhyuk; there was nothing more he could ask for.
And everything was perfect; because Kyuhyun wasn’t missing anything; he was millionaire; he had a nice family; his company was one of the best; but the part that made him complete and happy was the fact that Eunhyuk was by his side and loved him back.
What would I do without you? Kyuhyun asked himself while closing his eyes and hugging Eunhyuk tightly. My life would be over. He answered himself; the only thought of being without the red haired man scared him so much tears would be forming; because just thinking about it made him suffer.
Morning came and Kyuhyun woke up feeling soft lips against his. He smiled and kissed back immediately; cupping the other’s face so he wouldn’t go away.
“Good morning.” Eunhyuk said smiling softly.
“Good morning.” Kyuhyun greeted back; leaning closer so their lips would be kissing again; sharing his love and just that.
“Let’s get ready Kyu.” Eunhyuk said; but his body didn’t seem to be agreed since he cuddled himself more into Kyuhyun’s chest.
“Later.” Kyuhyun said closing his eyes and hugging Eunhyuk by the waist; roaming his hands teasingly and sliding down Eunhyuk’s naked ass.
“Oh Kyu…” Eunhyuk moaned between the embrace. “We just did it last night…” He said closing his eyes while Kyuhyun massaged his butt cheeks.
“So what?” Kyuhyun asked placing himself on top of Eunhyuk and kissing him in the lips. “I like being inside you.” He confessed after breaking the kiss; eyes locked together. “Because that’s the only thing that actually makes me feel complete.” He said honestly and Eunhyuk smiled softly.
“Do you promise letting me go to work after this?” Eunhyuk asked rubbing Kyuhyun’s cheeks with both hands; looking lovingly at Kyuhyun.
“Do I have another option?” Kyuhyun asked turning his head so he could kiss Eunhyuk’s hands. “I would actually prefer to stay like this forever.” He said taking Eunhyuk’s hand with his and starting kissing his wrist; then his arm; little by little until he arrived at Eunhyuk’s pale neck. “I love you.” He repeated; letting his heart exposed to Eunhyuk so the latter could take it.
“You know I love you too.” Eunhyuk said backing his head and moaning lightly at Kyuhyun’s kisses. “You’re my life and you know it.” He continued wrapping his legs in Kyuhyun’s waist to maintain him in place.
Kyuhyun smiled softly and kissed Eunhyuk’s lips softly; letting the other know how strong his feelings were after three years of being together.
Kyuhyun met Eunhyuk once when he went to that coffee shop; because it was raining and a stranger’s car blocked his for going out; he decided to relax a bit and take something hot.
“Welcome.” A pretty person greeted as soon as he came in. “Would you like a table?” The pretty person asked and Kyuhyun could just nod; he was stunned because of the beauty he had in front of him. “Follow me please.” The pretty person said smiling brightly and signaling Kyuhyun to go after him.
It was one of the best coffee shops in the city; it was highly exclusive and all the people working there had to be pretty; because the customers were all waiting for something good.
Still; Kyuhyun didn’t know there would exist such a beautiful person; not even in there. “Here.” The pretty person said smiling and signaling Kyuhyun a table. “Here is the menu.” That beauty said placing the menu in front of him; in the table. “I’ll come back in some minutes; please enjoy your stay.” The person bowed and Kyuhyun just nodded; never tearing his gaze apart from that person.
Kyuhyun looked at the menu once the person was out of sight; he read it and sighed when he knew he only wanted some coffee; there was no need on reading anything.
“May I take your order?” The pretty person asked softly; making Kyuhyun turn around and once again; making himself amused with the beauty of the person in front of him.
“What’s your name?” Kyuhyun asked looking at the boy who suddenly got nervous.
“E-Eunhyuk…” The boy answered nervously.
“Eunhyuk…” Kyuhyun repeated with a soft smile; loving how the name spilled out from his mouth. “I just want coffee.” He said after a while.
Eunhyuk nodded lightly and wrote it down. “It’ll be here in a second sir.” He said before taking the menu from the table; gasping when his customer grabbed his hand. “S-Sir?” He called confused and nervous.
“Don’t call me ‘sir’.” Kyuhyun said looking at Eunhyuk. “My name is Kyuhyun.” He said firmly but softly; looking at those nervous eyes that were looking back at him.
Eunhyuk giggled nervously; not trying to free his hand anymore. “I’m sorry Kyuhyun-ssi.” He said smiling nervously. “I’ll bring your coffee in a minute.” He said biting his lower lip.
Kyuhyun finally let his hand go and smiled at the boy. “Also…” He said when Eunhyuk was about to go; the latter turned around; his face blushing and Kyuhyun loving the view. “I will come here every day; at this hour; from now on.” He declared. “I want you to be my waiter always.” He announced and Eunhyuk’s blush just went deeper.
“O-Ok…” Eunhyuk finally said; turning around to get the coffee.
And Kyuhyun did; he went there daily; took the same coffee and sat down in the same table; Eunhyuk would have his order already done exactly when Kyuhyun entered the place because he didn’t want the other to wait so much; they would start chatting about useless things until they became good friends.
“Let’s go on a date.” Kyuhyun said flatly and Eunhyuk blushed hard.
“W-What?” Eunhyuk asked confused; fearing he misunderstood.
“I want you to be my boyfriend.” Kyuhyun said with a playful smirk in his lips. “So let’s go out on a date.” He repeated leaning closer.
Eunhyuk then regretted sitting by Kyuhyun’s side; because their faced were so close and his cheeks were so pink that he felt even more embarrassed.
“What do you say?” Kyuhyun asked softly.
Eunhyuk simply nodded and looked down at his lap; smiling dreamingly as the thought of Kyuhyun being his boyfriend crossed his mind; he was a simple waiter in a coffee shop and Kyuhyun was the heir of a huge company.
Still; Kyuhyun proved he was a real man; a gentleman that really loved him; and Eunhyuk couldn’t be happier in his life; because he just had the best things in life and he couldn’t ask for more than having Kyuhyun by his side.
Three years have passed and they were falling in love with each other more in each second that they spent together. Eunhyuk moved to live at Kyuhyun’s house; they were happily together.
Kyuhyun insisted so much for Eunhyuk to quit his job; but the latter refused; because he didn’t want to be a pain for Kyuhyun. Kyuhyun on the contrary; didn’t want Eunhyuk to meet other guys and run away from him; not because he had to maintain Eunhyuk; damn he was rich! But because he was damn jealous too.
Life was smooth; because both of them would share their feelings towards each other every minute. They were the sweetest and most stable couple in earth.
They were now eating in a fancy restaurant; celebrating they were together; at least that’s how Kyuhyun liked to call it every time he wanted to have a dinner with Eunhyuk.
Classic music was playing on the background, but what Kyuhyun liked the most was Eunhyuk’s shy giggles every time he said a joke. “How’s the food?” Kyuhyun asked; it was the first time they visited that restaurant.
“It’s delicious.” Eunhyuk said with a huge smile in his face; “Let’s come back some other time!”
It was true; Eunhyuk loved the place, the music; the calmness; the food; everything was perfect. His body didn’t actually agree with his mind when minutes later he was throwing up in their bedroom; Kyuhyun worried behind him; patting his back as he bit his lower lip; trying hard not to scream in frustration as he didn’t know what was happening.
“Let’s never come back to that place!” Eunhyuk said as he washed his face and mouth; frowning deeply when he thought back of the food that probably was spoiled.
Kyuhyun chuckled at Eunhyuk’s argument. “We won’t so don’t worry.” He assured as he himself felt better. “Let’s just go shower together okay?” He asked and smirked when Eunhyuk froze.
“O-Ok…” Eunhyuk agreed turning back and facing Kyuhyun.
Kyuhyun had now his hands on Eunhyuk’s small waist; looking at Eunhyuk’s slightly blushed face; enjoying his shaky hands untying his tie.
Kyuhyun found extremely sexy the fact that Eunhyuk was unbuttoning his shirt; he did nothing than hold his boyfriend by the waist as the other opened the cloth and admired his wide chest. Kyuhyun chuckled. “You sure like to watch me naked right?” Kyuhyun teased and Eunhyuk blushed harder.
“Maybe.” Eunhyuk replied while he leaned closer and kissed Kyuhyun’s chest; right in the place when his heart was; chaste kisses were soon landing on all parts of Kyuhyun’s wide front; smoothly taking off the shirt.
Kyuhyun slid his hands under Eunhyuk’s shirt too and they roamed all around Eunhyuk’s; soon; his lips and tongue were on Eunhyuk’s neck; licking and biting every piece of skin that he reached.
Eunhyuk could feel the hard member under Kyuhyun’s hands and he felt even more excited; sweet friction was created as they rubbed their cocks together.
That until Eunhyuk turned around quickly and started throwing up again. Kyuhyun groaned in annoyance while his throbbing member yelled; screamed to get a released. Still; he sighed and patted Eunhyuk’s back again. “I guess we will have to postpone this thing huh?” He asked sighing again.
Eunhyuk turned and gave Kyuhyun an apologetic smile and look; turning around quickly again as he felt nauseas coming over.
The next days were pretty much the same and Kyuhyun was worried. “I’m fine.” Eunhyuk used to lie, it was as if his stomach decided everything he ate was spoiled and he thought his body was lazy as to process the food.
It wasn’t normal; Eunhyuk decided. He told his boss he had something important and instead of serving coffee; he went to visit the doctor.
“Mr. Eunhyuk.” The doctor signaled the latter to sit in front of his desk as he took out some papers of a drawer. It was already Eunhyuk’s second appointment with the doctor after some routine tests. “How have you felt lately?” The doctor asked half of his mind in the paper he was reading.
“I still have nauseas and that’s making me really mad.” Eunhyuk said hissing and crossing his legs and arms in his body.
“I guess that’s pretty normal.” The doctor said smiling softly and finally looking at his patient.
“Normal?” Eunhyuk asked lifting an eyebrow.
The doctor chuckled. “Mr. Eunhyuk.” He started smiling brightly. “Congratulations. You’re pregnant.”
You’re pregnant…
A/N: So here I am with the first chapter of the fic requested by [ profile] hae_hyukkie94
I hope you all like it and happy birthday to my beloved Unnie Rikka!!! xD
Comment a lot!
Fic-Request Page HERE!

Love you all~~

Date: 2011-11-27 10:58 pm (UTC)
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Spot for the requester:
[ profile] hae_hyukkie94
Hope you like this!

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From: [identity profile]
OMG!! it's here! gah! im so inlove with this already! cant wait for more! sorry I cant leave longer comment, im using my phone and my thumbs are numbs. hehee! thanks for this!

Date: 2011-11-30 01:23 am (UTC)
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haha yeap~~
don't worry~~
I hope you like this!
I'll update soon!

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Birthday girl~
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feel extremely happy today cuz u spoiled me with super updates :') *hug*

i decided to read this first cuz this is new serie xD

and oooohh
I've read this request on ur req page.
It's about ... about *gulp* kyu doesn't really like kids, right T^T

and even the start of this story was simply sweet and fluffy and all, I couldn't help my mind wandering wildly to the angst part.
and it broke my heart just the thought of it *sobs* T~T

Date: 2011-11-28 10:05 pm (UTC)
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hahaha you're a spoiled unnie indeed! xD

*sighs* yeah... Kyu doesn't like kids... =__=
you shouldn't have read the req page Unnie!! xD

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I`m waiting for the angst parts...XD

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haha they will come soon! xD
Thanks for reading!

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pregnant? PREGNANT???


can't wait the next chapter... XDD
i'm curious about the angst...
please happy ending... T_T
but sad ending fine too... kekeke...
it'll breaking my heart but... it sweet.... XDDD

Date: 2011-11-28 04:32 am (UTC)
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hahaha xD
the angst will come next!
Thanks for reading and commenting!

Date: 2011-11-28 05:33 am (UTC)
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Kyu and Hyuk are so perfect together which can only mean that disaster is around the corner. Kyu loves Hyuk but how is he going to take the news that Hyuk is pregnant?

Date: 2011-11-28 10:01 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
oh well~~ everything can happen right?
Thanks for reading!

Date: 2011-11-28 08:10 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
I wonder who will be the one doing stupid things next just to ruin this perfection, Kyuhyun or Hyukjae T__T
Really T__T Things are just beautiful like this T__T
Or maybe it's Kyuhyun's parents? ;A;
But anw I really like their affection :D:D You're really good at writing those interactions :D:D

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You'll see later ;)
Im hapy you like my fics! please keep on supporting me! ^^
Thanks for reading!

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From: [identity profile] pauline ou pas (from
For a minute I totally forgot that it was a chapter fic. So a the end I was like where-is-the-angst ?-not-the-baby !
But yeah.
Now I remember. *fail brain*

Oww I just read the end of Innocence (THANKS GOD IT'S A HAPPY END \o/ Even though it breaks your heart, it makes my day XD) and the 5th chapter of Fake Dreams (how this 3 boys could be so childish, seriously ? And, girl. If anything arrive to my KyuHyun.
I kill you.)
Sooo I'm really impatient for this new one ~ ! Fighting Sweetie'Eri ~

Date: 2011-11-28 10:17 pm (UTC)
From: [identity profile]
hahaha xD
I'm happy you liked my updates!
*looks away*
I guess Kyuhyun would be fine??
Thanks for reading!

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D8 the angst will just spoil the sweet romance Kyuhyuk has right now.... T____T please update soon? keke

Date: 2011-11-29 12:18 am (UTC)
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hahaha! I'll update soon!
Thanks for reading! ^^

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OMg this was amazing >< I absolutly love it <33333 keep up the good work :D

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hehe thanks!! xD


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